Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Monarch FTK in OCG April 2016

 Much alike other decks, this rogue dice-roll-game deck clings onto its tier status, albeit barely...

I set fire to the game~

  •  Having lost their Monarch spells drawing engine, this build chose to return to the old-school drawing method, utilising the golden bamboo engine, following in the footsteps of Library Exodia.
  • A mini Fluffal engine is also ran to thin out the deck, alone with a lone copy of Shaddoll Beast to initiate a draw upon milling, making Foolish Burial serve its purpose in this deck
  • The lack of Life Equaliser is compensated by dealing more effect damage via copying's the limited-at-one Magical Explosion's effect.

What is that card in the corner , you ask?
It is a Trap !!!

Trap of Darkness
Normal Trap
Activate only by paying 1000 Life Points while you have 3000 Life Points or less. Select a Normal Trap Card in your Graveyard. This card's effect is the same as that Trap Card's. Remove from play that Normal Trap Card.

  • Taking a more different approach than the previous one, this build that I came across on twitter places its changes on the Dark World monsters, along with a couple of Shaddoll monsters for a draw-and-drop-and-draw.
  • The monsters' dark attributes are also exploited by Allure of Darkness, which is kept at 2 despite being allowed at 3.
  • Yu-Jo Friendship, made compulsory by Unity when it exists in the hand, is used as a substitute for the forgone Life Equaliser.
  • No I have no idea why he runs 2 Card of Demise. Perhaps he felt his 2nd turn could come around.

  • Perhaps for nostalgia sake, Erbeus still remains as the choice of the deck's engine.
  • Magical Stone Excavation is used now, to compensate for the limited Pantheism of the Monarchs.
  • Allure's recent unlimited status is also exploited in this build, allowing the monarchs to be either discarded for Trade-In, or banished for the sake of resolving Allure's effect.
  • Blasting the Ruins is used in tandem with the two other traps to compensate for the lack of Life Equaliser.

  • What sets this build apart from the other is the choice of Level 8 monsters.
  • Choosing to abandon the Monarchs, this player chooses to run Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, not for its burn effect, but also as a possible beatstick if desperately needed.
  • Upstart Goblin is also visibly absent from this deck, making it the user's way of coping with the loss of the recently-forbidden trap.
  • Shaddoll monsters are used as a mini draw engine too, alongside the 3 copies of Allure of Darkness.

Final words:

The death of Monarch Burn OTK is greatly exaggerated, and speculated. Fans of this deck should continue to cling onto their copies of Upstart Goblin and Chicken Race. 
Yu-Jo friendship seems to be the prime choice for substitution for reducing the opponent's life points. It is also worth noting the pun and salt offered to the opponent upon activating that card.
Blasting the ruins, at 3 copies, also proves itself to be worthy to be elected to provide for more burn damage.

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