Sunday, 17 January 2016

Journey to ACQ 2016 Part 1

Journey to ACQ. This blog entry shall list my pre-preparation and journey during the ACQ 2016 event .

Firstly, Single Elimination is indeed a tough challenge to survive, especially when I am not a hardcore player as some players knowing me has pointed out. I do not spend as much as the other competitive players do in this game.
Yet, I feel that a Single Elimination tournament also provides an exciting atmosphere where even the strongest players can make their way home after the first round if they were to be paired with their equal right off the bat.

Nothing indifferent from the Pokemon League Cups 
Ash participated (and failed to win) 
so many times in my childhood. 

With a little bit of luck from packs and help from friends, I have recently been building my Dr Pe deck. However, despite so, I chose to once again pilot the deck which I am most confident in.

Yes I am a boring person and you would have guessed it by now.

Yup. Yosenju. lolz

Other than it being my most-used, most-confident and also my favorite archetype, Yosenju has a feel pros (and of course cons) which made me choose to pilot it for this upcoming tournament (and even chose to build it in the first place).

As broken down and analyzed by RoadOfTheKing, the top 3 meta decks in this current format would belong to the following Trinity.

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Ladies and Gentleman ~

1. Dr Pe (Dracoslayer Performapals)
2. Burning Abyss

3. Monarch


  1. Yosenju (s) can swarm without floodgates. Since they swarm via normal summons, this allows me to swarm for maximum damage while running floodgates such as Vanity's Emptiness & Lose 1 Turn.
  2. Kama 1 is a walking Compulsory Evacuation Device with legs. It allows me to escape lockdowns that would otherwise prevent me from winning the game - such as Naturia Beasts, Naturia Exterio - and also remove obstacles from the playing field without triggering their annoying effects. *Cough cough Dante & Beatrice*
  3.  Thunder-King Rai Oh mashes well with this deck. Being capable of preventing searches and trade itself for an inherent special summon (which would likely be a synchro or xyz summon, mostly costing opponents their card advantage), it has often proven itself to be worthy of having a slot reserved for it in my 40-card deck.
  4. Marco Cosmos is deadly for Burning-Abyss matchups. A single card without any hindrance could win me the game outright. Apart from the one-off Typhoon, the commonly-used Twin Twister would just normally set of my favourite trap card - Starlight Road
  5. It is able to abuse Gozen Match, which seems deadly to most meta decks today. Even BA would be forced to summon BreakSword.

Part 2 of this article will likely deal with my before-tournament practice games and local tournaments before the main event, as well as my deck card choices and reasons.

Last but not least, Part 3 shall focus on the main event itself. Let's hope I won't make the article a short one by losing Round 1.

Time for more prep work to be done.
Besides, "Fortune favors those who are well-prepared".


  1. Excited for the token machine. Time to take some group photos with Team Cancer. 

  2. Side event looks promising. Entry Gift Mat design looks cool. Then again, it is Yugo.

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