Monday, 2 March 2015

Obligatory Self-Intro

Call me Ken Sir (Cancer, pun intended).I have been participating competitively in the Yugioh OCG format for almost 5years. Decks which I have played so far include:
Hieratic (Pure, Hieratic Rulers, Hanzo Hieratics)
Junk Doppel
Chaos Dragon (Various builds – Ninja, Blue Eyes, Random-fun build etc)

This blog will mainly serve as a record book of mine for my future references, for I am not confident that my reputation would be able to attract traffic to this site. However, if there are any readers out there, do feel free to send me a mail to discuss about the current metagame in your locals or for a card discussion. I am not very experienced nor am I a pro. But I would be willing to trade opinions by chatting.

Tourney reports are my favorite type of blog updates. As a casual player it provides me with the insight of experts, their decisions, plays and card choices. As a competitive player, it allows me to observe the meta, and now as a blogger, it serves as a record of my previous duels for reflection while making changes to my deck. Hence, as a tribute to my past experiences, this blog shall be largely dedicated to my own tourney reports.

However, I would not discount the possibility of including other content to the blog such as card combos and tech choices for the current metagame from time to time. That is provided I have sufficient time and materials for such a post.

Well, that’s all for now.

Shall set up my twitter and facebook account soon and get this page going. Feel free to add/follow me.

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