Sunday, 9 August 2015

Local Tourney

Format: 4-Round Swiss, Cut to Top 8
Number of Participants: 28

Deck used: Yosenju. (Y)


Round 1 - VS Madolche

Opponent was a new yugioh player so his inexperience eventually cost him his loss.
Game 1 was a taken by me with my Yosenju monsters swarming the field and attacking for game. Even though he had a Breakthrough Skill but he didn't know how to use/use it.
I lost Game 2 with bad hand and bad luck. Effect Veiler(s), Maxx C and Mystical Space Typhoon and Lose a Turn(s) were the only cards that got to my hand. Clogging my hand with bad cards, I eventually got slowly beaten down by their Owl looking monster which I don't know the name to.
I won Game 3 again with Thunder King - Rai Oh prevent his searches and my Yosenju(s) dealing the damage for game.

Oh Hootcake. It's name is Hootcake

Round 2 - VS ClownBlade
I won game one quickly after stopping his plays with Effect Veiler and proceeding to damage him with my Yosenju monsters and Heroic Challenger - Assualt Halberd the next turn.

In Game 2, my opponent soon found himself unable to do anything as he was faced with three obstacle on the field:
  1. My Thunder King - Rai Oh prevented him from searching his deck.
  2. My sided Flying C prevented him from xyz summoning
  3. My activated (and sided) And the Band Plays On stopped Heroic Challenger Thousand Blades from joining Performage Trick Clown on the field.


Round 3 - VS EMEm
Game 1 was fast after my opponent eliminated my only set card - Torrential Tribute - with his Diamond Dire Wolf. He went on to pendulum summon and attacked for game with his 5 special summoned monster. 

How I feel when I get OTK-ed

I went into Game 2 after siding and thought I had the upper hand as my opponent did not know what I was playing. I started with a strong hand and summoned Thunder King - Rai Oh and what followed was a hard time for my opponent as he faced both Flying C and And the Band Plays On. However, eventually, he was able to escape the lockdowns with his synchro-summoned Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer. Even though I beat him down to a low 1000LP, I was unable to sneak in a finishing blow and hence lost the game and the round.

Round 4 - VS EMEm
Against this opponent, I was able to secure my win for Game 1 with my early-game activated Vanity's Emptiness. My Yosenju monsters carried on and flooded the field, being unaffected by the floodgate.

Proud of my deck. ^^V

 Game 2 proved that lady luck has not abandoned me as my opponent had to proceed to waste his resources and executed a disadvantageous xyz summon just to get rid of my Thunder King - Rai Oh. That left him unable to respond to my counterattack the next few turns. Hence giving me my win.

Top 8  - VS EMEm
Same opponent as the third round lol. But sadly I was unable to get my revenge.
I got damaged badly during Game 1 repeatedly. And although it wasn't an OTK, my Yosenju Kama 1 was unable to do any significant disruption to his board. Anything that was bounced back to the hand just got dropped down once more onto the field via Pendulum Summoning.

He started off with a bad hand and had to set 2 Effect Veilers for game 2.Both of which were unused and uncalled for at that point of time as I concentrated my onsalught with my Heroic Challenger - Assualt Halberd and Thunder King - Rai Oh, having predicted that he would be able to stop my additional normal summons.
When the time was right I shifted my concentration to my Yosenju monsters, after drawing a Fire Formation - Tenki to search for Yosenju Kama 2 after  Thunder King - Rai Oh 's demise. I was so close to defeating him that he had to resort to destroy my Fire Formation - Tenki  to survive with a 100LP. He managed to counterattack for a while but lost when his attempt to clear my backrow with Harpie's Feather Duster only lured the summon of Stardust Dragon with my prepared Starlight Road

Game 3 was a game of attrition where he came out on top by bypassing the restrictions of And the Band Plays On by pendulum summoning more than one monster at once.

 Results: Top 8 
Having just returned shortly into compeitive dueling and getting top 8 is indeed 
a pleasing achievement for me, even though it may not mean much to others.

I was able to reap a profit with the prizes won, which was also a plus.

Moving forward, I would have to observe the meta more and make more prominent card choices to benefit my game.

EMEm is indeed the most popular deck choice now. Those of you who aren't familiar to the deck can refer to this detailed post by the Thailand Yugioh fanpage.

More work needs to be put in for my deck. I considered adding Juragedo as a tech option but felt that it would hinder my anti-meta notions and card choices such as Lose a Turn & And the Band Plays On. The latter which I felt is a powerful enough side card to cripple many rank 4 spam decks, if not slow them down enough for me to counterattack as they would have to resort to using normal summons to xyz.

Currently finding space to add Anti-Spell Fragrance into my deck but its effectiveness has yet to be established. Previous deck testing revealed the uselessness of this card after my opponent has finish setting up his field.

9 hand traps (3 of Flying C, Effect Veiler & Maxx C) were used in the deck this time as opposed to 0 - 3 previously due to the removal of Macro Cosmos, which I felt was not the priority and optimal card to place in my deck. Now, at best, it only serves as a anti-side deck card.

Needle Ceiling is also another handy addition to my deck, as I was able to welcome my opponent's swarming and then drop the surprise destruction upon them. Being returned to my hand at the end phase, I feel that the Yosenju archetype is capable of using this trap hand to the largest extent.

Once again, I am welcomed to all suggestions.

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