Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ranking Tournament.

Deck used: Yosenju.
Format: 6 Round Swiss

Round 1 - VS Chain Burn XOO

Opponent opted to go second. So I just activated Fire Formation - Tenki and Pot of Duality of build my hand, set 2 Bottomless Trap Hole and ended. He went ahead and set 5 cards and chained all of them at my next draw phase. OTK-ed . =_=

Bad start for the day.
Went to next game without siding because I don't have a proper side for this deck.(obviously)
I won Game 2 by a swarm of my Yosenjus after clearing any threats with Harpie Feather Duster.
Attempt by opponent to activate Battle Fader was thwarted by my Mind Crush.

Game 3 started with Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd applying pressure with its piercing damage and searches. Once again, Battle Fader failed to serve its purpose, stopped by Solemn Judgment this time.

Round 2 - VS Atlantean XOO

I swarmed the field and attacked in Game 1 with 3 Yosenjus (Kama 1, 2 and 3). (^^V)
Wanted to summon Number 16 - Shock Ruler but decided not to, since I did not know what my opponent was playing. I got damaged twice by Mermail Abyssmegalo the next turn. My attempt to counter attack with my Yosenjus failed when my opponent dropped an Effect Veiler on my first summon.

In Game 2, an early activated Macro Cosmos on my field rendered my opponent's hand traps useless. Yuki Usagi stayed uselessly along with Effect Veiler on my opponent's hand while I perform my swarms and OTK-ed.

I lost my card advantage early game, running into Mirror Force with 4 of my Yosenjus. What followed was a war of attrition with Lose a Turn slowing my opponent down. Few turns later, he had Clear Wing Synchro Dragon in defense position (due to Lose a Turn) ready to attack me for game during his next turn.  Unfortunately for him, his next turn never came. Ring of Destruction targeted Deep Sea Diva for destruction which brought him down to 900LP, just enough for Yosenju Kama 2 to deal the finishing blow.

Had he had even 100LP more though, I would have lost the match. Thank the stars for Fire Formation - Tenki's 100 attack points boost.

Round 3 - VS Stellarknight OXO

Game 1 was a quick one, with a Harpie Feather Duster to clear my opponent's 3 backrow cards. A destroyed Stellarnova Alpha revealed what deck he was piloting. What followed next was a rushdown by my Yosenjus. My opponent conceded the next turn.

I opened Game 2 with no Effect Veilers in my hand and my opponent proceeded to perform his special summons without any interruptions. Satellarknight Triviel arrived soon and depleted my hand size. Ring Of Destruction came late as my lifepoints were already reduced by too much. Given the destruction of Satellarnight Trivel, it would have left my at 200 lifepoints, sufficient for any revived Stellarknight monsters to attack me for game.

Game 3 saw an early depletion of our life points when I chained Solemn Judgment to his Torrential Tribute to prevent my Thunder King - Rai Oh 's destruction. However, he chained his own Solemn Judgment to mine, and we both found ourselves at 4000 lifepoints. After that was a race to see who drew a monster first and I emerged victorious after I managed to obtain Yosenju Kama 2.

Round 4 - VS Heroes XX

Opponent managed to summon Masked HERO Dark Law and Cyber Dragon Infinity on his first turn. I answered by summoning S39 - Utopia the Lightning by the help of a special-summoned Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd and another Yosenju monster. Despite managing to destroy Cyber Dragon Infinity with its 5000 attack points, my opponent revived it the next turn and used it to absorb my monster, leaving me vulnerable for the finishing attack.

An early game Vanity's Emptiness rendered A Hero Lives  useless and prevented the same tragedy in Game 1 from happening to me again. Or so I thought..... A chained Mystical Space Typhoon provided an opening for my opponent. Masked Hero Dark Law got summoned soon and I eventually found myself betting with my last hope - Pot of Duality. Duality revealed Dark Hole amongst the three cards, and I added it to my hand. Hoping it would not be the selected one among my 3 hand cards....... But it was.... =3=

5) Nekroz OO
Was worried that I have used up all my luck for the day but luckily I was wrong. :D
I opened with 2 set Mind Crush  and a summoned Thunder King - Rai Oh which proved to be fatal for my opponent. He had to resort to colliding his own Thunder King - Rai Oh with mine and deal damage with his  Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd. Mind Crush was activated in response to the two search attempts by the warrior monster, eliminating any additional card advantage. What followed next was my own summoned Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd after destroying his with Ring of Destruction.

Game 2 was a rushdown strategy with my Yosenju's which my opponent had no answer to. I was originally worried by the activation of Royal Decree but in turn that also meant that I could summon and attack with my monsters without any worries of a Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force tragedy.

6) Heroes OXO

Game 1 ended quickly with my 4 Yosenju swarming the field and securing a win with the help of Fire Formation - Tenki and Gagaga Gunman. I proceeded to Game 2 without siding as I did not witness much of my opponent's cards except for some staples. (Compulsory Evacuation Device, Forbidden Lance.)

Heroes are indeed well known for their

"unfair advantage of being able to summon Masked HERO Dark Law together with Cyber Dragon Infinity easily, often allowing HERO to win outright as the opponent finds themselves unable to breakout from the lock down."

- quoted from Road of the King

In Game 2, I was able to destroy Dark Law with Bottomless Trap Hole, but couldn't immediately eliminate the threat of Cyber Dragon Infinity. An attempt to bait the negation with Compulsory Evacuation Device and destroy it with Dark Hole failed when my opponent destroyed my trap card after it was set.

Vanity's Emptiness and Fiendish Chain helped me survived while I cleared the board and swarmed with my Yosenjus, winning my Game 3.

Overall result:
Placing: 3rd.

Extremely pleased with my performance today as I was the only one piloting Yosenjus at my locals. Most of the top decks were either Necloth and Heroes.

Yosenju is indeed a real threat. Despite not being as tough as it was the previous format, where it could simultaneously abuse both Macro Cosmos and Vanity's Emptiness, I managed to compensate by altering the choices of traps in the Main and Side deck.

This is by far my greatest achievement since playing competitively, being in the 3rd placing, although it is a only minor ranking tournament. I would also like to extent my thanks to Akira from Road Of The King, (although I doubt he would be reading this) for introducing this archetype to me indirectly with his blog posts. Many of his other blog articles also serves informative details and analysis regarding the current metagame, which is something I like about his blog. Also, from the list of bloggers I started following since years ago, his blog is probably one of the few (if not only) ones alive.

Moving forward, I would of course like to expand my experience by testing my skills at the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament – Singapore 2015.
However, personal commitments prevents me from participating.
Following my victory today, due to said personal commitments, I will be entering a hiatus for an estimated 2 months before returning to the competitive platform.

Until then...

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