Sunday, 24 July 2016

Learn your ABCs: FAQ #3

More questions regarding my deck this time round...

1) Have you considered dropping Overload Fusion?

what do u think of just cyber dragon engine without stuff like overload fusion. I recall you informing that u like the cyber dragon engine because of Rampage, but what about a bland way of using it to help with infinity too just as a tech replacement for cockadoodledoo normally just a blande 3 cyber dragon and 3 repair plant or 3 cyber dragons and 2 repair plant

I will be reluctant to drop Overload Fusion, because I don't think it is feasible. It is a good top-deck card that can turn the tables, and it can even OTK without the help of ABC-Dragon Buster. 
Cockadoodledoo has no replacement in my opinion. lol.. It is like a "Cyber Dragon" but it is a tuner. And the tuner status is the most important.

If you really just want more help with xyz summoning Nova, go for Solar Wind Jammer instead. And maybe play 2-3 Cyber Dragons for Chimeratech Fortress. Without Prisma, and/or Core, drop Repair Plant. It won't be consistent enough as you can't get Cyber Dragons into the grave or search it. Repair Plant can be dropped to two copies. I usually find myself siding one out one copy to make space for my side deck cards. Left Arm Offering is something I am currently considering to search out my spells.

2) Use Core to start your plays instead of Overlord Fusion

My theory is overload fusion isn't something u want to open too as it doesn't contribute to ur plays early games in setting up combos imo
cyber dragon and core was my way of going with it to help get my plays started in a way sometimes

This is where you are wrong. I want to open open with Overlord! As shown in the article (link), 
Overload + Prisma/A Hero Lives = Rampage which can destroy two backrows and mill 2 LIGHT Machines.
Still finding space for Core. Maybe I will consider Zwei.

3) Fiend or Foe?

would u suggest vanity fiend for the mirror since need a way to play in case u do get cherried

I think you mean Majesty, the one that stops monster effects and it stops Cherry. The fiends arent that good, because you need your normal summons, unless you plan to go something like Cockadoodledoo/Thrasher summon. Then tribute.
Fiend won't be a good method to counter Cherry. You will be better off with Avidity.

Other ideas:

Apart from Left Arm Offering, I am also keen on adding Limiter Removal. In combo-based decks, I am never a fan of playing one copy of a card, which is why you don't see Dark Hole as I substituted it with Eclipse, arguably better and more versatile option.
Duster is a must-play, must-have, especially since I usually go second.

Limiter Removal's role is to get rid of cards such as Dark Law and Evilswarm Ophion. And also compensate for Rampage's lacking attack to get over many common monsters in the meta.
Torque Gear can do the same thing (talked about it before: link), which is also worth a consideration. But I guess I will try Limiter Removal first.
Interestingly, I play one copy of each in their different builds. I always draw into Gear but I can never draw into my other three-copies cards. Wonderful Ken Sir's luck is cancerous.


Some changes were made since I last published my decklist. But I will only release my decklist with another tournament report. I added Pot of Avidity, a fine addition which helped in getting a draw and recycle my Cyber Dragons/Prisma.
It also serves as a check to counter opposing ABC Dragon Buster tribute-and-run effects. And from time-to-time, chain to and snatch the opportunity from the opponent's Avidity if I sense they are desperate for the single card draw.

Kirin is as annoying as ever. I won't go on to lament about how broken it is. No need to paint the Devil darker than he is. The new trap card Dimension Barrier (link) helps more than ever. Currently considering siding two copies for a Metalfoe match-up.

(Had a nice moment when he set up his field with THREE Kirins and I flipped all of them down via Eclipse. Went for Rampage and then Rampage went on his own rampage. Three attacks all on the defense-positioned Kirin. His scales were destroyed by Rampage as well lol)

It should be noted that while "Rampage Dragon" cannot be summoned by "Instant Fusion" due to its restriction that states any Fusion Summon must be done with the listed materials, so your Instant Fusion is still better used for Panzer Dragon or Thousand-Eyes Restrict.

That's all for now. Thanks again for reading.
And keep the questions coming. Always happy to help.
Ken Sir

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