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Yugioh OCG July Banlist Discussion

and reactions...

Source: Maxut
  • Semi-Limited to Unlimited (3):
    • Super Rejuvenation
  • Limited to Semi-Limited (2):
    • Wall of Revealing Light
    • Thousand-Eyes Restrict 
    • Sangan

The Discussion...

Hi all, GeoTheBacon here.
To be honest this was actually quite a predictable banlist, with the current meta filled with about 4 decks, and them being almost equally strong as each other. If Konami wanted to hit one of the deck, they would have to hit all 4 and that is quite unrealistic if you think about it, the reasons we will elaborate more below.

Ken Sir:
Our predictions were right.... to a certain extent, for the release of Thousand-Eyes and Sangan. Both were not immediately released to unlimited but semi-limited first. This can be seen as a recurring habit of Konami to slowly release old cards that are no longer too "broken" to be in the current meta, slowly from limited to semi-limited, and if it doesn't have too big of an impact they will be released to unlimited.

In short, we can hope to see Thousand-Eyes and Sangan being unlimited in the near future.


While Dragon Ravine did not manage to make a return to 3, Super Rejuvenation does, years after Dragon Ruler's debut. This is most probably due to Super Rejuvenation not seeing any plays at all currently in the meta even though its effect can generate massive hand advantage and replenish of resources.

There are currently no decks that can fully capitalize on the card advantage that it can produce and even the current top dragon deck Blue-Eyes does not run them as there is hardly any discarding or tributing in the deck. Hardly any discarding as in a 'turn by turn' discard. Once they have searched out their key components and built their field, there is probably no much to discard, except for a cost for Twin Twister, perhaps.

Additionally, Blue-Eyes are beginning to see more than 40 cards in their deck, some extending to even 45. With that many cards fighting for slots in the deck, I believe a card-drawing card will probably take the backseat for now.

The few decks that can benefit from this card would be Hieratic or maybe even Amorphage, although the latter would require a viable engine or more support for it to function better as an archetype on its own. Hieratic Blue-Eyes could see play if players decide to abuse the newly unlimited stats of this spell card.

Wall of Revealing Light is a complete curve-ball, but not completely unreasonable if you think about it.
It was a pretty broken card long ago when there are very little good spell/trap removal cards available in the game. You just have to pay around 3000 lifepoints and stall until either you get the cards you need or your opponent draws a Mystical Space Typhoon. Usually, it is the former, since the latter was limited to a single copy back in the days.

With variants like Twin Twister, Cosmic Cyclone, and Harpie's Feather Duster around now, you will have a higher chance of getting rid of this card; heck now even monsters can get rid of spell/trap. Cough cough, Archfiend Eccentrick.

Meta decks and why they were not hit

1) Metalfoe is sort of a new meta deck that is barely surfacing, it's not overpowered and quite easy to learn. Most of its support cards are also printed in recent years, making it easier for new/returning players to pick up the deck.
Hitting this deck so early will kill off the blooming sales potential for this deck which I'm sure is something that Konami will not want.

2) D/D/D has finally catch up with the current meta with the help of Pot of Cupidity, even though it is not an easy deck to pick up and takes practice to master. As a saying I once heard goes: " A deck is only as good as the players that are playing them ".  D/D/D is one such deck.

This deck gained popularity and momentum after the demise of Dracopals. It has constantly been creeping as a tier 2, arguably tier 1.5, deck which threatens to throw the top meta deck off their throne. It is a strong deck in the sense that it has many versatile capabilities. In my opinion, Konami hasn't completely sucked our wallets dry from the D/D/D Structure Deck merchandises,
and/or Booster SP: Raging Masters where the other key cards are.

Simply put: There is not really a good way to hit the deck without completely cripplingly it or not even scratching it at all, thus the deck is not hit. yet.....
(Thank god... -GeoTheBacon)
Did we mention GeoTheBacon is a major fan of D/D/D? - Ken Sir

3) Burning Abyss has been hit hard both in the TCG and OCG, and they are still alive ! Surprisingly.

Nevertheless, they are barely alive. The deck is so damaged by the banlist such that any minor hit would definitely cripple the deck so badly it can't even compete in the meta. Thus they were spared. Out of the four, Burning Abyss is the least represented and is falling in numbers. Perhaps, just like Nekroz, it will suffer repeated hits, and in the future maybe we will see Cir allowed at only a copy. Until then, it is here to stay

As mentioned previously, The Phantom Knights are untouched, in view of the upcoming support cards.

4) Blue-Eyes have not been hit even thou they could be said to be the strongest (in most people's opinion) meta deck currently, it being easy to pilot, has hard to clear field, big ass monster with 3000 attack. The reason is simple, if they hit The Melody of Awakening Dragon it will completely cripple the deck, they will not hit Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon as it is a movie promo, and there's the new structure deck Kaiba with a bit of Blue-Eye's support inside it. All of this will hurt their sales badly and it is not as if the deck is too overpowered at the moment too.


The meta remains unaffected by the decklist, mainly. Hence, we shall wait to see how the upcoming archetypes and support in the new products will shift the tides.
Currently, Blue-Eyes seems likely to dominate the meta once more, in terms of the deck's OTK capabilities and consistency, at least for the next three months. More support are also arriving, in the form of Kaiba's Structure Deck.

Other new and emerging decks stand to contest for its spot, with the new ABC-Gadgets standing the most chance currently. Both Aromage and Psyframe players eagerly awaits their support cards, and to make a dent on the metagame. I await with anticipation.

Metalfoe would start to gain an edge over Burning-Abyss, with the newly released Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. We may also see more decks other than the pawn-of-fusion deck including Super-Polymerisation as a tech.

On a related note, I tweeted last night that the circulating [NO CHANGES] banlist was a fake/photoshopped one. And that if it is real, my discussion post for the banlist would be a short one as I would just copy-paste a 'Flip-table' meme.
This banlist, is almost as good as a [No changes] one. #lol

Much to many players' disappointment, no cards were released from the banned realm with an erratum this time. Next list, perhaps?

That's it for now and feel free to message/post/tag us to discuss more about the game on our Facebook Page.

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Thank you.

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