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The D/D/Detailed Guide to D/D/D Part 3

After a relatively long hiatus, I AM BACK!!!!!!

But in all seriousness, apologies to all who have been waiting for this article.
Ok on to the article, this is the part 3 of the guide to D/D/D. In this part, we will be talking about cards to tech in D/D/D, after the recent semi-limitation of our key cards, which has freed up space for more cards to be added in.

Bear in mind that these aren't any new or groundbreaking techs, just notable ones that deserve a main deck slot in D/D rather than being sidelined in the side deck.

First cards to tech in the deck:

Monster Cards
The thing about D/D is that their main deck can run purely on their monsters so most of the techs are hand traps that is used to counter the meta.
D.D. Crow
-The current meta revolve largely around graveyard effects and graveyard retrieval. In other words, it is graveyard reliant. So having a card to get rid of key cards from opponent's graveyard can easily change the flow of the game.
-Blue-Eyes and ABC remain vulnerable to the graveyard banishing, while Metalfoes may lose their self-recycling Metalfoes Fusion (and combined with Pot of Desires + their bad luck, they may lose the game outright due to lack of Metalfoes S/T), and all of this possibly happening in Game 1 only makes your opponent's surprised look even more entertaining to laugh at.
-This card ccan be used as a banish fodder for 'Allure of Darkness', and being a level 1 monster which can be searched by 'Where Arf Thou?', Which some D/D decks run. The synergy with the deck's draw and searching cards thus suggest that it can be included in the main.
-This card can banish ANY 1 card in the graveyard.

A.O.J Cycle Reader
-An alternative to D.D. Crow which targets up to 2 LIGHT attribute monsters in your opponent's graveyard and banish them
-This card is very good in the current meta due to it being able to counter both Blue-Eyes and ABC, but you sacrifice coverage for effectiveness, as it banishes one extra card.
-This card can be use as banish fonder for 'Allure of Darkness', and it is a tuner, a fact that players often neglect.

Maxx "C"
-In the current meta there are a lot of decks that like to spam special summon monsters, and with this card it will make your opponent think twice before continuing as even if they manage to lock you down, D/D can easily bait out negation and clear floodgates relatively easy the more cards they have in their hand.
-This card is good regardless if you go first or go second, due to the ability to make your opponent reconsider their options and throwing them off their tempo.
-The only time this card is terrible is when your opponent plays decks that do not special summons which is quite rare nowadays.
-Against decks like ABC and non-Tzolkin Ultimaya Metalfoes, whereby your Maxx "C" will probably just net you a one-for-one card exchange, it is a good option to side out during Game 2 and 3.

Lava Golem
-This card can easily clear your opponent's hard to get rid of monsters that is on the field.
-This card requires your opponent to have at least 2 monsters on the field to be tributed, this is both a pro and con. The 'pro' is that you can get rid of 2 troublesome monster with one card but the tradeoff is that if your opponent only have 1 monster on the field, this card's effect can't be used to special summon itself.
-When this card is special summoned to your opponent's side of the field using it's effect, for the turn you can't normal summon. This is not that big of a drawback as D/D won't lose much as they can just rely on special summons.
-This card can easily be removed on the field by D/D decks, like using Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon to attack it, or you can special summon Lava Golem onto your opponent field in defence position and summon a Crimson Blader and attack over it to lock your opponent out of high level monster during his next turn.
-This card is lvl8 thus it can be 'Trade-in' away, if you play the [Trade-In turbo] variant of D/D deck.

Kaiju & Santa Claw
-Same reasons as Lava Golem above, but they only require one tribute and have no restriction to no normal summoning.
-Easily cleared and can be used to combo with Crimson Blader too.
-Some Kaijus can be used to 'Trade in'.
-The dark Kaiju , Radian, can be used as a 'Allure of Darkness' fodder.

D/D decks are very combo heavy and the more combo pieces that they have the better they can lock down their opponent or the more damage they can deal to their opponent. Thus good spell cards to tech into D/D is either cards to search out cards or just draw engines.

