Saturday, 25 November 2017


To prove the bloggers are still alive, and that the blog isn't dead.

Ken Sir here. Man, I really have to do this time-management thing better. So there are six of us on the blog, and pretty much everyone is swarmed by the number one enemy of teenagers and children - Studies 

School Curriculum really devoured most of my life. Before that I was pretty much waiting for enrollment so whenver I have time I would just sit in front of the computer surfing Youtube Duel Videos and reading random cards that most players might not even know exists, thinking of inspiration for a post.

Unfortunately I do not have such a luxury now. Three months ago, I enrolled into College and now I barely haven't touched my deck for 3 months. (Probably the longest I left it in my drawer since I started playing competitively.)

Some readers may know that I am also a Pokemon fan but I didn't even purchase Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon because I know I don't have time to play them. And... I have reservations about the storyline.

Well, my Finals are these few weeks and it will end by the first week of December so hopefully I can get back to blogging and composing articles. Over the past months I did think of just uploading a few decklists to keep the blog updated but then again, it would feel like a 'low-effort' thing. When I share a decklist, I would actually 'study' it more in-depth, throw it for a spin a couple times on Ygopro to better understand and more often than not, quirks and 'secrets' would show up, that usually aren't so obvious from the decklists alone. (E.g. Card A has this synergy with Card B etc.)

That, I believe, makes for a good blog post.

I kept up with the news, time to time. But all I see are SPYRALs and Golems (Lava Golem and Grinder Golem lol). I will admit I haven't even learned how to play SPYRAL and since it is now nearing December, I am really anticipating for the format to rotate out so that I can try out my Metalfoes and Invoked with LINKS. I do love the attention they are paying to the older archetype, although the LINK VRAINS Pack could have done it better with a more 'complete' set of reprints. (But hey, maybe reasons such as.... sales?)

But hey, expect the blog to be more alive again as my semester is ending (restarting in January) and I will be sharing three decklists shortly in another post.

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