Thursday, 20 July 2017

ABC in July 2017 OCG

I call this deck ABC-DDDD


Credits: @paru_2019

True King Yang Zing Dino OXO
True King Yang Zing Dino OO
True King Yang Zing Dino XX

As mentioned previously in our Meta Discussion article, Artifact Lancea started seeing play in the Main Deck. For an ABC deck, Artifact Lance protects the player from System Down in Game 2 or 3.

Friendly reminder that OCG still has Chicken Game at three in case anyone gets confused. Dragon Ravine and Chicken Game both synergises with Ancient Fairy Dragon to search out Union Hangar. The Synchro Summon is easily achieved at the cost of half your life points to summon out Destrudo, the Dead Drake of Dread.
The lone Dragon Shrine that you see is also meant to mill the Level 7 Tuner into the graveyard. I would have preferred Foolish Burial.

Set Rotation/Revolving Stage exploits the differently-named Field Spell Cards in the deck and increases your chance of opening with the Field Spell Card of your choice.

Gozen Match seats in the Side Deck, which is a good choice against plenty of decks currently. True King Yang Zing Dinos have a variety of Attributes, and even Invoked-True Draco has different Attributes standing on the ground at times. At best it works beautifully. At worst it slows your opponent down.

Return to the Frontlines is basically a Call of the Haunted unaffected by Spell/Trap destruction, and can help you trigger Union Hangar during your opponent's turn. The aim of the deck is still the same - filter out your Alphabet Union monsters, make ABC-Dragon Buster and win from there on.

I personally feel that the deck can benefit from replacing Book of Moon with Mind Control and increasing its Link Monster lineup, but this boils down to personal preferences. This is just a personal change that I would have made. I would also suggest Pot of Acquisitiveness to recover from a Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.
I like the addition of Dragon Ravine and Dragon Shrine as it filters the deck for you to draw into Hand Traps easier. Twin Twisters is suitable for the deck which can afford discards and wants the Union Monsters in the graveyard.
Players that I know are experimenting with Ties of Brethren and Photon Lead in hopes of bringing the deck back to its formal glory.


  1. Greetings from the United States! How has testing with Ties of the Brethren been going with ABC? I'm curious as somebody I know believes it to be an interesting idea.

    1. Hello there.

      Ties of the Brethren is not really worth a spot in ABC currently as OCG has a better option in the form of Dragon Ravine + Destrudo engine. The restrictions by Ties of the Brethen are too much for ABC to handle