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Journey to ACQ Part 3

Chronicles of my journey into Asia's largest scale event on the last day of Jan 2016.



So I woke up in the wee hours of the morning of 31st Jan, 0700.
which left me damn tired because i slept only at 12.30am the previous night.
(Too busy watching one punch man lol)
Less than 7 hours of sleep left me feeling like a zombie. =3=
Grabbed breakfast from my nearby mall's McDonalds.
Took the MRT (local term for train) towards the event venue and reached at 0815.

Decklist submission was supposed to be 0830 - 0915. Which meant we were early and could chill.
So the group of us settled down at a table. Some were busy researching official translated names for their decklist. Two others settled by writing the set names. One brave soul proceeded to copy the Kanji characters word for word.

At approximately 0840, an annoucement was made for participants to submit their decklists.
Having written my decklist the night before, (before my OPM marathon), I headed over as the first few to submit my list.

Decklist submission dragged longer than expected, up til 0930, and we had a few casual duels with our friends at the corner of the event, careful to not expose our decks to some opponents.
At 0950, open registrations were .... well, opened.  (No pun intended)
Participants could now register on the spot, as there were available slots.
Participants were supposed to pre-register on the 30th on Saturday, and submit their decklist on the morning of 31st at the event venue.

But probably due to some oversleeping/not willing to wake up early for the event/ registering only for the entry gift (ACQ sleeves), there were open slots for the 3 last-minute registration crew.



The first round finally started at 1020, with the head judge starting with, and I quote " I apologise for the delay. That's all I can say. "
Almost all of my friends got a BYE! At the first round, due to the number of particpants that didn't appear (27, to be exact), assuring them their 2nd round as top 64.
Meanwhile, I got paired with a less-preferrable, loud and noisy acquaintance as my opponent for the first round.
such luck
After some rulings explantion, such as the " Sudden Death " ruling change, the first round begun !!!
Opponent won the dice roll and went 1st. I dropped my Maxx C once he had his scales ready, but that didn't stop him from advancing his plays.
He proceed to summon Naturia Beast with the help of Lavalval Chain milling Glow-Up Bulb.
All of which netted me an advantage of +5.
However, lady luck apparently hates me as I drew into 3 Yosenju Kama 1.
My turn was swift with setting just 4 set cards, reducing my hand size to 6.
When the main phase came, I dropped Twin Twister on one of his scales and backrow, discarding Kama 1. (Go away ~ °3°) Naturia Beast's attempt to negate was stopped by Effect Veiler.
He followed up with a twin twister of his own, which I had no answer to.
(Starlight road where are you !?)
Bringing me down to 2500, he ended his turn.
I went on the offensive after I drew into Kama 3, and with my two Kama 2s, I flooded the field.
Returning both Beast & Chain back to the extra deck, I went ahead for the direct attacks.
Kama 3's effect netted me Kama 2. 

Opting not to perform an xyz summon in Main Phase 2, I ended my turn after setting 2 cards.

Struggling at 1900LP, my opponent summoned Luster Pendulum, Dracoslayer and attacked, leaving my barely hanging on to my LP. A set card and he passed his turn.

Seeing no other options to remove the face-down card he setted, I
 went ahead offensive anyway.........


 ..................................... and that set card was Solemn Notice.

 Having used up my normal summon, I lacked resources to prevent myself from taking the incoming attacks.

And that was it~ 

And that was it for my journey in the main event.
And my opponent went on to lose the next round. =_=



 Time to join the side event I guess.

 After signing up for the mat event (which was soooooooooooo popular that it didn't need any announcement to attract participants), I went for the other side events to get a chance for a lucky dip.

Check out the queue!


The side event tournament wasn't gonna start anytime soon, so I head around the other booths.