Allure of darkness
-This card is unlimited in OCG AND TCG
- Draw power to draw into your combo pieces, and banish your excess pieces.
-The banishing is not that costly  as you can just banish an extra combo piece or the least valuable card at the moment and go for another combo. While this may be a "duh" point, in D/D, you only need one copy of each card to pull of your combos, so if you have two D/D Necro Slime in hand, the second one is better off sacrificed to the banished zone than in your hand.
-The banished monsters can easily be retrieved either using 'PSY-Framelord Omega' or ' Pot of Avidity'.

Pot of Desires
-First you banish the top 10 card of your deck, then you draw 2. Some may think this is quite a high risk to take. As what should you do if you banish all your key combo pieces?
-The thing is currently there is no cards of D/D that is on the banlist at the moment, so banishing all 3 copies of a card is quite low chance .......

But Konami hates me...
BUT even if one of combo pieces is completely banished you can easily fetch them back using PSY-Framelord Omega. The limitation doesn't flatter D/D players, we run one copy anyway.

With Lamia semi-limited, it might be a cause for concern for many players, but as usual, Desires is a high-risk high-reward card.
-The second concern is that this card thins the deck very fast and if you cannot finish your opponent off fast enough you'll deck out and lose, but D/D can easily push for over 8000 damage a turn so that shouldn't be a problem.
-Drawing 2 new card can turn a crappy hand to a decent hand, and a decent hand to a godlike hand, because D/D is just that combo-orientated. Miss a few combo pieces and it is a bad hand. Bring one more combo piece to the board, and it changes the entire landscape.

-Discarding one lvl8 monster to draw 2 card. Draw power!!! And we have plenty of Level 8s in the deck.
-Secondly, it can help set up your graveyard for either revival or graveyard fusion.
-Thirdly, it allows you to make full use of lvl8 tech cards like Lava Golem.

One for One
-The sending a monster from hand to grave cost is not that big of a cost, due to most of the monsters benefiting from staying in the grave, you can even use it to get rid of dead cards in your hand.
-D/D has two key level 1 monsters that you want to be on the field, D/D Savant Kelper and D/D Lamia. One for One allows you to bring out either one of them which can either let you further search or continue with your Synchro combos.
-This card works very well with 'Where Arf Thou?' - After you special summon the level 1, you have fulfilled its activation conditions, so you can search for your other level 1.

Where Arf Thou?
-This card allows you to search for a level 1, if you already have a level 1 on the field. But if you don't normal summon the searched level 1 during the same turn you will receive 2000 effect damage at the end of the turn.
-There are 3 key lvl 1 monster in D/D deck; D/D Savant Kelper, D/D Nerco Slime and D/D Lamia. You can also search out hand-traps that are level 1 too. (D.D Crow)
-The effect damage at the end of the turn can be used to your advantage by Summoning D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc and causing it to be a lifepoints addition instead of deduction. This is very useful in time call games.

Twin Twister
-The sending one card to the graveyard is not that big of a cost to D.D decks due to graveyard effects
-In exchange you can get rid of up to 2 pesky spell and traps that might hinder in your combo, which makes it easier for you to play. Once again, nothing new, it is all old info. But in D/D, you can't afford to have your combos stopped. So Twin Twister takes precedence over Mystical Space Typhoon due to the increased volume of S/T threats it can remove.

Wavering Eyes
-Useful against pendulum decks, as D/D is partly pendulum after all.
-You can use it to banish your opponent's card and search out your D/D Savant Kelper to search out any card that you are missing. Also, as you can place cards on the scales as well, most of the time, you get to net a free non-targeting banish removal.

D/D has their 'D/D/D Hexblood King Siegfried' which can 'turn off' spell/trap floodgates when you do not want it to be active, below are some example of floodgates that are useful in this meta, which D/D can abuse to make the game very one-sided, as Siegfried can nullify the double-edge sword for a turn - YOUR turn. :D
D/D monsters are mostly dark attribute monsters of various different attack thus making it a deck that can easily play the Virus trap series.

Anti-Spell Fragance
-This card is useful against decks that relies on spell cards slowing them down,and if they are a pendulum reliance deck it will greatly crippled them. During your turn you can turn it off using Siefried and proceed to use spells as and when you please too.

Vanity's emptiness
-This card prevent special summon by both players, greatly slowing down most meta decks nowadays.
-This is a very good 2 card combo with D/D/D Hexblood King Siegfried completely stopping decks that rely fully on special summon, with Siegfried preventing and protecting Vanity's Emptiness from being destroyed by opponent's spell/traps.
-Vanity's Emptiness, being another continuous trap, can also be 'turned off' using Siegfried during your turn to allow you to commence as per normal to special summon. This is my favourite play, as it contributed to my win for plenty games.

