Sunday, 14 August 2016

Deck Discussion: Metalfoe Yang Zing

By non-other than DAM SON

With the release of Invasion: Vengeance, the Yang Zing archetype gained useful supports which may even cause Yang Zing to be tier 1. For this article, we will be focusing on the Metalfoe Yang Zing deck.

In case you do not know how do these 2 decks work together, the Yang Zing archetype benefit from destruction and gives you pluses by summoning another Yang Zing monster from the deck. On the other hand, the Metalfoes archetype destroys face-up cards to set any Metalfoes Spell/Trap, from the deck, to the field. This means that Metalfoes can help trigger the Yang Zing's monster effects, as the destruction and setting of cards is simultaneously, causing our wyrm friends to not miss their timings. 

But first, let's go through our Yang Zing monsters

 The Fearsome Five
The following five Yang Zing non-tuner monsters all have these effects:

  • They can activate their effect to synchro summon during the opponent's turn.
  • The synchro summoned monster, using them as synchro materials gain a bonus effect.
  • When destroyed, you can special summon 1 Yang Zing from your deck except themselves in ATK position if the destroyed Yang Zing has 0ATK and in defense position if the destroyed Yang Zing has 0DEF.

Since all of the Yang Zing Non Tuners have rather similar effects, I will just briefly explain them.

Pulao, Wind of the Yang Zing Level 1 WIND Yang Zing monster. A monster synchro summoned by Pulao is unaffected by Spell Effects.

Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing Level 2 WATER Yang Zing monster. A monster synchro summoned by Bixi is unaffected by Trap Effects.
Bi'an, Earth of the Yang Zing Level 3 EARTH Yang Zing monster. A monster synchro summoned by Bi'an cannot be destroyed by battle.

Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing Level 4 FIRE Yang Zing monster. A monster synchro summoned by Suanni gains 500 ATK and DEF.
Taotie, Shadow of the Yang Zing Level 5 DARK Yang Zing monster. A monster synchro summoned by Taotie cannot change possesion.

The Zefra Yang Zing
The Zefra Yang Zing all are pendulum monsters with the same pendulum effect:
You can only Pendulum Summon Yang Zing or Zefra monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Additionally, the Zefra Yang Zing have more unique effect upon destroyed or pendulum summoned.

Zefraxi, Treasure of the Yang Zing Level 3 EARTH Yang Zing pendulum monster, that upon pendulum summoned or summoned from the main deck, you can target 1 Yang Zing monster and it becomes a tuner. Also, place Zefraxi to the bottom of the deck when it leaves the field.

This card helps you set up synchro plays if you happen to not draw into any Yang Zing tuners. Zefraxi also is important in the summoning of Ultimaya Tzolkin, as two Baxia can summon Tzolkin once you make it into a tuner. [Read below!]

Zefraniu, Secret of the Yang Zing Level 6 EARTH Yang Zing pendulum monster. When pendulum summoned or destroyed in the monster zone, you can add 1 Yang Zing or Zefra Spell/Trap from the deck to the hand.

Adds Nine Branches of the Yang Zing to the hand which is needed for the lockdown field. Zefraniu also have a high level, which helps in synchro plays.

The Yang Zing Tuners
The Yang Zing Tuners all have similar effects like the Non Tuners upon destruction. Apart from that, they have additional effects that help to set up the field.

Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing Level 1 Light Tuner Yang Zing monster. When a Yang Zing monster is destroyed, you can special summon this card in the graveyard but banish it when it leaves the field.

Chiwen is helps generate an extra Yang Zing on the field by summoning himself from the grave. Since Chiwen is a tuner, you can chain multiple synchro summoning from Chiwen. Chiwen also is easily set up by milling it with Wangtianhou, Origin of the Yang Zing.

Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing Level 2 DARK Tuner Yang Zing monster. When you control no other monster, you can discard 2 Yang Zing card to special summoned 2 Yang Zing monsters from the deck.

Personally the best Yang Zing card of the deck. Drawing into Jiaotu with 2 Yang Zing card in hand is the best hand to draw into. Jiaotu is mainly the card that starts up the crazy plays of Yang Zing Metalfoe.

The Yang Zing Spell/Traps
The Yang Zing Spell and Traps cards are easily accessible as both Zefraniu and Wangtianhou searches them out when summoned.

Yang Zing Path Shuffles 3 Yang Zing monster from the grave back to the deck and draw 2 cards. 

Ran out of Yang Zing monsters? Simply shuffle them back to the deck and plus 1 as you get to draw 2 cards.

Nine Branches of the Yang Zing While you control a Yang Zing card, you can negate and shuffle back a Monster effect or a Spell/Trap card just by destroying 1 other Yang Zing card.

What's a lockdown if you do not have any negation? Well this Infernity Barrier-ish card is searchable and if the Yang Zing Metalfoe combo is not disrupted, can potentially lead to a first turn with two or more Nine Branches on the field.