Had the chance to challenge the Taiwan Rep.
It was just a single game to decide victory and he was piloting Infernoids.
We had a few casual conversations in Mandarin and we talked about the meta in our respective locals.
(Apparently some players in Taiwan does dice rolls whereby the smaller number wins. lol.)
Definitely an uncommon sight in Singapore.
 Maybe I should try it since I always lose the dice roll. LOL

Anyway he won by having a larger number, sooooooooo~

Battle !

Back to the game: he summoned a small-fry infernoid and used monster gate, which summoned Cyber-Stein.
5000LP was paid and he prayed for no response.
His prayers were answered as he successfully summoned Naturia Exterio.
One card was set and then he ended his first turn.

I lead with a Fire Formation - Tenki fetching Kama 2.
"Why? Why this archetype! Of all decks, why you?"
 The Taiwan Rep started lamenting. LOL.
Kama 2 's effect was halted by his activated Breakthrough Skill.
I went ahead to destroy the defense-position Cyber-Stein. 2 cards set. And that was it for my turn.

 He retaliated the next turn was some damage, but my Gozen Match kept his swarming at bay.

2 other Yosenjus in my hand were summoned and overlayed to summon S39: Utopia Lightning.
And Exterio kicked the bucket, bringing him down to 800LP

He performed his fusion summon with Void Dream the next turn. N'tss destroyed and leared my field.
 Other than that, there were no significant mills.

I drew into another Fire Formation -Tenki and he conceded after I searched out another Kama 2 again.

I wished him luck for the main event and left the table with a pleasant experience of a good game with a friendly player. (Mind you, friendly players aren't that common.)


Lucky draw here I come ! 

 Ended up getting a clear folder instead of the cool mats :(
Like the side event mat and Hong Kong AFA (Cyber Infinity) Mat

 Shigeki no Kyojin

The Attack of the Giant Card! Event seems pretty unpopular.
Many annoucements were made to attract participants for the 2nd and 3rd round.
The 1st round approximately had 13 particpants.
One guy spent 400SGD to purchase one off the winner of the first pod.
Nope. That guy is not me.
I ain't that rich lol.

Also, my friend picked this purchase at the local booth.
The image is high quality (of course) , but I felt the art could have been better.
Many of us detested the presence of Saggi on the mat.
But then again, Kaiba doesn't have any other iconic cards.
And we definitely didn't want to have Obelisk being chibi-ed.


Time for some casual dueling of the day.
Prizes were only for the those who had full wins. So despite it being swiss-format, a player might as well drop out once he loses, making it more of a pseudo single elimination.


Googled Yugioh Bye and got this card: Bye Bye Damage. Sounds damn Yuma alright.

Round 1 had me paired up against a Blue-Eyes deck user.
Compulsory Evacuation Device prevent Maiden with Eyes of Blue from resolving her optional effect, by causing her effect to missing the window of timing for activation.
Other than that, the rest of the game was pretty much my Rai-Oh proving board control and Yosenjus dealing damage.
Lose-a-turn proved fatal for my opponent as Azure-Eyes, summoned by effect of Spirit Dragon, ended up being destroyed in the end phase.
This resolution resulted in an argument which the Judge settled, ruling that Azure-Eyes will indeed be destroyed as its protection ability is negated by Lose-a-Turn.

Game 2 had me side out Gozen Match and sided in Torrential Tribute.
The more activate and responsive traps proved itself to be useful in clearing the field and responding to my opponent
's threats. After depleting his resources, I once again went for an OTK.

The second round had me paired up with the same opponent from the main event.

I dropped out and gave him the win in a bid for a share prize. But he lost again the next round. LOL

Well, let's conclude this post with the a picture of the loots of the day:

  1. Side Event Mat
  2. Pulls from Side Event entry gift packs (Qty 2): Crystal Wing & Unwavering Bonds
  3. Main Event entry gift: Sleeves
  4. Clear folder feat. Jack Atlas & Yusei (I love it coz 5Ds was my fav anime HAHAHA). Got it from the lucky draw.
  5. Balloon (lulz) from the lucky draw

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