Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Deck Discussion: Kaijus


Something my friend shared over to me and I felt it was a very interesting idea to abuse Kaijus.

The inclusion of Skill Drain provides the deck with anti-meta capabilities to level the playing ground against the top tier decks. With it active on the field, Beast King Barbaros becomes a 3000ATK beaststick without the need of any tribute, a reminiscent of the past where Skill Drain beatdown existed as a rogue deck.A nine-Kaiju monster lineup provides threat removal, but Skill Drain also prevents the opponent from abusing any given Kaiju effect is Kyoto Waterfront is present on the field.

Even without Skill Drain present, Kyoto Waterfront with sufficient counters can grant Gameciel an ability to control the field with its negation and banish capabilities. 

Lonefire Blossom will successful resolve even in the face of Skill Drain and I feel that Glow-Up Bulb is a very creative option to pick to allow the deck with access to synchro options, and thus, the plenty of Level9 Synchros in the Extra Deck for the common 8+1 synchro summon.
The Level8s in the deck also justify the Rank8 monsters in the Extra Deck as well.
Raidan the Multidimensional Kaiju is a Level7, as opposed to the remaining two that are Level8, and thus, with Glow-Up Bulb, 7+1 synchro summon can be achieved. Which is why the deck also has staple Level8 Synchro monsters, including the popular option - PSY-Framelord Omega.

Trade-In provides the deck with draw power, and seeing the plenty of Level8s in the deck, it seems like an obvious strategy to adopt.

Four spell/trap removal options: Triple Twin Twisters and Harpie's Feather Duster. Standard.
Vanity's Emptiness adds to this deck's anti-meta capabilities.

The Side Deck seems very straightforward, adopting the minimal Side Deck approach, whereby players include only five playsets of cards in the Side.
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh for search-heavy decks like Phantom Abyss and slows down plenty of meta decks like Darklords. It also diminishes Blue-Eyes strength to a large extent.
  • Fossil Dyna proves to be a troublesome floodgate monster for many decks that special summons. It also has a flip effect capable of clearing the already-summoned threats.
  • Book of Eclipse, standard temporary removal option. Flip a monster face down and you do not have to worry about its effect. The flipping down will occur upon successful resolution of the card, unlike Swords of Concealing Light, which I believe it the reason why it was chosen over Swords.
  • Royal Decree is available as an option due to the lack of traps played by the deck. Obviously a Side Deck option to punish trap heavy decks.
  • Imperial Iron Wall: Deals with Kozmo, slows Blue-Eyes down.
    • Stops plenty of staples in the meta: Pot of Desires, Allure of Darkness
    • Both of which are piloted by Darklords, hence they suffer a huge blow as well.

This interesting decklist's win condition seems to be a "remove threat and deal as much damage as possible". Seems like a foolproof plan that employs brute force and battle damage to secure victory, but is a creative method to abuse the semi-limited Glow-Up Bulb.

I will be interested to try it~!


  1. Malefic stardust is actually a card we can consider in this build too which actually helps us go into our xyz more often since it's an 8 too and kyoutou waterfront is actually a rly good and strong card in this deck. furthermore, with this addition we can actually legitimately consider running super poly in the main with starve venom to stun the opponent even more.

  2. Malefic Stardust is actually a good idea, especially with an available field spell in the deck and Skill Drain to accompany Malefic Stardust.

    I would likely side Super Poly rather than main it, but it has been a consistent siding option for many decks in recent months.