Sunday, 9 August 2015


Dear all (if I do have readers on this blog),

Sorry for being MIA on this blog for the previous weeks/ months.

I myself have been busy with my personal life and commitment, such as enlisting into the nation's army for my national service.

Over the months of my hiatus, I have participated in some tournaments at my locals here and there.
But due to my absence from the competitive scene and the lack of opportunities to observe the meta, I failed to secure any significant achievements or results.

I have tried Tellarknight and Heroes during these months. But didn't like them much as it doesn't suit my style of playing. Tellarknight feels too boring for me. And Heroes seem like a 'do-or-die' deck where you either lockdown your opponent with Cyber Infinity + Dark Law and/or Number 16 Shock Master.

(There was once where I successfully pulled off the combo and then my opponent summoned Lava Golem onto my field the next turn. =_=||| I stopped playing Heroes after that day lol)

However, today, I have finally returned to the competitive scenes with a somewhat acceptable achievement. :D

Next up shall be a tourney report of my experience today.
Stay tune?

Need to work on the blog page to make it more presentable though. =3=
Anyone who is good with blogs are free to comment to give me suggestions lol \0/

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