Tuesday, 24 March 2015

22/3 YOT Regionals: 50 People. 6 round swiss cut to Top 8

Personally I would have preferred a 5 round swiss cut to Top 16. #justsaying

Meta Breakdown (Credits to Dsummon of Yugioh Edition Singapore.)

Stellarknight 9
Shaddoll 6
Qliphort 5
Atlantean 4
Yosenju 3
Nekroz 3
Yang Zing 3
Cyber-Ryu 2
Others 9 (Chain Burn, DDD, Gk monarch, Infernity, Evilswarm, Artifact + Yosenju, Fire Fist + Flamevell, Synchron, Sylvan)

Was quite surprised to find Stellarknight being the most used deck. I anticipated decks such as Shaddoll, Qliphort, some Heroes, Atlantean and of course, Nekroz. Hence, since many of these decks (except Qliphort) does frequent special summons and have cards that effects activated in the grave, I considered Marco Cosmos to be quite a threat. Thus I choose to pilot the Yosenju archetype, which can run both Vanity's Emptiness and Marco Cosmos.


Round 1 Vs Qli OXX

Opponent won dice roll and went first. His first turn was a mere set card which did not reveal his deck. I summoned Rai-Oh and swung for damage. Set 3 cards. (Mind Crush, Bottomless Trap Hole and a Tenki. Didn't use it because I didn't want to reveal my deck)
Opponent soon found himself in a disadvantage with no answer to Rai-Oh, which prevented him from searching his deck. When he finally drew Skill Drain and wanted to activate it, he realised the cost of 1000LP would leave him at below 1900LP, giving Rai-Oh the ability to deal the finishing blow.

Rai-Oh single-handedly took Game 1. Woots! (Y)
[Sided out 2 Torrential Tribute and Forbidden Challice.]
[Sided in 3 Fairy Wind and 1 Mystical Space Typhoon]

Opponent started Game 2 first and had quite a good hand. Set Qliphort Tool, and started searching. He summoned one of his Level 4s and set 3 backrow. My attempt to commence my attack on him with the summon Yosenju Kama 1 was put to a halt when he activated Skill Drain.
On his next turn, he pretty much pendulum-summoned his whole hand and OTK.

I started Game 3 by setting 4 backrow. (2 Fairy Wind. 1 Mystical Space Typhoon and 1 Starlight road).
Opponent Night Beam-ed my Fairy Wind and ended up searching his deck for Tool with Summoner's Art.  He ended up using all 3 Qliphort Tool in his hand, with the first 2 being destroyed by my set cards. Next turn, my Yosenjus were stopped by Skill Drain again.
 Few turns  later, I found myself with no answer to his Qliphort Disc as non of my Rank 4's effect or Level 4 monster's could affect it.

For the first duel with this deck, I learned the hard way how bad a match-up against Qliphort is.

Round 2 Vs Yang Zing OO

I won Game 1 with my Marco Cosmos, which prevented his Yang Zing's monsters from spawning. His Imperial Iron Wall was destroyed by a timely draw of a Mystical Space Typhoon.

[Sided out 2 Torrential Tribute, 2 Forbidden Challice]
[Sided in 3 Vanity's Emptiness, 1 Mystical Space Typhoon]

In Game 2, even though he started first, Vanity's Emptiness and Marco Cosmos combined prevented him from progressing. His attempt to use Harpie's Feather Duster to clear the field was stopped by my Starlight Road. He conceded shortly after.

Round 3 Vs Heroes OXX

Paired down. NOOOOOO

He won dice roll and went first, summoning Statos and ended his turn. I answered by swarming the field with my Yosenjus, four in total, I remember, giving me a quick win.

[Sided out 2 Torrential Tribute, 2 Mind Crush, 2 Forbidden Challice]
[Sided in 3 Dimensional Prison, 3 Vanity's Emptiness]

I opened Vanity's Emptiness early and controlled the field for a while with my other traps such as Bottomless Trap Hole. He activated  Royal Decree a few turns later and proceeded to swarm the field with his special summons. Dark Law and his Rank 4s then proceeded to OTK.

I went first and set 4 in the back row. His Night Beam was aimed directly at my Starlight Road (lucky bastard) and although  I managed to stop his special summons with my Vanity's Emptiness, he drew into Harpie's Feather Duster the next turn and placed me at a disadvantage. Time was called soon and I was unable to deal damage to reduce his lifepoints, hence granting him the win.

Round 4 Vs Atlantean XX (Opponent dropped in the end because he had to leave)

 Game 1 was an instant OTK with Deep Sea Diva. Opponent didn't even know what deck I was playing and hence didn't side, giving me an advantage.

In Game 2, I thought I had the upper hand when I drew into my 2 sided Vanity s in my opening hand. But my opponent cleared my backrow with Harpie's Feather Duster and proceeded to OTK. So much for 'advantage'.

So.... he won both games without knowing what I play.
So this is the terror of Atlanteans.... =3=

Round 5 Vs Shaddoll OXO

Paired down once more. [I realised I am always the one getting paired down at tournaments.]


Started first with a good hand consisting of Marco Cosmos, 2 Forbidden Chalice and Rai-Oh. Rai-Oh stopped searchers and Cosmos stopped their graveyard effects from activating. When Shaddoll Beast wanted to suicide with Rai-Oh, I had to use Chalice on the latter to prevent its destruction but my opponent couldn't capitalise on that window of opportunity. Flip effect of Shaddoll Lizard to destroy Marco Cosmos  was stopped by my 2nd Chalice.

 In Game 2, I suffered damage from 2 consecutive Bottomless Trap Hole from my opponent which left me with no monsters to attack. He proceeded to swarm the field with his fusions. Attempt to search my deck with Tenki was stopped by his trap: Mistake

Couldn't recall what happened in Game 3 but both Vanity and Cosmos stopped him from gaining the upper hand. Time was called and I drew first blood with the direct attack of Yosenju Kama 2, hence winning me the game.

Round 6 Vs ??? 

I gave my opponent the win since we both had 3 wins and 2 losses, except I had 2 pair-downs. My opponent would statistically be more likely to enter top 8 but ultimate he was ranked #9. LOL

With a results of 3-2 for my first attempt at using this deck I am indeed pleased. Vanity's Emptiness and Marco Cosmos were indeed threats to be reckoned with for many of the current meta decks. The Yosenju archetype is also capable of playing alongside these two traps with little to no drawbacks.

Moving forward to improve my deck, I believe I would have to make space for a 3rd Rai-Oh, in an aim to improve my matchup with Qliphots.. Only problem I am seeing is that it stops my own cards such as Tenki and Pot of Duality.
The extra deck could use a Number 85 Crazy Box, to run over threats such as Qliphort Disc, and also benefiting from opponent's Skill Drain.
I plan to move Vanity's emptiness into the main deck for next weekend, which would probably be the last tourney for this format.

Next format, with Vanity's Emptiness at 1, I suppose I will have to fill up the gap with some traps to answer the meta threats, such as Fiendish Chain or Breakthrough Skill. Since I predict Atlantean will probably dominate the next format, stopping their Deep Sea Diva or Atlantean Prince would be crucial in winning games against them.

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