Tuesday, 1 March 2016

#TechTuesday 01

Kicking off with our first blog post of our weekly thing, we have


A fresh idea, #TechTuesday shall seek to discuss the various alternatives to mainstream card choices.
Feel free to summit your ideas by commenting or emailing to kensir096@gmail.com

First off, for our very first edition of #techtuesday, we shall introduce a new idea to everyone.
This post was made with the fan-favourite deck of this meta in mind: Performapal Dracos
The card itself isn't really new, it has just been overshadowed by other more powerful choices.
But then again, the thing about tech cards is that it is usually a surprise, and it is unexpected.
Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you:

Dark Doriado has quite nice stats to start with. 1800Atk defense is now the average attack points for most main level fours, tying the score with other searchers such as E-Hero Stratos and Performapal Joker.

That is because Doriado itself/herself is a searcher, or not 1, not 2, not 3 either !!!!





Doriado itself isn't broken; sure it allows searching, but it definitely won't net you a +4 right off the bat.

Instead, it allows you to put on your deck, or in slang - stack - cards of  4 different attribute in any order you decide.
At first, it may seem underwhelming. Such a card effect may not seem much in an attribute themed deck like Burning Abyss of the fallen Atlantean archetype.
However, in the modern meta, where colorful attributes flood the field, such as our fan-favourite Dr Pe.

Let's review the possible targets for Doriado's spell effect.

  • Earth
    • Flying "C", Maxx "C", Retaliating "C''
    • Performapal Lizardraw, Performapal Magician, Glow-up bulb (for a discard folder?)
    • Performapal Partnaga

  • Fire- 
    • Volcanic Queen, Lava Golem
    • Fencing Fire Ferret
  • Water
    • Performapal Guitarturle, Performapal Tiptoad
    • Greydle Eagle!?!? (yup, stay tuned to #TechTuesday #2)
  • Wind
    • Droll & Lock Bird
    • Cockadooadledoo.

Think you have other uses for Doriado?
Or a better tech? Write in, and you may just get featured in the next blog post of #TechTuesday.

Some people wanna watch the world burn.
I wanna spread the cancer.

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