The Yang Zing Synchro Monsters
The boss monsters of the Yang Zing Metalfoe deck. All of them have devastating effects and can easily be brought out with the help of the Metalfoe archetype.

Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing Cannot be targeted by card effects. You can use each of the effects once per turn.
● Target 1 Yang Zing monster you control and 1 card on the opponent side of the field, destroy both targets.
● When destroyed, you can special summon 1 Wyrm-type monster from the deck in defense position. Yazi is a wyrm Scrap Dragon to clear troublesome cards or backrows and if your opponent where to chain a Solemn Strike to it, you can benefit by summoning 1 Wyrm from the deck. Best of all, it cannot be targeted by card effect. Combined with Suanni or Bi'an, most decks cannot clear this card.
Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing
When synchro summoned, you can target and shuffle cards on the field back to the deck based on the number different attribute Wyrm monsters used for his summoning. Once per turn you can destroy 1 card on your field to special summon 1 level 4 or lower monster in your grave.

Best and main card of the Metalfoe Yang Zing deck. Remember how Metalfoe have to set their Metalfoe Combination and wait for an entire turn? Baxia can just simply destroy a set Metalfoe Combination and special summon 1 level 4 or lower from the graveyard. Generating tonnes of pluses! Baxia is also your go to card for Ultimaya Tzolkin by making it a tuner with Zefraxi's effect.

Wangtianhou, Origin of the Yang Zing
When special summoned, you can add a Yang Zing card to your hand. Once per turn you can mill 1 Yang Zing monster to change Wangtianhou's level to the milled Yang Zing monster's level. When this card leaves the field, you can special summon 1 Yang Zing monster from the deck. You only can summon Wangtianhou once per turn.

Okay so let's see, upon summon you can add Yang Zing card (Plus 1). Then you can mill a Yang Zing card like Chiwen and become its level (Plus 2) and lastly you can special summon a Yang Zing from the deck upon leaving the field(Plus 3). Why would you not play this card?

Yang Zing Combo

Ok for this combo section, I will just confess that I am not fully familiar or good with the combo so please don't spam hate-mails on me. There is really many ways to go, but this is the general outline.

Required cards in hand:
  • 1 Metalfoe Monster and 3 Yang Zing cards (including Chiwen).
Let's say.... my Metalfoe Monster is Metalfoes Steelen and my Yang Zing cards are 1 Bixi and 1 Chiwen and 1 Yang Zing card. (Doesn't matter which. You gonna discard it.)

1) Set Metalfoes Steelen on the scale.
2) Normal summon Bixi and use Steelen's effect to destroy Bixi and set Metalfoe Combination.
3) Use Bixi's effect and special summon Jiaotu
4) Activate Jiaotu effect and discard the 2 Yang Zing card to special summon Bi'an and Zefraniu.
5) Synchro summon Zefraniu and Jiaotu to Baxia.
6) Use Baxia's effect to destroy Combination and revive Jiaotu from the graveyard.
7) Search Metalfoes Goldriver via Combination's effect.
8) Place Goldriver on scale and destroy Bi'an to set a 2nd Combination.
9) Activate Bi'an's effect to special summon Zefraxi.
10) Chiwen's effect to summon himself.
11) Synchro summon Zefraxi and Jiaotu to Wangtianhou and add Nine Branches of the Yang Zing.
12) Pendulum summon Zefraxi and Zefraniu
13) Activate Zefraniu's effect to add Nine Branches to hand.
14) Activate Zefraxi's effect to make Wangtianhou a tuner.
15) Use Wangtianhou's effect to mill Tiaotie and become level 5.
16) Synchro summon Wangtianhou and Zefraxi to Crystal Wing.
17) Use Wangtianhou's effect to special summon Jiaotu from the deck.
18) Synchro summon Jiaotu and Zefraniu to a 2nd Baxia.
19) Destroy the 2nd Combination to summon Bixi with Baxia's effect.
20) Search any Metalfoe monster with Combination.
21) Xyz the 2 Baxia to Titanic Galaxy
22) Set the 2 Nine Branches of the Yang Zing.
23) The Bixi summoned in step 19 will be use as 'bullets' for the 2 Nine Branches.

End field: Titanic Galaxy, Crystal Wing, Bixi and 2 Nine Branches on the field + Full scales (Metalfoe Goldriver and Metalfoe Steelen) 
Cards in hand: Any metalfoe monster searched from 2nd Combination in step 19


I'm sure there is a better combo for this self touching deck so do share or post in the comments if you have a better combo to help all the Yang Zing Metalfoe players. Once again Dam Son here and closing off the deck discussion for Metalfoe Yang Zing.


  1. Sorry , but u cannot summon crystal wing with the origin of the yz , because the text of crystal wing say :(syncro no tuner ), them the origin is 5 ,why u mill taotie ?Effect the zefraxy for ?

  2. Wangtianhou is level 5, why the fuck would you mill Taotie for? And it's a freaking tuner already, you can't even target it with Zefraxi. AND you can't summon Crystal Wing with Zefraxi as a non-tuner anyway. The fuck you smoking?