Saturday, 25 November 2017

Team Flightless @ AFA

This year, we re-entered AFA for the yearly AFA Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament event. By 'we', I meant GeoTheBacon, DAM SON aka MyPochi and K.Xavage.

Last year, it was Team I Miss My Flight, and this year we went with Team Flightless.
Keep up this trend and maybe next year we will name ourselves after a flightless bird.

Well, last year I was in Taiwan on vacation so I had to pass. This year I was trapped in school because apparently a professor thought that Saturday papers was something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Photo Credits: SGCardmartYgo
Event: Asia Festival Singapore 2017
Date: 25th November 2017
Team Name: Team Flightless

Name was derived from a variety of reasons. We will leave it to readers who understand the inside joke. It is nothing rude or insulting though. But the main running gag was about how GeoTheBacon and MyPochi missed their flight because they were too distracted by the Airport's amenities and facilities.

That was the flight to the supposed-YOTthailand event.

But hey, we are in Singapore and that is Changi Airport so I guess it is justified(?).
No lol they are idiots who were miles from the boarding gate when it closed and they didn't even know.

Decks used were under the New Master Rule
Do note that we are playing under the OCG Limit & Regulation List. Singapore is in Asia.
Note: The tournament forbids SPYRAL Double Helix & Grinder Golem, hence allowing plenty of other decks to be viable.

Four-Round Swiss Format
3v3 Format. Limit Regulation applies individually.

GeoTheBacon - Link Pendulum Magician

K.Xavage - LINK Qliphort
(Returning after a 6-month long hiatus!)
(Didn't complete game in first round since other two members won)

DAM SON/MyPochi - LINK Burning Abyss
Still piloting his favourite deck because Beatrice is love, Beatrice is life.
He loves Rituals too (hence/because(?) of Nekroz?), so he went for the Ritual variant

Tell them to play ACQ and the misplays, carelessness and 'oops-moments' appear.
Throw them to AFA for a mini tourney and somehow they can win.

Hopefully I can convince them to do a tourney report or deck analysis. This way I would be able to feature each decklist in a solo article. (and type it out in text too).

Now, if any interested reader would be so kind to comment below so that I can use the weight and pressure of your words to convince them.....

Otherwise, I will just steal borrow their deck and wing it to learn it.
One thing I can definitely tell you now though -
K.Xavage's deck? That Magical Cylinder in the Side Deck?
Last minute edition to troll because he realised he had 14 cards in his Side Deck. I'm calling it.

Any other weird Extra Deck monster choices for Qli?
He was lazy to assemble a proper Extra Deck and figured Qli doesn't need one anyway.


  1. teach us how to play ritual ba xiexieni

    1. Maybe going to dedicate a article for the new BA and combos but here's the main difference: Cherubini (BA Link) can mill Djinn releaser of rituals from the deck, making an easy djinn lock.

    2. O: I see.. targetted milling vs randomly waiting for rhino / burial.

  2. How has the new links helped each deck?