Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Intro To Abyss Actors

Hey guys Dam Son here...after long weeks of studying for my National Exam. Finally having time to blog, I decided to start it off with one of the rather underrated decks, Abyss Actors.

Abyss Actors

Abyss Actors are a bunch of Fiend Type Pendulum Monsters that based around street performers and circus artist. I really like the design of this archetype as opposed to the Performapal archetype. Mainly due to each card having their own role in the deck like a circus i guess. Sadly, it seems that the anime wanted Yuya to be the most notable main character a little too much and blessed the deck with OP cards like Performapal Monkeyboard and Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer.

Abyss Actor's Crest
Anyways, I shall now go through the effects of the Abyss Actors right away.

Abyss Actor - Dandy Supporting Actor

Dandy Supporting Actor, being a Supporting Actor in the circus, he is responsible for the emergence of the Main Star of the Show. One of the two cards in this deck that gives you access to summoning card outside the Pendulum Scale Range, being from 2 to 8. Dandy Supporting Actor allows you to either 'Salvage' or Summon your level 1 or 8 Abyss Actors. 

Abyss Actor - Wild Hope

Wild Hope is the Cowboy of the gang, being a vigilante with his trusty ol' revolver. Wild Hope is the only Abyss Actor that can manipulate scales. Making any other scale to 9 means that you have access to summoning monsters from level 3-8. However this effect comes with a price, you are limited to summoning Abyss Actors for the turn. Wild Hope upon being destroyed lets you add any Abyss Actor monster from your deck to your hand. Its High Noon Mates.

Abyss Actor - Evil Heel

Evil Heel plays the role of the Villain, being the strongest Abyss Actor in terms of ATK. Evil Heel can only be summoned by Wild Hope or Dandy Supporting Actor. With the stages set, the main Hero can finally appear to show Abyss-Actor Justice. Anyways, Evil Heel have the ability to decrease your opponent's ATK points, making him suitable for Beatdown battles. Upon destroying a monster by battle, Evil Heel can set an Abyss Script card from the graveyard.

Abyss Actor - Extras

Extras are background actors. Although they may not seem crucial, however they play an important role of setting the background and stage well. Extras have the ability to set an Abyss Actor monster to the scale, setting the main preparations for a Pendulum Summon. Extras being able to Special Summon himself means that you won't exhaust a Normal Summon.

Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian

Funky Comedian is a street performer, skilled in making people laugh of course. Well in terms of Smile World, being happy means more ATK right? Funky Comedian's effect allows him to raise his ATK based on the number of Abyss Actors. Additionally, he can increase an Abyss Actor's ATK by Funky Comedian's current ATK. Sadly, Funky Comedian is level 1 monster. That means that he require Dandy Supporting Actor to make his debut again next turn.

Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie

What is an Villain without their not-so-reliable trusty rookies? Being a repeated failure, Sassy Rookie is one of the most tenacious characters. Being able to prevent destruction once and also able to substitute for other's destruction makes a good henchman. Even after Sassy Rookie is destroyed, a new Abyss Actor will take his place. If Sassy Rookie were to be destroyed in the Pendulum Zone, he will ensure he drag someone down with him, to prove his worth to the mighty EVIL HEEL.

Abyss Actor - Leading Lady

Leading Lady is the Heroine of the show. Remember how the protagonist always wins suddenly after being badly injured, well Konami successfully made the same stage. Whenever a player were to take battle damage, you can reduce an enemies ATK or salvage an Actor based on the damage you took. Upon being severely injured, Leading Lady will reduce the Villain's ATK for the main star of the show to defeat the Villain.

Abyss Actor - Superstar

The main star of the show, Abyss Actor - Superstar! With him on the field, we will be able to play based on the various Abyss Scripts given to him. With the numerous number of Abyss Scripts, there is always a different solution to counter different problems the Circus Crew faces. However, Abyss Scripts will be sent to the graveyard if not used upon adding from the deck. No one likes waiting too long for a performance. 

Abyss Scripts

Okay all of you have heard of me mentioning Abyss Scripts without explaining it yet. Abyss Scripts is an Sub-Archetype of Normal Spell Cards which act as support cards for the Abyss Actor Archetype. All Abyss Scripts have 2 effect. The 1st effect works like a normal spell card while the 2nd effect triggers upon being destroyed by an opponent's card effect. The 2nd effect is more powerful as it comes with a tougher condition.

Abyss Script - Abode of the Fire Dragon

The Elder Scrolls of Abyss Actors. This Script is used to cripple your opponent's Extra Deck, from forcing your opponent to banish cards to you choosing yourself. This spell is enough to cause your opponent to quit Yugioh and get a life by taking an arrow to the knee.

Abyss Script - Fantasy Magic

The Final Fantasy Magic Script kills floaters, if your opponent's monster were to survive a battle, it gets bounced back to hand. Best of all, it doesn't target. Upon being destroyed, you will place you opponent's card on the top of his deck.

Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony

During the Opening Ceremony, it is best to present yourself well. By 'well', I mean to have huge amounts of Life Points and Hand Size to show to the public that the Abyss Actors crew are no pushover. Opening Ceremony lets you gain Life Points when activated. Upon being destroyed, you get to draw cards till you have 5 cards in your hand.

Abyss Script - Rise of the Dark Ruler

In this act, for the Dark Ruler to rise, the Light must fall right? The Script allows you to destroy your opponent's monster based on the number of Abyss Actor monsters on stage.If the Script were to fail or be destroyed, the back-up plan is to simply get other Scripts and Performers from your deck and make a new stage. Praise the Sun.

Other Abyss Actor Cards

Abyss Prop - Wild Wagon

What happens if no one likes the show? For the Abyss Actors, the most sensible thing to do is to ride on a carriage and run away. Nothing will go wrong if the Abyss Actors can evade destruction. The carriage is also very fast, rendering them un-targetable for the time being. If they happen to get caught, resulting in the carriage's destruction, the Actors will have no choice but to return everything the opponent has back to his hand in a form of a refund.

Entering the Abyss Actor Dressing Room

All Actors have to be dressed up for their big show. Once the stage is set, the Dressing Room will lead 2 Abyss Actors to the Extra Deck, waiting to be Summoned to the stage.


That wraps up the entire section of Abyss Actors. Stay tuned for upcoming Intro To - Articles, featuring Madolche and Raidraptors. Once again Dam Son here ending this Intro To Abyss Actors Article.

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