Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Psyframes Deck Feature: Part 1


SHOO! Geargeria !

It is time for the new era of gears - The Gears of PSYFrames ;)

Today, I will be doing a deck feature of the PSYFrames Archetype, one of the few archetype that caught my attention.

Let's get started.

The first reason I love PSYFrames is definitely the names. xD
Alpha, Beta, Gamma.... the greek letters just clicks with me.

Secondly, I enjoy the playing style of the archetype, being disruptive to the opponents and gaining field & hand advantage. 


Alpha is the only gear that doesn't negate & destroy. 
However, it compensates for it by being able to search for any PSYFrame Card except itself.
Alpha is pretty neat for a searcher. In addition to being the 'Deneb' of the deck, with PSYFrame Circuit on, Alpha can summon Black Rose Dragon to  nuke the field, making opponents think twice before being greedy by summoning an extra monster.

Beta is basically Battle Fader & Sakurastu Armor mixed into one. 
Like Alpha, being a level 1 gear means that it also brings with it the Black Rose Dragon threat.
Being capable of ending the Battle Phase, it is what protects the player from OTKs

 Gamma is probably my favourite gear. Monster effects are so common these days that
there is almost no reason for Gamma to be run at any lesser than 3.
It is a Yuki Usagi + Effect Veiler !
It shines best when your opponent attempts to up your card advantage by chaining Maxx C to one of your gear's activation. Adding Gamma as chain 3 not only reduces your opponent's card advantage and possible future card advantage, it adds on to your field advantage as well !
Not only that, it is also probably the most common Gear to be able to be summoned on your turn, making a synchro summon easily even without the aid PSYFrame Circuit.
Note that upon summon-effects, such as Tellarknight Deneb, one can activate Gamma to negate Deneb's effect AND chain Alpha for a summon&search.


 Delta is my 2nd favourite gear. Spells are as common as days in today's meta, especially with the rise of pendulum decks. An attempt to destroy PSYFrame Circuit by means of Mystical Space Typhoon or Twister could not only be foiled and negated in the presence of Delta, but also grants the user access to level 8 Synchro Monsters. 

It is not that I hate Epsilon, it is just that it is my least favourite gear of them all.
Firstly, due to Spell Speed issues, it cannot negate counter traps. Solemn Warning works as a perfect chained-answer to the gears' effects. 

In addition, a new counter card has been released, and PSYFrame suffers a blow.

Kami no Tsuukoku / Solemn Notice
Trap counter
(1) Activate 1 of the following effects by paying 1500 LP.
-When a monster effect is activated: Negate that activation, and if you do destroy it.
-If either player would Special Summon a monster(s): Negate that Special Summon, and if you do destroy it. 
Credits: Ygorganisation

However, IF given the right time and place, it could serve its purpose against famous sided cards such as Vanity's Emptiness & Mind Drain. In my preference and opinion, a simple Mystical Space Typhoon would be handier. Nevertheless, this is still my favourite card to reveal in matchups against Burning Abyss, given their wide arsenal of traps.

The Support !

Circuit is basically a free Urgent Tuning or a Field-Formula Sychron, however you want to view it. 
Its 2nd effect ensures that a drawn PSYFrame Driver isn't completely useless and dead in hand, being capable of giving a maximum of 2500Atk boost.
Without the field spell active, PSYFrames can still generate advantage. However, to truly bring out the bosses and win the game, you are CIR to need this.
Searchable via Alpha and Overlord, if it still ain't enough, Terraforming exists.

I view Overload as a gun, with PSYFrame monsters in hand being the bullets, and your hand size is technically the magazine. The larger the magazine, the greater risk for your opponent, and a larger inflicted pressure upon them. This card is the reason a large, or even sizeable hand size is scary and pressuring for your opponent.
They now have to think twice before setting a card. Extra deck-summoned monsters can easily be removed FOREVER face down, hence irretrievable.
The search effect that activates from grave is also an issue for opponents, who now have to think twice before destroying it. 
Once again, the existance of this card ensures the a drawn PSYFrame Driver isn't all that dead and useless lying in the hand.

Just be sure not to draw all 3 Drivers in your opening hand, 
and the supports decides to play Hide&Seek whole game.


 PSYFrame Lords, the boss monsters of the series. Currently only two of them exist in the OCG, although I am praying for more support and boss-mons. They are magicians who can make themselves go *poof* along with another card of your opponents. The best thing is, if *somehow*, by the effect of Omega or the magics of Burial from a Different Dimension, PSYLords return with the another card......

Watch as I make your card disappear~

Their grave effects are capable of recycling used PSYFrame cards, and Zeta's effects would definitely put your opponent into a state of stress when they know that their monster/spell/trap/attack will be negated and destroyed. This would result in them either being unable to perform their intended combo, slow them down, or force them to bait you (BUT YOU KNOW THAT BAIT IS COMING).
Either way, I see it as an advantage.

Omega has an additional effect which sets it apart from Zeta, being capable of unbanish-ing a card. As mentioned before, this would prove vital in gaining card advantage, by making sure Zeta or Omega #2 returns alone. It can also recycle Circuit, making 2 searches in a turn by Circuits' effect possible.


I piloted my PSYFrame deck in my locals for the past few weeks, the result were promising. 
An inherent weakness of the deck is that it is reliant on the oppponent's moves and actions. If they are capable of sliding though the windows of oppurtunity, such as when you don't have PSYFrame Gear Alpha in hand, and proceed to summon something like S39: Utopia Lightning, it would be detrimental. 

Hence, in view of this, the next article shall seek to provide suggestions of an engine for the PSYFrame deck.

Until next time ~

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