Thursday, 5 January 2017

This is what happens when you play too much Zoodiacs

Update 6/01 - Everything seems legit. There are Jap blogs with a metagame report of the event without Zoodiacs so I guess it is safe to say that the news is rock solid.
Update 070117 - Yup, it is legit.
Update 080117 - Ygorg explains it better.

In an interesting turn of events, Hobby Station (translation error) Hobbyoff and Card Kingdom (there are multiple stores for both, but only one branch from each is implementing it), two card shops in Japan will be banning usage of Zoodias in any of their non-official tournaments.

In other words, Zoodiac cards aren't allowed in any casual tournaments organised by the shops. This rule will be implemented in the upcoming week. Hobbyoff even mentioned that players will ejected from the shop if Zoodiacs are used. A "Thank you for your understanding" was included in their message to the public.

I have no objections regarding this announcement, even though I technically have no say since it doesn't affect me. While I do feel it may promote a more diversified meta, seeing as to how Zoodiacs are jammed into every single deck as an engine, I was in favour of Zoodiacs since it revives decks such as Monarchs.

Then again, a little less Marmorat.dek floating around won't hurt.
There was one player who replied to the tweet, questioning the shop's decision. "Why not just ban Zoodiac Drancia and Zoodiac Marmorat instead?"

Disclaimer: A skeptical friend of mine remains suspicious as the Hobby Station's twitter account looks new, indicating this might be fake news after all. We will keep you readers updated on this post.

Credits to HHturtle from Reddit:
There were 18 participants in the tournament:
A R4NK M.HERO deck won:


  1. I almost wish my Evilswarm/Utopia Chaos, Traptrix Plantrix, Mermail Synchrospam, QliMage Synchro, Holy Odd-Eyes, and Fishtrap decks were OP enough for someone to want to hit them like this.