Crush Card Virus
-With many dark monsters that are relatively small in attack, (in fact, plenty are 0ATK), you can fulfill the cost relatively easy in D/D/D.
-Using it against decks as and when it fits the meta.
-This card has been nerfed after its errata but it has potential to be used in the near future, just not against Kozmos

Deck Devastation Virus
-With easy access to dark monsters that are bigger then 2000 attack through fusion summons, you can fulfill this card's tribute cost too.
-This card is good against decks that utilizes monsters that are smaller then 1500, like Metalfoes and Blue-Eyes' tuners, and that prevents the latter's synchro summoning.
-But it is not good against decks that are relies on graveyard control.

Eradicator Epidemic Virus
-Same point as above - you can fulfill its cost.
-Cripples decks that are fully relying on Spells or Traps, such as Demise control decks.
-Also destroy existing P scales.

Extra Deck
D/D is very efficient in accessing Synchro and Xyz monsters, mostly accessing lvl 7 to 9 synchros and rank 1, 7 and 8 Xyz, thus you can switch them out depending on your meta composition in your area and your personal play style.

T.G, Hyper Librarian
-With the Synchro variant of D/D, this card give free plus off the synchro summons.
-Even thou this card is not always accessed, it's a good addition to have to get you out of some pinches by give you more resources, or you can even get free plus off and make your good setup on the field even better.
-It doubles as a Ghost Reaper and Winter Cherries target for your Game 2 and 3 against Synchro orientated deck, such as the ghost of the past - Synchro DARK.

Formula Synchron
-With a lot of level 1 monsters in D/D and even a level 1 tuner, you can do a 1+1.
-This card give you a free plus, when it is summoned and it's a tuner which allows you to even further synchro summon afterwards. Important for a 2+6 synchro into Siegfried.

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
-A relatively powerful level 7 synchro summon that return opponent's special summoned monsters on summoned and when the opponent special summon any monsters that are level 5 and above.
-The down side of this card is that it's a compulsory effect that triggers by itself, meaning that it can be baited easily, and it doesn't work when XYZ monsters are special summoned.
-This card works very well against high level decks that require special summoning like Blue-Eyes.

Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon
-Another level 7 synchro monster that is good for D/D decks.
-This card allows you to special summon pendulum monsters in your pendulum zone, extending your combo with cards by combo-ing with D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss.
-This card also prevents opponent's monster effect from activating during the battle phase which can be used to counter certain cards that trigger when they hit the graveyard or cards that activate during battle phase, so no more ABC parts triggering or Number 39: Hope Lightning.

Clear Wing Sychro Dragon
-Yet another good level 7 synchro monster. Bet you forgot all about Clear Wing.
-This card can negate any level 5 all over monster's effect activation, or any monster effect that targets level 5 or higher monsters. Both effects can be used once per turn during either players' turn.
-Attack boost, can be used to clear Lava Golem, when Golem's effect triggers.

Crimson Blader
-Onward and upward to level 8 synchro monsters!
-This card prevents your opponent from normal or special summoning lvl 5 or above monster during their next turn, provided this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sent it to the graveyard.
-Needing to send the cards to the graveyard means that this card's effect doesn't work on pendulum monsters as they are not sent to the graveyard, via game mechanics.
-This card works very well with Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, which you can summon to your opponent's side of the field by tributing one of their monsters. Which you follow up by having Crimson Blader attack Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, causing Crimson Blader's effect to trigger. This also overcomes Crimson Blader's limitations of not working on pendulum.

Colossal Fighter
-A level 8 synchro monster.
-This card's ability is to summon a warrior type monster from the graveyard, when this card is destroyed by battle. Note this effect allows Colossal to can summon itself back. Making this card a very reliable wall, one that the opponent is unable to bypass via brute force.
-If you opponent decides to Maxx "C" you, you can use this card to continuously launch suicidal attacks on your opponent's monster that have a higher attack. (E.g. Lava Golem) - Forcing your opponent to deck out!

