Tuesday, 7 June 2016

TechTuesday #2 - New Teleporter in town

Since Emergency Teleport is limited, member of Team Cancer Meow Heidi found another teleporter !!!
Overdrive Teleporter
  • This card cannot be Special Summoned.
  • You can pay 2000 Life Points to Special Summon two Level 3 Psychic-Type monsters from your Deck.
  • This effect can only be used once while this card is face-up on the field.

Meow's choice for the two Level 3 Psychic Monsters are:



Frankly, any other level 3 would work too. But Dr. Frankenderp is the key choice for its effect which provides a +1 in card advantage. The skipping of the next Draw Phase won't matter much if you consider the resulting field that you can achieve (read on!)
In Monarchs deck, players may opt for Super Quantum Blue Layer if they decide to run Super Quantum Monarchs.

Ghost Ogre's inclusion in the deck also means that it can double as a hand trap if it were to be drawn into. On the field, if your plays were to be interrupted by something such as Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin, Ghost Ogre can still use its effect, acting as a threat towards your opponent.

So what can this single card do?

Well, the following are the plays that Overdrive can extend to:

1) Xyz both monsters in a level 3 staple monster - like Dante

The two level 3 monsters you summoned can perform an xyz summon. In a Burning Abyss deck, the logical card choice would normally be Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, especially in the early phase of the game where players would seek to build up their grave and/or field.
Should there be a looming threat or obstacle on your opponent's field, an offensive choice would be The Phantom Knights of Break Sword.

2) Synchro Summon!

With Ghost Orge being a tuner, a fact many neglect as it is seldom used for a synchro summon, one can also opt to proceed with a synchro summon instead. Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss, which would mostly be present in most Burning Abyss deck builds, is a staple level 6, and is thus a suitable candidate to call forth.

Should you be craving for a desperate +1, Stardust Charge Warrior can also be considered.

And it gets better...

3) Beat-rice you to it

With the limitation of Dante, many opted to summon Beatrice via different ways. Some may chose an unorthodox method, while many turned towards rank 6 engines such as Hieratic engine for help, like the TCG did. It probably never occured to them that a single card (and a couple more) could bring out sufficient materials for the summon of Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal

In case you haven't notice, Virgil/Charge Warrior both share the same level as Overdrive Teleporter, hence opening the doors to the option of overlaying both of them into Beatrice

The fun doesn't end here - since she was summoned via a two-card overlay xyz summon, she is free to use her effect the same turn she is summoned. So go ahead! Mill a Shaddoll Dragon to destroy a Spell/Trap or a Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to temporarily get rid of an opponent's monster.

4) There is more...

Should you not want to shuffle your opponent's monster back to their deck


you do not have a Burning Abyss monster in hand to use Virgil's effect, there is an alternative:

Coral Dragon, a synchro-tuner that recently debuted can also get rid of a monster by a simple discard. It even provides a draw, albeit in a slower way than Charge Warrior, as it has to bite the dust and enter the grave first.

The only problem I see is that most cards in the current meta cannot be easily destroyed by card effects, be it the Majespectors in Metalfoe or Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon.

Speaking of the latter, one may start to wonder how to remove that threat in a Burning Abyss deck.

Well, fret not. Overdrive Teleporter isn't just a one-trick pony. It still has one more trick up its sleeve...

5) The Ultimate Goal (pun intended)

This play abuses the status of Coral Dragon as a synchro-tuner, and thus he can interact with Overdrive to summon Ultimaya. While Ultimaya alone may not stand up to the 4000atk beast, with a simple set card, you can trigger Ultimaya's effect for a free Level 8 Synchro Monster.
The best option when facing Chaos MAX would undoubtedly be Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, and use its effect to destroy Chaos MAX by battle.

Meow Heidi proposed that the best first turn would be to summon Ultimaya and set Anti-Spell Fragrance, and thus call upon Crystal Wing. It starts off with a special summon of a Burning Abyss monster from hand, tribute it to summon Overdrive, and carry on with the plays.

At the opponent's standby phase, flip Anti-Spell and you will have a soft-lock on the opponent - Your opponent would have the face a one-time monster effect negation, and be unable to activate spells that turn (should Anti-Spell successfully resolve). Being their (your opponent's first turn) , they can't activate traps on that turn either (with the literal hand trap Typhoon being an exception), almost ensuring that both Ultimaya and Crystal Wing would live to see another turn. And with the former being alive, you can set another card during your next turn to summon another Level 8 Synchro monster!


Years ago, Overdrive would have been useless upon being summoned onto the field. He would probably be used for an attack, perhaps a synchro summon and that's the end of him.

The introduction of new mechanics such xyz summon and the release of new cards make it possible for a card like Overdrive to achieve what he can today. On a related note, I have an article prepared with a list of underrated cards, so stay tuned!

Additionally, due to the Light Atrribute that Ghost Ogre and Overdrive share, Chaos cards can be added to the mix, such as the level 6 Chaos Sorcerer or Lightpulsar Dragon, to ease the summoning to Ultimaya or make Beatrice swarm the field more.

No doubt, an array of cards need to be prepared in the Main and Extra deck to achieve these plays, which may incur an opportunity cost when deck building is concerned. However, it may be worth it if you can catch your opponent off-guard and stun them into wasting their resources.
After all, what you can achieve ultimately is merely a 2000LP cost with a tributed monster.
Two cards, if we were to speak in card economics, and you gain back a card via a draw. So effectively, I guess you can call it a

One-card Ultimaya?
Or if you consider the +1 Dr Frankenderp provides, feel free to dub this a zero-card Ultimaya

And there you have it. A tech card idea presented to you by Meow Heidi, our blog's consultant and the number one Sangan fan. Just look at his profile picture...

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