Monday, 16 January 2017

(Casual) Card Discussion: [MACR] Haru urara

Happy new year everyone, it's me GeoTheBacon again. Today I'm here to discuss with you, this new card that came out in [MACR] today (as of the date this article was written); Haru urara or otherwise tentatively translated as Ghost Ash & Spring Breeze.

I'm sure sharp-eyed readers would already have noticed "Haru" or "Spring". We will address this later in the article.

First off, a fun fact: This card's name is similar to a famous race horse in japan Haru Urara link , who is a horse that always loses, also known as "The shining horse that always loses", which made her (in)famous.

But if you are purchasing MARC, getting her in one of your packs will be more of a [Win] than a [Lose] and now we will explain why

Now for the effects of the card:
  • During either player's turn (except during the Damage Step), when your opponent activates a card or effect that moves a card(s) from any Main Deck to any hand or Graveyard, or Special Summons a monster(s) from the Main Deck: You can discard this card; negate that effect. 
  • You can only use this effect of "Ghost Ash & Beautiful Spring" once per turn.

In simpler terms this card prevent any effects that moves any card away from the Main Deck other than by banishing. How is this useful you ask? Well lets list out the things that this card can stop, shall we?

  1. Can be used to stop any card that add cards from the deck to hand; stopping all searchers once per turn. Use it at the right moment against decks, and you would have slowed them down significantly.
  2. This card can be used to prevent cards from being sent from the deck to the graveyard. This cripples a whole variety of decks. Decks that relies on cards being milled. (Lawnmowing.dek). Decks that have cards that Fusion Summon from deck ( Shaddoll Fusion/ Void imagination/ Brillant Fusion/Future Fusion) but it does not stop Chain Material as it banishes the fusion material instead of sending it to graveyard.
  3. It can be also used to prevent a special summon from the main deck. An example would be the new BaoBaBoon that is also being released in this booster, It can also be used to stop the Water True King; True King Bahrastos, the Fathomer, effect to special summon a non-water Wyrm monster from the deck when it is destroyed, the all-so-common Elemental Triangle of the Zoodiac, and last but no least it will completely prevent Interrupted Kaiju Slumber
  4. This card not only prevents cards from being moved from your opponent's deck, it also prevents cards from being moved from your deck! Essentially, it can stop Lullaby of Obedience, and even Crush Card Virus.
  5. BONUS, this card can also stop Dueling "C" Maxx "C"! (Rulings were recently released. We Ken Sir will do a more comprehensive discussion about Haru Urara's Rulings in the near future)

So basically this is a very good hand trap to save and keep, due to its versatile effect and suitability for the current metagame. However, it is unable to stop Wisdom-Eye Magician and Metalfoes Pendulum effects from resolving.

So with all the FACTS out of the way let's speculate.

Recall, a year ago when we got a similarly named card Fuyu Sakura or better known as Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherry, notice the "fuyu" or "Winter" in the name? It was thought that last year Ghost Orge & Snow rabbit was related to Reaper, being Snow and Winter, and both of them are Ghost and have 1800 defenses with 0 attack.

But now we clearly see a different theme:
  • Level3 Zombie Tuner as opposed to Level3 Psychic Tuner
  • Stats wise, the pattern is unchanged.
  • With their names relating to the 4 seasons, logically, the next card in line should be "Natsu" aka summer and to be followed by "Aki" aka fall. and all their release dates so far (in Japan) is during January so will we see the next one next year? Or perhaps sooner? 
Only time will tell. But I believe that Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit is an outlier. Nevertheless, I believe we can look forward to seeing another card in the [Ghost Girl] series.

This is GeoThebacon signing out!! have a good day!

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