Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Zodiac Beast + Raidraptors

Yup you read it right.

Depending on whichever you like to call it, Junishishi or 12zodiac, or maybe even Zodiac Beast (as this article will refer the archetype by) the latest engine which has found its way into plenty of decks, rogue and meta alike, to serve as an engine to speed up xyz summonings and serve to function as resource-gaining plays to generate field and hand advantage for players abusing it.

Today, in this short article, I would like to share a short video by a Raidraptor-loving player which I know from my locals, and his setup play for the deck, showcasing the little, but sufficient, synergy between the two archetype's focus on R4NK summoning.

Credits: @ventes183
Video link: 十二獣RRウイルス

  1.  Activating Elemental Triangle of the Zodiac Beast, targeting itself, to special summon Zodiac Beast Molmorat from your deck.
  2. Xyz summon Zodiac Beast Wildbow by using Zodiac Beast Molmorat as an xyz material, granting Zodiac Beast Wildbow the ability to summon a Zodiac Beast from the deck. Use this effect to summon a second copy of Zodiac Beast Molmorat.
  3. Xyz summon Zodiac Beast Tigress by using Zodiac Beast Wildbow as an xyz material, and activate Tigress' effect - detaching Wildbow to attach Zodiac Beast Molmorat from the grave, as an xyz material.
  4. Using the ability granted by Zodiac Beast Molmorat, use Tigress' newly obtained effect to special summon a third copy of Zodiac Beast Molmorat from the deck.
  5. Lastly, xyz summon Zodiac Beast Drancia by using Zodiac Beast Tigress as an xyz material, giving you a monster capable of destroying a card on the field at any point of time. Once per turn of course.
Ventes183 opted to use a different method as showcased in his video, opting to paste Wildbow merely to supplement the upcoming xyz monsters with materials, and use Tigress to special summon the second copy of Zodiac Beast Molmorat, detaching Wildbow, without the use of Tigress' own effect to 'detach an xyz material, and attach a different xyz material'.
He then xyz summoned Zodiac Beast Bullhorn, and use the effect granted by the still-remaining xyz material Zodiac Beast Molmorat to summoned the third copy of Zodiac Beast Molmorat onto the field.

This is not an 'illegal' search-and-summon performed by Bullhorn.

Finally, into the Drancia. This alternative play allowed him to gain an additional xyz material over Drancia, forgoing a possible search via the effect of Zodiac Beast Bullhorn. However, since Raidraptor decks usually lack applicable targets for Bullhorn anyway, this trade-off is negligible.

And also, this method bypasses D.D. Crow, which could stop Tigress' effect from successfully resolving.
"there's that 1 video using this method. 99% of all other videos do it the other way."
  • Xyz summon Raidraptor - Force Strix using both copies of Zodiac Beast Molmorat available. Use its effect to search out Rairaptor - Tribute Lanius
  • Upon summon, mill Raidraptor - Mimicry Lanius, and upon resolution, banish Mimicry Lanius to search out Raidraptor Nest
  • Activate it, and since you control two Raidraptor monsters, you can know search out Raidraptor - Singing Lanius.
  • Since the conditions are fulfilled, special summon Singing Lanius via its own effect.
  • Xyz summon Singing Lanius and Tribute Lanius to summon out Dark Rebellion Dragon.
This setup allows you to have a tribute fodder for the activation of various backdown threats, which are commonly played in the DARK archetype Raidraptor decks.

  • Bat Flight Virus the newly debuted one in the Virus trap series, can be activated by tributing Force Strix as cost.
  • Force Strix can also be used for the tribute cost of Icarus Attack, a devastating two card destruction that can be directed at your opponent.
  • Dark Rebellion Dragon is used to fulfill the requirements for Eradicator Epidemic Virus (Unlimited in the OCG I might add) and Deck Devastation Virus.

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  1. sooooo what would be a good decklist for this? :O

    it feels like this variant of RR would end up forgoing the RUM strategy and going deep into R4-ing and virus controlling. interesting tho.