Monday, 20 June 2016

Card Discussion: Pot of Avidity

Would it be a norm for a new [Pot] cards to be released in each booster box from now?

INOV-JP065 Daiyoku na Tsubo (Pot of Avidity)
Quick-Play Spell Card
You can only activate 1 “Pot of Avidity” per turn.
(1) Target 3 banished monsters; shuffle all 3 targets into the Deck, then draw 1 card.
Source: Ygorganisation

After Lullaby of Obedience, we meet what can possibly be the next latest staple in everyone's deck after Twin Twisters's debut. Pot of Avidity is a gift to many decks. So many decks today would appreciate the recycling capabilities this card offers. Let's go down the list and witness what this card can offer to change the current metagame.

1) PSY-Frame

PSY-Frame decks has always suffered the problem of running out of resources. In the absence of their field spell, once all three copies of PSY-Frame Drivers are removed from play, it would be impossible to activate the effects of the PSY-Frame Gears anymore. One can only wait to draw into cards such as Psychic Feel Zone or Psychic Path, to make Driver and the gears 'live' once more.

With the inclusion of Avidity, banished Drivers can now be returned to the deck. Since they can be special summoned from the hand, graveyard or deck, it really doesn't matter if it is sent to the deck, and not the graveyard. The only worry you should have is drawing into it, which might result in a dead draw. The single draw is also an added bonus, setting it apart from cards like Burial From the Different Dimension. As long as Driver is placed back into the deck, PSY-Frame players are back into the 'disallowing-the-opponent-to-play" game again.

2) ABC-Gadgets


King of Machines Dsummon (from DuelingDays & Yugioh Edition Singapore) has placed together a nice video showcasing the potential and capabilities of the new deck - ABC's with the help of the Karakuri engine. For those who are unfamiliar with the deck, it will definitely be worth your 12mins of your time watching the video to understand the combo.
Variants with Galaxy Solider are also roaming, as it can allow the summon of Cyber Infinity.
ABC-Gadgets revolve around the banishing of the A, B and C parts, in order to summon their boss monster: ABC-Dragon Buster. This is where it gets interesting - This card can work both FOR and AGAINST this new rogue deck.

FOR: With the constant removal of the A, B & C parts, players may find themselves with a lack of resources in the later stages of the game, should they be unable to seal victory early. The lack of resources may prompt them to pray for a recovery card to reuse their ABC parts. Granted, Burial from a Different Dimension may be better for the deck. But it is not definitely not worth running it just for the recycle, especially since Avidity possesses a wider range of users (just keep reading!), and also allows the recycling of resources.
Moreover, in game 2 or 3, players may run into opponents siding in copies of System Down which can incur large losses for machine-deck players. Apart from Magnet Reverse, players should consider Avidity as a counter side.

AGAINST: ABC-Dragon Buster relies on their banishing effect to remove threats on the board. Be it large monsters or annoying backrow cards. They usually go for the former, seeing how the current meta decks - such as Blue-Eyes and Phantom Abyss dislike their cards to be removed from play, and unable to be recycled. Here, Avidity comes into the picture - allowing players to recover the victims of ABC-Dragon Buster.
In addition, feel free to use Avidity when they use Buster's tribute effect - Return all their A, B and C. Then get a free draw. They would have tributed ABC-Dragon Buster for nothing. And the tributing is not that uncommon, given the fact that many players use it to dodge targetted destruction effects. Most traps in the current meta are single, targetted elimination, be it Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Compulsory Evacuation Device.

3) Meta decks

Phantom Knights Burning Abyss - or Phantom Abyss for short - has always been banishing their own cards from grave as cost to activate the effects of The Phantom Knights cards. Be it the searching effects of both The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak and The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots, or the milling of Ragged Gloves, the cards themselves must be banished as cost to resolve the effect. Avidity hence comes into the picture and allow the player to recycle these resources.

Similarly, Blue-Eyes players can reuse their White Stone of Legends after its second effect has been used.


PSY-Framelord-Omega gained popularity in recent months. This staple level 8 synchro monster has so much synergy with Pot of Cupidity, the new staple card which is run in so many decks. Its effect is so annoying - being a quick effect, it can dodge destruction and removal card effects, which requires you to bait out its effect first. This usually ends up in a disadvantageous 2-for-1 exchange, where two or more cards are used to remove the opposing Omega from the board.

Omega's however, is the most invulnerable when it is removed from play. This is where one should pay attention to Avidity's card text - "Target 3 banished monsters" . This allows you to remove your opponent's banished cards as well! Simply target both Omega and Omega's victim target (so it won't stay banished forever) and a 3rd target, and you have removed Omega from the board.

Sure, your opponent might summon it again. But compared to allowing Omega to end up in the graveyard, allow your opponent to use its graveyard effect, recycle one of their cards, and return Omega back to their deck, why not just return Omega yourself?

And just like how a coin has two sides, and everything has its pros and cons, Avidity can be abused by players using Omega as well. 
Once Omega's effect has resolved, and it and one of the opponent's card has been banished, simply activate Avidity to return the target back to their deck, and two other targets of your choice. Omega would simply return back to your field on your standby phase, alone.
This play is called for especially if Omega's card is revealed to be a card that is a potential game-changer, and returning it to your opponent's hand is too much of a risk.


Avidity shines the most in the middle and late-game stages of the duels, unless you are telling me you run a deck that banishes at a fast pace and rate, then so be it - my prayers are with you that you draw into it in your opening hand.

Other decks not mentioned previously, that can benefit from Avidity may include, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Nekroz
  2. Infernoid
  3. Monarchs (especially the Chaos build which seeks to summon out Chaos Emperor Dragon and Black Luster Soldier)
  4.  DARK Synchro
  5. Chaos Dragons
With the newly printed D-Hero cards, D-Hero players may also turn to Avidity to recycle D-Hero Malicious and abuse its effect more than twice per game.
Should the game stall into late stages, players would find their resources dwindling, and be unable to survive, let alone make a comeback. For decks that requires banishing monsters to make plays, or face an issue of bowing down to Marco Cosmos and/or Dimensional Fissure, Pot of Avidity is the card for you. This deck is likely to see play in many competitive decks, and serves as a useful recycling option. Its utility is also boosted by its quick-play status, and the additional draw-one bonus. 

Googled [Yugioh Meta] and saw this. lol

It is definitely worth a second look, and if not worth running, I believe it is a worthy investment, with its potential to disrupt plays, recycle resources and act as a counter-side option. Like Pot of Cupidity i think this card is likely going to be a foil, so Konami can suck its players dry.


  1. I really like the idea of using mali more than twice per game. I wonder if this is a good side vs Kozmo to prevent KozmoTown and Strawman from working.

    1. Not sure if it is the best side card against Kozmo, since Kozmo hasn't entered OGC yet. I think there are better options such as Imperial Iron Wall or System Down.

      Nevertheless I think Avidity is versatile enough to at the very least, fair well against Kozmo and establish itself as a staple card in the formats of the upcoming months.