Monday, 6 April 2015

Ranking Tournament on 4th April

First Ranking Tournament of the Season.
First Game of the new format.
Format: 5 round Swiss
Deck used: Yosenju

I know it is kinda boring that I don't change deck but I really love the "Hit, Run, Return, Grind, Burn for game and sometimes OTK'' playing style of Yosenju lol.

 Round 1) Vs raidraptor XX

Flooded for both games and I lost badly. X_x
Infinity was a pain in the ass and S39 would have helped me win in that situation. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a copy before my game.

Round 2) Vs Exodia OO

It was lucky I main-decked Mind Crush due to personal preference. He used the Heart of the Underdog engine which reveals some of his Exodia cards. I mind crushed him and chained Macro Cosmos, so the card went out of play; he then scooped.

Game two was a battle between his defensive monsters and my attacking ones. Level Limit Area B proves to be a hassle especially for my Yosenjus which couldn't wait for another turn. Fortunately, the game meta has evolved to a state where it is different from a decade ago. XYZs served a vital role in this game as the stall breaker to bypass the high defense points normal monsters on my opponent's field.

3) Vs Blackwing OO

Vanity's Emptiness stopped any swarming for the Blackwings. His final gambit on Icarus Attack was negated by Starlight Road and he conceded Game 1.
Game 2 was a war of attrition with each of us bombarding the other with traps. I emerged victorious with a timely Lightning Chidori.

4) Vs Atlantean OO

Worse game of the day. Not because of the deck but my opponent itself. Opponent barely knew the effects of his own cards and tried to smoke his way through by claiming that

Atlantean monster's effects activate when they are used as synchro materials.

Wait. What?

He was so kind to take the initiative to record the lifepoints and conveniently forgot that he took damage from previous turns. Luckily, he wasn't the only one calculating the lifepoints.

Nevertheless, he misplayed a couple of times countless times and I won the two games with my Vanity lockdown and Macro Cosmos.

5) Vs Heroes XOX

Game 1: Dark Law and Infinity hits the field at Turn 1.
Game 2: Dark Law and Infinity hits the field at Turn 2. (Even though I went first.) Backrows were cleared by his spells. Wow.
Game 3: Infinity hits the field at Turn 1.

Once again, S39 would have helped.

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