Monday, 3 April 2017

Old but gold: Dimension Fusion Turbo

You didn't think OTKs were that possible in the old days did you?

I was googling for Goat Control decklists to toy around in my Tag Force 1. I recently downloaded it (again) on my Phone PSP emulator and bypassed the Forbidden & Limited List of that era, allowing me to use the signature advantage farming cards such as Graceful Charity and Deliquent Duo.

It was real entertaining having that amount of board control. No card is safe from the deck. On the field and it gets destroyed, in the hand and Deliquent Duo discards it, and even in the grave I don't let monsters rest in peace - Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer banishes them. Also, I can even extend my reach to deck-destruction by including Don Zaloog.

If AIs could tilt, Zane Tuesdale would be the first. I ended the duel with four set cards - Magicial Cylinder x 3 and Ring of Destruction. Cyber Dragon's attempts were ultimately futile.

In the search for techs and different builds, I chanced upon this interesting decklist that I would like to share.

Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive is the amazing MVP of the deck. Being a flip-effect monster, it is an excellent bait or a self-inflicting target for Nobleman of Crossout. Banishing all copies and gathering all three in the banished zone, you can summon all of them out using Dimension Fusion.

Special Summons were a rare concept in the old days and the field swarming at that level is almost unprecendented. While Limiter Removal is at three, you will notice that Dekoichi is the only machine in the deck. (Cyber Jar is Rock. Yeah, IKR? And Brionic Dragon of the Ice Barrier is a Sea-Serpent) But three Dekoichi with Limiter Removal is definitely dangerous. Two and an empty frontrow - One Turn Kill, plain and simple.

  1. Set Dekoichi.
  2. Nobleman of Crossout on your own Dekoichi.
  3. Banish, banish, banish.
  4. Dimension Fusion.
  5. Limiter Removal   
  6. ATTACK 

Metamophosis can bring out some Machine Fusion monsters too. And if you don't have the required parts in hand, Dekoichi can provide you with the draw and stall in the slow-paced metagame back then. It is also a DARK fodder for your Chaos engine.

As for the others:
  • Morphing Jar, Cyber Jar - Staples, table-turning cards that can swing the game in your favour. Part of the reason why I absolutely love the format and can only lament I didn't get to play it irl.
  • Dark Magician of Chaos, Black Luster Solider - Enovy of the Begginning, Chaos Sorceror - Boss monsters.
  • Bazoo the Soul-Eater - Fuels your banished zone with monsters in preparation to swarm. Rides over threats such as Jinzo, which may not post a threat to this Trap-less deck but you can destroy it in battle without troubling your boss monsters.
  • Thunder Dragon - Your discard fodder + deck thinning 
  • Mystic Tomato floats and expedite Sangan out
One can only imagine the extra stun and anti-meta attribute this deck could have had if it had lasted a little longer to see Macro Cosmo being released. Decks like this were the main reason an Emergency-Ban was implemented (the FIRST Emergency-Ban).

In my duels in my PPSSPP emulator, I only managed to launch an OTK once with Goat Control, by Creature Swap-ing my Goat Token over, then double attack with Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beggining.

This deck is definitely potent. Even after Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beggining is destroyed or exhasted, you can still push for damage. And did I mention that Dark Magician of Chaos banishes itself when it leaves the field, allowing it to be re-Special Summoned again?

I have got to try this deck!!! 

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