Thursday, 18 February 2016

Welcoming GeoTheBacon


To all present, future, past and never-gonna-be readers of Dueling Cancer,
Today, I, Ken Sir, would like to introduce a new author and additional member of Team Cancer.....

Ken Sir.

Hi all readers (existing and non-existing) of this blog.

I'm known as GeoTheBacon, Bacon as i love bacon, and Geo some left over from my previous alias.

With that out of the way, a little bit of self introduction. I'm a user of mostly synchros and fusion decks, and decks that has an almost infinite ways to combo around. Basically feel free to request for combinations of decks you think will work together and i'll try to somehow make it work, some how... and i'll post videos of it for your enjoyment.

Currently, I'm using DDD as my main deck currently, some of the previous decks i have used are Gem-knights, Junk doppler(TG,exterior,Cdra Infinity), Fluffals, and Evil heros. But i do make meta decks to learn about them but hardly do i use them for Rankings/ Tourneys.

Well, that's all for this little obligatory self introduction, i will be making concept decks when i'm free and videos on Yu-Gi-Oh!, do look forward to the videos and give me feedbacks on how to improve.

Signing off,
-EAT more BACON!!!!

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