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
-Another level 8 synchro monster.
-This card is a bit harder to summon, as it requires it's non-tuner material to be a synchro monster, but it is something easily achievable by using D.D Lamia's ability to summon itself from the graveyard or hand. Usually achieved by 7+1, using Alexander and Lamia.
-Has two impressive attack boost effects and the latter enables it to destroy plenty of threats via battle. Another reason I enjoy running Lava Golem.

PSY-Framelord Omega
-Wow another level 8 synchro monster.
-This card has the wonderful ability to return any banished card back to their graveyard during your opponent's standby phases, this allows you to recycle cards that have been banished by either their own effect, or even by Pot of Desires. This allows you to recycle your spent resources.
-This card can also banished itself and one card in your opponent's hand, during either's player main phases. Allowing you to identify and seal off one card from their hand by banishing it face up, a temporary minus one.

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
-Finally, we have reached level 9 synchro monsters.
-This card requires 2 or more non-tuner material, which requires a bit of investment to summon it.
-But with its ability to banish one card each from your opponent's hand, field and graveyard without targeting, it should be worth the 3 synchro materials

Crystron Phoenixion
-The other level 9 synchro monster.
-This card is relatively difficult to summon, requiring a Synchro tuner and 1 or more non-tuner synchro monster.
-This card's effect is when it is synchro summoned, it banishes all spell and trap cards from your opponent's field and graveyard. Which is very powerful against spell/trap heavy decks, and it clears half the path for your attack - you don't have to worry about backrow threats.
-This card can also be Synchro summoned during your opponent's main phase using Formula Synchron, thus using it's effect during your opponent's turn, disrupting pendulum plays and also removing continuous spells/traps that your opponent may be relying on.
Also, ABC loses their field spell.
-When this Synchro summon monster is destroyed by battle or card effect, you can special summon one other monster from your graveyard. It floats, sweet.

Sylvan Princessprite
-Starting off the XYZ list is this rank 1.
-This card allows you to check the top card of your deck by detaching one overlay material, and if it is a spell/trap it is added to your hand and if it is a monster it is sent to the graveyard. This effect can only be used once per turn.
-This card allows you to still make plays if you have 2 level 1 monster that are both tuner or both non-tuner, it's effect may not be as good as Formula Synchron but it is easier to summon.
-This card is recommended if you are playing more of an XYZ-centric deck instead of Synchro.

Number 11: Big Eye
-Next up is a rank 7 XYZ monster, which catches everyone's eye.
-This card allows you to steal one of your opponent's monster once per turn. Need I say more?
-Thou it can't attack during turns it uses its effect.

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
-The other rank 7 XYZ monster
-This card cannot be destroyed by card effect
-Every time your opponent's card or effect resolves, this card burns your opponent for 500 lifepoint. Best part? It doesn't start a chain, so it can't be chained to. Can't be chained to = no Yuki Usagi.
-This card is good for finishing off your opponent, if you couldn't deal enough damage through battle damage alone.

Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
-Now the Rank 8s
-This card negates spell card and effect activation and make that card into it's XYZ material once per turn.
-Little known effect of this card is that if your opponent attack, you can detach one overlay unit to change to the target of the attack to this card.
-If another XYZ monster has been destroyed by battle or card effect, you can target one face up XYZ monster you control including this card and make it gain those destroyed monster's original attack permanently.
-This card is usually use as a spell negater, but it an XYZ focused deck it can be a powerful ally to have.
-Arguably best first turn Rank8 to summon in the current meta filled with pendulums and spells.

Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
-Rank 8 Rank 8
-This card allows you to negate a face-up monster's effect, then granting the same monster immunity to other card effects, during either player's turn once per turn. By choosing when to use this card's effect you may be able to stop opponent's combo or even protect a key card of yours.
-This card is recommended if you chose to play the rank 8 spam for this deck.

Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector
-Last RANK 8
-By using this card's effect and naming a card that don't exist in your deck, it allows you to send one card on the field to the top or bottom of their deck. This allows you to get rid of pesky wall like monsters or floodgates, by sending it to the bottom of their deck! JUST DECLARE EXODIA PARTS. xD

There are a lot of different cards that works with D/D/D and it is up to you to research the current meta of the places you are going to and match the cards accordingly. It takes a few trial and error. You might get lucky and get it the first time, if not you just have to analysis what was the card that was the least useful and replace it with something else.

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