Monday, 27 February 2017

Ken Sir's Thoughts on Link-Summoning

Truth to be told, I have been procrastinating plenty lately.

More time were dedicated to thinking how to write articles, rather than actually writing them. I spent weeks writing up a Zoodiac Combo list on Ygoprodeck and *boom*, Konami decides to drop Link Summoning and change the face of the game, completely.

The changes made me wonder if I should continue on with my current half-written and yet-to-be-completed articles. The worry I have is that such articles become obselete, since you can no longer have the luxury and ability to freely spam multiple Synchro/Xyz/Fusion monsters on the field without first considering the changes to the playing board.

We are currently heading towards uncharted waters and unfamiliar territory. The change is phenomenal and radical. I can probably come up with a dozen more adjectives to describe it but you get what I mean.

I will hold off the explanation, gameplay mechanics and the Link Monsters. I am sure many other platforms have attempted to explain the 'New Age of Dueling'. If you want my reccomendation, Dsummon did a pretty good job with his latest video (link). MyPochi has also uploaded the summarised changes in point forms (link).

Yugioh has become a combination of Chess & Capture the Flag. I actually like the additional complexity introduced with the idea of Link Summoning, it adds an extra dimension to the game - Where you place your monsters, now matters, A LOT!

However, I do think it is slightly extreme to change the game to this extent. But at the same time, I really do not see any way around it. Personally, I can't come up with a better suggestion or a counterargument. So I will leave it as it is now, and keep an open mind to the new mechanics. Definitely though, part of me will miss the good old days.

The minimising of the Pendulum Zone seems unfair to Pendulum players, since they now have two less S/T zones to play with, but I feel it makes the playing field 'neater' and more asthethically pleasing, but that's just a personal thing.

As a Metalfoes player, I can only groan at the prospect of my backrow zones being clogged and be left unable to set my floodgates as my Metalfoes S/T are occupying the zones I have left.
Worse still, I can't place my Pendulum cards in the zone since I can't get rid of the 4th or 5th floodgate S/T in the S/T zone.

Moving forward, here are a few things on my mind:
1) Two formats
I am hoping that the tournament and general population won't totally discard the previous Pre-Link Summoning format. I, personally, have never felt detered by the pace of the game. If anything, some may argue it is the appeal of Yugioh. Combos and summons, I always thought that we have come a long way, rather than how Yugioh is disgusting or urforgiving.

2) More decks stand a chance
More decks do now indeed have a better fighting chance, and may even bring the game to the good old Beatdown-format days or the conservative Goat Format where each exchange in resources have to be measured and calcuated to the T.
I have always felt that Zoodiacs actually diverse the format, an unpopular opinon which I have, and no doubt I will get curses and swears for this. At least in my locals, you still see Zoodiac Metalfoes, Zoodiac Shaddolls, Zoodiac Paleozoics. I am happier with this more than an introduction of a totally new archetype, making previous batches of decks obselete.

Sure, everything have Zoodiac, and as a Zoodiac Metalfoes player myself, even I am disgusted by the absrud about of advantage generated by one card alone. But without them, I am pretty sure Metalfoes and Paleozoics would hardly stand a chance.

3) More players joining
With soooooo many casual, players who left, players who just sit by and watch, complaining about the fast game pace previous, a situation only worsened by the introduction of Zoodiacs, I hope that this change would sit well with them, although I am quite sure their decks would not go unscathed by the changes.
Singapore has always been suffering from a declining player base, due to the harsh competitive landscape. Hopefully, this change may attract some new, or returning, players to the game.

1) Change is good.
It will be a tough transition no doubt. But I am glad to see the game is changing. Whether is it improving, remains to be seen.

2) Non-Extra Deck reliant will soar, for at least a while.
As the young Link-Summoning format shapes itself, at least for the initial weeks, I will gamble that effect-monster driven decks, and Ritual decks like Nekroz stand a high chance of stealing the limelight.

3) Staples change. Format change. New playing style. Slowed.
It is still in question whether Pendulums and Tokens can be used for Link-Summoning. And actually, my fate and decision to continue competitive dueling largely depends on this ruling. If Pendulums are able to, at least Metalfoes still have some breathing space for them to adapt and mold into a new playing style.

If Tokens become relevant again, it would be interesting to see old cards like Scapegoat or just Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow return to the scenes.

4) More changes
With these changes, cards can finally be released from the Forbidden section of the List, without receiving an erratum or without it causing any havoc. Althought Yata-Garasu may still take a while, I don't think there is much harm is releasing Performage Plushfire to one, at the very least, now that the entire Pendulum Summoning process has been nerfed.

*I am referring to the fact that Pendulum monsters summoned from the Extra Deck has to go to Linked Zones or Extra Monster Zone, limiting users to the number of monsters they can Pendulum Summon from the Extra Deck.*

1) More players quitting + Complexity
Some may feel that the additional layer of Link Summoning completely changed the game too much that it isn't Yugioh anymore. It is a common opinion I heard for the past few weeks and already, I have players whom I know, determined to quit, unwillingly to give Yugioh a second chance.
The mechanic change is undoubtedly harsh, I won't argue. It kills off plenty of decks, and if there lies even a shimmer of hope for those decks to even stay relevant, they would have to consider, and include Link Summoning in their arsenal.
Understandably, I think many players are feeling betrayed and angered by the fact that they are forced to play Link Summoning, and that by far, is the contributing reasons for many players leaving the game.

Times like these makes me miss Majespector Unicorn Kirin even more. It does indeed stand a good chance of returning to see the light of day, and it may even prevent Pendulum decks like Metalfoes from fading away completely.

Personally, I am tinkering with Ancient Gear Metalfoes, and there is a good chance I will return to my old favourite Chaos Dragon deck, since their main powerhouses are Main Deck effect monsters like the Chaos Envoys.
There are not the best deck for the upcoming format, but it will be nice to take them for a spin.

Of course, Yosenjus stand a good chance too. And even if I were to ignore Link Summoning together, I am happy and contented with a single Extra Monster Zone. Probably just gonna use Zoodiac Broadbull and Zoodiac Drancia with Zoodiac Whiptail in the deck; Konami can ban Zoodiac Ratpier for all I care. xD

Now, it is more of a 'wait for more news and more rulings to be released' . Dueling "C" almost fell apart the day Link-Summoning was announced. But I think we are all, currently, looking to stay.

GeoTheBacon probably had it the worst. #RIPddd #NoMoreSynchroXyzFusionSpam 

So, a show of hands, who is staying? Who is quitting?


  1. I'll stay, to show others that DDDs are the master of ALL summoning methods!

  2. I'm quitting. For now. I will view the new Yugioh VRAINS anime episode 1 out of habit, whether I like it or not. But I won't be buying any more cards from TCG and OCG past May.
    Unless they actually split the official formats globally into 2 different formats, I will not be participating nor indulging my wallet in anything Yugioh-related for the rest of this hunchbacked format.
    Actually, I was gonna buy two more Dimension Boxes for my OCG deck constructions and several other older booster boxes in ARC-V era, but this Link Summon Format has saved my wallet by making the view look like SM bondage.
    I entered Yugioh from the 5D's era and have loved the Extra Deck liberal format since then [Chaos Xyz were too convoluted and never really caught on though], and I thought the Pendulum era only added to the game. Every summon method till Link has mostly added to the game, not subtracted.
    I am extremely disappointed to say the least. Please do write up an article if they do happen to subvert this impeding crisis like making a Battle City-ish game system revamp arc like they did in the original. I will be ignoring but remaining actively aware of Yugioh as the VRAINs era passes us.