Sunday, 15 November 2015

Locals Tourney

16 people locals
4 round swiss, cut to top 4

Round 1 VS BA

I emerged victorious from Game 1 due to my trap choices.
Torrential Tribute destroyed his field advantage upon the resolution of Tour Guide of the
Underworld's effect, twice. Gozen match prevented Dante's summon, while Rai-Oh negated
summon of Downerd Magician by using Ghostrick Alucard as an xyz material.
My Yosenjus came to my hand after a few turns and the help of Fire Formation Tenki.
From then, I began to attack for damage.

A costly mistake of not using twin twister to destroy his backrow lost me Game 2.
Solemn Notice and Solemn Judgment hampered my offensive capabilities in the game by destroying
my summoned Yosenjus and eventually, despite Marco Cosmos and Gozen Match being activated,
I lost the game due to damage being inflicted by Tour Guide and Scarf

Game 3 was pretty striaghtforward due to an early Marco Cosmos. Attempt by opponent to clear
my backrow with Burning Lake was foiled by Starlight Road (yet again).

Round 2 VS Nekroz

Game 1 was mine due to a bad matchup by my opponent. Rai-Oh was face up on the field,
which prevented his searches. After a few direct attacks, my opponent managed to stall
for a turn by setting his Djinn Ritual. Kama 1 proceeded to bounce it back to his hand
with the presence of Tsujik, leaving him wide opened for the finishing kill.

Opponent opted to go first in fears of Rai-Oh. An attempted search by Manju was halted by
Effect Veiler. Rai-Oh was summoned when my turn came, and Manju was destroyed by battle.
I set 2 backrow and ended my turn. What followed was my opponent's attempt to outplay me,
but it was costly for him in terms of card advantage. Seizing this oppurtunity, I managed to
sneak in damage bit by bit with Kama 2, while gaining hand advantage with the help of
searches by Kama 3.

Round 3 VS BA.

Game 1 was a quick one despite me going 2nd. Dropping Maxx C prevented my opponent's plays
from advancing. Furthermore, next turn I managed to assemble the 3 Kamas to flood and

Game 2 was bad luck for my opponent. He started weak with a set monster and trap.
I managed to bait out his backrow and swarmed the field with 3 yosenjus again.
Shock Ruler came into play and Monsters was called.
An attempt to switch the tides with Creature Swap succeeded for a while,
until I drew into Dark Hole. Masked Hero Anki was another one-trick pony his deck played,
and would have been his winning condition if it were not for my timely-drawn Santa Claws.
The summoned ( and sided ) Flying C and Santa Claws which prevented his plays and
summons, allowing me to farm and wait for my monsters to be drawn.
The game almost ended when his LP was at the 1200 mark and Kama 2 was ready to deal
1400 damage via a direct attack. He managed to bide his time by activating CED on Kama 2.
Gagaga Gunman was summoned to lower his LP even lower to 400!
With Gunman ready to end his the next turn, being unable to xyz summon to get over gunman,
as well as the backup Kama 2 ready to end him, my opponent conceeded.

Round 4 vs EMEm

Both of us were assured for the top 4 cut so we just had a game for the sake of it.
I opened with a strong backrow protected by starlight road. Nuff said lol

1 Box of Wing Raiders + 2 Packs

Didn't pull any foils from the 2 packs. Nothing good. =3=
I didn't like this box anyway xD

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