Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Psyframes Deck Feature: Part 2

Carrying off where I left off last article, this article seeks to explore the possible engine of a PSYFrame deck, making it more offensive rather than defensive and active instead of passive.

1) Yosenju Engine

I sought the answer to this problem in the form of the Yosenju Engine. The Yosenjus are capable of returning back to the hand at the End Phase, and hence does not interfere with the summon-negate-destroy conditions of the PSYFrame Gears. This, I felt, was the key point in the successful mashup of the two archetypes.

2) Piper-Ink 

Piper and Kinka-Byo came up as nice tech cards to add as the deck's engine as I researched through the Yugioh card pools.

Kinka could summon a level 1 gear to either be used as cost for Psyframe Overlord, or simply to synchro summon into Formula Synchron for a draw. Being a spirit monster would also mean that it returns to the hand, which fits the theme of a psyframe deck.

Piper falls into the category of monsters that can tribute itself to benefit the user. Apart from being revive-able by Kinka-Byo, having level 1 gears would mean that Mystic Piper has the capability of increasing the deck's draw power.

3) *Poof* beatdown

Thunderbird and Wind-Up Rabbit are ideal monsters to support the offensive aspect of a PSYFrame deck, they share similar disappearing acts of the PSYFrame Lords, leaving your field empty and ready to disrupt your opponent's moves.

Worthy Mentions

Eccentric Archfiend and CardCar D share the same characteristics.
Both can tribute themselves as cost, hence unaffected by cards such as Skill Drain (which is sooooo common nowadays due to a certain traveler) and provide useful effects for the user.
The former serves as an answer to nasty monsters such as Vanity's Fiend, which could shutdown the entire PSYFrame deck, as well as the Fiend's trap counterpart - Vanity's Emptiness.

CardCar D can not only provide the deck a good first turn, but also maintain card advantage for the user as well. Just pray that you don't draw into another CardCar D or PSYFrame Driver at a bad time.


In short, PSYFrame is like a mind game. (Rhyme intended.)
What your opponent does, every step, there is a possible counter to it. 
Your job as the user is to either keep the poker face, and make your opponent believe that you have those counters in your hand. 
Hand traps always has the element of surprise; PSYFrames are no exceptions. Be sure to exploit that.

Any other good techs that you think can fit the deck? Let me know!

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