Saturday, 21 May 2016

Journey to ACQ 2016 Part 1

Not to be confused with our previous adventure in February, which was ACQ SP.


We will probably do a tournament report for tomorrow's event and publish it by Monday. 

On a side note though, Dueling Cancer's Facebook page has just be created and launched. It may not be much now but I hope that, like this blog, it can grow to become more.

Like this blog, it will be handled by the team, instead of a solo operation by me, myself and I.
So far, Traveller of the Burning Herpes (gawd this man needs a new and shorter name) and GeoTheBacon has been added as admins of the page as well. Do not hesitate to post, comment or message us whatever you wanna say to us, be it constructive feedback or salt/hate or just a simple hello message.

Lastly, let's end this post with a reminder to all our readers who are attending the event, to bring the following items, as stated by the organisers of the event :

  1. ● Duelist ID
  2. ● Deck
  3. ● Deck List
  4. ● Writing materials for tracking Life Points
    Pen and paper.
    Calculator (optional), may be used, but Life Points must still be tracked with pen and paper.
  5. ● Coin, Dice, Tokens, Counters
    Duelists are required to bring sufficient coin, dice, tokens and/or counters if they are running cards whose effects require the usage of such items.
    Duelists may only use official Yu-Gi-Oh! tokens or non-Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as their tokens.
    Duelist may sleeves their tokens, but they must be of a different design from the Main Deck, Side Deck and Extra Deck.

Registration starts at 0900hrs. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope that everyone will have a fun day tomorrow. Also, we hope that our team at Dueling Cancer can bring home some modest achievements by making it for the Top 25 cutoff, as many of us have yet to make a name for ourselves.

Now all that is left is to get a good night's rest. So.... see ya!

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