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July 2017 OCG Banlist Discussion

The good thing about blog post on banlist reactions and discussion is that you won't need to hear me scream and cry.



The July list for 2017 just got dropped a couple of days ago. Initially I expected to to surface on the internet around 17th, where the leaks for Vjump will be released. I even had a prediction post prepared, which had to get removed, edited and changed into a "Reaction and Discussion" post that we have now.

Bear in mind that the words you are about to read is solely based on my thoughts and opinion. If you have differing opinions feel free to post in the comments below.


Zoodiac Broadbull
  • Zoodiac Broadbull joins Zoodiac Drident and Zoodiac Barrage in the Forbidden realm. This begs the question as to whether an archetype like Zoodiacs should have even been created in the first place. I would pretty much like Zoodiac Broadbull and Zoodiac Drident at one. Zoodiacs won't be dead, and can pretty much still wreck havoc with some other archetype. But I assume Konami is pretty much done with these animals and want to move on from this episode/mistake/creations.
    • The problem with Zoodiac Broadbull is how it is easily accessible twice, with two Level 4s. Level4s > Zoodiac Broadbull > Zoodiac Xyz Monster > Zoodiac Broadbull. This makes it capable of searching twice in a turn. It usually either leads to two scales, or two Manticore of Darkness which leads to Beatrice the Eternal Lady and more Grandsoil + Firewall Dragon sheninegans.


Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King is indeed overpowered in its design. It would seem hypocritical to constantly leave it at three while Zoodiac Drident is at 1. Along with Dragonic Diagram, these were few of the expected hits. I like how they chose to limit it instead of ban it outright, giving the deck more breathing space. Being able to tribute summon it using Continuous Spells/Traps as tributes makes it so easy to summon, but requires tough and creative ways (like Graydle Eagle to get over it). The most reliable way to get rid of it is a Kaiju, or risk losing the game outright. So I think it is indeed a fair hit. Dragonic Diagram to 1 keeps it at check and balances the format to introduce Link-summoning archetypes.

Fairy Tail - Snow deserves every wrath the list had for it. It is a poorly designed card that isn't Once-Per-Turn. Its quick effect meant that it can continuously chain to cards aiming to disrupt it, and also fuel your banished zone with tons of cards. In the long run, it is an obstacle to cards like Return from the Different Dimension and Dimension Fusion from ever returning, even with an errata. By limiting Fairy Tail - Snow, it also keeps That Grass is Greener decks in check without the need to limit the playmaking spell card.


Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer - personally I think this is a no-harm type of thing, since Pendulum monsters suffered a major setback with the introduction of Link Mechanics and Extra Monster Zone. After all, the history won't repeat itself (at least not so fast) such that it will be EMEm spam all over again. I suppose the same can be said for Swaying Gaze. Pendulums need all the help that they can get. Now that you can't swarm and spam your entire Extra Deck (Face-up) onto the field again, the cost for these two cards significantly increases.

Rescue Cat, Witch of the Black Forest - Errata, so let's slowly move it up the ladder.

Card of Demise - offers plenty of advantage. True Draco probably contributed most to its semi-limitation. Previously it was plenty of Tier 2 decks, until True Draco's arrival.

Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Dragon Ravine, Pre-preparation of Rites, Saqifice, Union Hangar - Breathing space for their respective archetypes. Personally this is my favourite type of changes, since it gives past archetype some fighting chance, and maybe even a return to the top tiers with the help of newer archetypes. In particular, I felt that Union Hangar's hit wasn't needed at all. Zoodiacs has already made the machines non-relevant.
Plenty of my peers suggested that Dragon Ravine was released to two in favour of the new 'Vullet' archetype.

Burial from the Different Dimension - Seems like a random release for now, but it may be plans to promote a future archetype and make it more playable.

Dark Hole - Hmmm.....

Terraforming - A hit to plenty of decks since recent archetypes have their own iconic field spells. Personally I think this is a strategy to promote the use of Revolving Stage, similar to how Armegeddon Knight got hit when Mathematician was released.

Solemn Strike - I saw this coming a long way and have been predicting this for every format change and Forbidden List's reveal. And it finally came true. Solemn traps have always went from 3 to 2 to 1. I always like the series of Solemn Traps since I felt that it displays the tradeoff between Lifepoints and Negation which is an interesting decision to make. It also makes baiting more fun. Solemn Strike is argubly the best of the three Solemn traps, and I feel that this hit is long overdue. It isn't unfair, but it seems like a trend and expected hit. Also, lesser obstacles to Link Summoning promotes the Link Mechanics. So as far as we know, this may be a 'commercial' hit.


Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning- Totally not expected, but I supposed it isn't as broken as it was before, now that we have so many methods of monster removal and so many different variants of Mirror Force traps, all Unlimited. 'Priority' works differently now too, giving you more chances to interfere with the effect of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning.
A common comment is that "Never do I ever thought I will live to see the day where BLS is at three". yes, me too. I actually thought this list wasn't legit because BLS was at three. Well....

Insight Magician, Ignister Providence the Blasting Dracoslayer - Same as Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer "No-Harm"

Brionic, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Brain Control, Goyo Guardian - Errata, so let's slowly move it up the ladder.

Armegeddon Knight - Well now that Mathematician has been constantly reprinted, time for it to come back

D/D Swirl Slime - Breathing space and a fighting chance. I think it will be D/D Lamia's turn soon.


I was really looking forward to decks like Nekroz and Shaddoll getting more leeway, but then I suppose from Konami's point of view, they have to consider if releasing older archetype will undermine the popularity and usefulness of Link Monsters and Link Summoning.

I actually thought Denglong, First of the Yang Zing would be banned, instead of Zoodiac Broadbull. Denglong is responsible for plenty of FTK loops and in Dino decks, it is a double negation on its own. With Nine Branches of the Yang Zing, and proper preparation, Denglong can lead into Herald of Arc Light and threaten your opponent with a second negation. This is all made possible with a single card - Soul-Devouring Oviraptor. Which is another surprisingly unharmed card.


I fully expect True Dracos to continue being functional. Also, I won't be surprised if Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King is splashed into decks that play Call of the Haunted. After all, Vanity's Emptiness was hardly a staple until it got limited, then it seemed like a 'no-harm-to-try-playing-it-at-one' type of thing.

Common comments about the list also include how it is so much better than TCG's list. As an OCG player, I am quite satisfied with this list. Hits are warrented, there weren't any unfair hits. More than any, some hits and release are long overdue, in my opinion. The thing I like about OCG list is about how punctual they are, instead of how 'lost' and 'sudden' TCG formats can be or can change.

There are of course more room for more changes. This is actually one of the lists where it is more of "What Konami can do" rather than what they should do. It isn't an era where there are Tier 0 decks, or rampant FTK decks that spoils the fun, where an outright no-nonsense ban is required.

Even as a True Draco player, I would say the hits to Master Peace and Dragonic Diagram is fair and just. Proper management of Forbidden Lists contribute to a greater player base. Personally, a suitable list makes me feel more invested in the game. If weak cards get hit while overly powerful cards are able to run wild at three, then yes, I will probably be done with the game.

Moving forward, players seem to have high hopes for True King Dino or Yang Zing Dino. New archetypes like Crawlers and Vullet have hopes of dethroning these fan favourites.

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