Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dueling Cancer evolves!

We have reached the level which made us capable of evolution.

Just a short post, nothing much. But with the new format and new era, as the October 2016 Forbidden and Limited list taking effect from this moment on, we decided it would be the appropriate time to announce our blog's name change to a more ..... pleasant name and one that is not so reflective of my horrendous luck.

From today on, Dueling Cancer shall be renamed Dueling Marvel.

Hopefully, with this name chance, my luck may turn out to be marvelous!
Anyone? No?

DuelingDuo was also considered, but we actually have more than two writers behind the blog, and the third one is someone who is so lazy it takes three months for the third part of an article to be written and published. Although on a serious note, we have three writers on board - Me, DAM SON, and GeoTheBacon.

Traveller of the Burning Herpes helps with editing and formatting.

K.Xavage is out playing Pokemon Go and seems to have abandoned Yugioh studying and hence unable to join us on a regular basis.

Last blog author, name yet to be establish, is still in the midst of drafting his first article, to replace GeoTheBacon.

And another yet to RSVP.

With that, we actually have 7 members on the team, be it active or standby. Seven? Just like the Justice League?
How about a blog name of....
  1. Dueling Justice!!!!
  2. Dueling Seven
  3. Dueling Dynamo
  4. Dueling Domino - (We were having Domino's Pizza LOL)
Well but lastly, after discarding all the dumb and cheesy names, we settled on Dueling Marvel. Previously mentioned (link), it shares the same initials as Dueling Monsters, but also Duel Masters LOL.  And I am a Marvel fan.

Ask Herpes-sama, I always end up raging and giving my review on Marvel movies, critisizing any flaw or error in films and any instance whereby they aren't as loyal to the comics as they should be. xD

Well, Tl;dr - We renamed ourselves.

Well, so hello, we are Dueling Marvel. The changes will take place soon, and the blog, Facebook page name will be edited in the upcoming days.

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