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Card Discussion: Lullaby of Obedience

Introducing what can possibly the next broken and meta-changing card in Yugioh

Tensei no Fukujuu / Lullaby of Obedience


Spell Normal
(1) Pay 2000 LP, then declare 1 monster name; your opponent looks through their Deck, and if the declared monster is in there, they must reveal 1 of them and choose 1 of these effects.
- You (the opponent of this card's activator) add that card to your opponent's hand.
-You (the opponent of this card's activator) Special Summon that monster to your opponent's field, ignoring its Summoning conditions.

Source: YES Facebook Page

In short, you pay 2000LP to let your opponent add that card to YOUR (user of  Lullaby) hand or summon it to YOUR field.
Assuming your opponent has it in his deck.

Well... we at Dueling Cancer had a little discussion among our members and we have concluded the following:

1) This card changes the face of Mirror Matches, which could make it the next most common Side Deck card...

This card has unlimited potential in Mirror Matches. Just imagine:
    • Blue-Eyes Mirror Match
      • Declaring Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon would either result in either of the situation:
        • Chaos Max appearing on your field, after it is summoned by ignoring its Summoning conditions. And there you have it, a 4000Atk beatstick which does double piercing damage at the cost of 2000LP, which is probably a small price to pay, seeing that you will deal more than 2000LP damage to your opponent, or drain their card resources as they attempt to remove this fearsome boss monster.
        • Chaos Max added to your hand. This effectively halves the trouble and resources required to summon this beast - now all you have to do is to search out the ritual spell card. Let's not forget you get to steal your opponent's Chaos Max too, right from the deck!
      •  Let's take it a step further - Declare Blue-Eyes Alternate White Dragon or Blue-Eyes White Dragon, whichever you don't have in your hand.
        • Alternate Dragon gets summoned either way if you declare Alternate.
          • Summoned = Free Summon, Without using Alternate Dragon's effect.
          • Add to hand = Activate Alternate Dragon's effect revealing your own Blue-Eyes

    • Standard Mirror Match
      • Mirror Matches are now more intense. Lullaby increases the chances of opening with a stronger hand and better starting field. Opening with a sided Lullaby but without the archetypes' searcher now means that you can use your opponent's searcher from his deck at the cost of 2000LP. 

2) Your can steal your opponent's sided or mained hand traps

 Maxx C, Ghost Orge & Snow Rabbit, Effect Veiler, you name it. Actually, you declare it!
Ghost Orge probably has the most to gain upon becoming declared, seeing that its effect can be used on the field as well.
A summoned Maxx C can be used as a tribute fodder or Synchro Material. The same can also be said for the Tuner Spellcaster Effect Veiler
Nevertheless, using your opponent's resources to advance your field advantage is never fun. You also rob them of a possible-key important card that can be used to stop you - 
  • Yosenju can now flood the field, having to fear one less Effect Veiler landing in your opponent's hand. 
  • MetalFoe are free to swarm with their special summon after declaring Maxx C. If Maxx C ends up on the field, it can be targeted by Metalfoe's pendulum effects to start off plays, and if in hand, needless to say it provides card advantage and the ability to halt your opponent's plays.
Seriously, using your opponent's cards against them is always fun.
Which is why I am such a fan of Creature Swap.

3) Turn their card against them

      • Monarchs are known to run Majesty Fiend in the OCG meta, be it sided or mained. With the recent hit by the banlist, Majesty Fiend sees more play in the nostalgic tribute stun deck. Not being able to activate monster's effect is definitely a tough obstacle to overcome. You can't even pay the cost (!!!) since it is not negating effects but preventing them from activating.
        Burning Abyss decks would be mad. Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician struggle to make do without their latest Effect Monsters support cards.
        Monarchs, however, cripple. One shouldn't worry themselves with the "Cannot be special summoned'' clause, upon remembering that Lullaby can bypass that by ignoring it.

4) Theory: Force opponent to add cards to your hand.

(This section has yet to be justified or debunked by official rulings. It is, so far, at this time of publishing the article, a theoretical way to ensure that the declared card gets added to hand instead of special summoned onto your field.)

  •  Fill up your monster zone before activating Lullaby 
  •  Chain a card like Scapegoat to fill up your monster zones AFTER you use Lullaby of Obedience.

5) Update 18/05: Theory - Look at your opponent's deck.

Image result for yugioh anime duel disk

I decided to include this post after reading about many people commenting about it. Previously, I wasn't so sure if this would work, and hence omitted it from the original draft. However, by reffering to the ruling of Mind Crush, this should work.

This is actually debatable and similar to the previous point, it is only a theory for now. 
The idea goes like this: 

Declare a card your opponent doesn't have in his deck, then you get to search his deck to verify that he doesn't have that card. Hence, in the process, you gain knowledge of the cards in his deck.

The rationale is this, this card is capable of scouting your opponent's deck because you can check your opponent's deck to ensure he doesn't have the card , not very different from an instance when you blindly declare a card name when using Mind Crush  and is allowed to look through your opponent's hand to verify that he doesn't have it.
There are many ways to do this. I suggested declaring a Forbidden card, but GeoTheBacon argues that it is against the rules to do so. So, you can either declare a card that is VERY UNLIKELY to be played by your opponent, such as Exodia Necross
Declare a card that is currently limited and has been played by your opponent.
(E.g. Declare Performapal Monkeyboard when it is already sitting in your opponent's pendulum zone.)

This can be crucial and provide a pivotal role in winning the game as knowledge of your opponent's deck provides you with a lot of advantage, namely:
        1.  You now know what your opponent has sided for you, assuming you use Lullaby in Game 2 or 3. Be it a Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror or an Imperial Iron wall, it allows you to be prepared for it, be it mentally prepared, or ensuring that you yourself saved a Mystical Space Typhoon for that timely moment.
        2.  Knowledge of the entire deck can provide you with the tech cards that you opponent chooses to pilot, or even the deck build itself. (Is it Ritual Blue-Eyes, or just Blue-Eyes Beatdown?) 
        3.  Lastly, by process of elimination, you probably can deduce the cards in your opponent's hand. You can further work that knowledge to your advantage by baiting for whatever hand-trap your opponent possibly has in his hand, or simply playing cautiously so as to not waste your entire arsenal of resources only to be stopped by a hand-trap.
Still, I would like to reiterate that this can be debunked by the official rulings, which may state that you need a judge to verify the deck instead. Well, it's Konami, you never know. But let's just keep this idea in mind and sit on it for a while.


Before activation, ensure that you can gain advantage no matter what choice your opponent makes.

Lullaby of Obedience is a card that can result in explosive plays and field advantage via swarming. And it all starts with your opponent's card. I can't imagine your opponent being more salty for any other reason - being defeated by their own card.

The main objective of using Lullaby should be to either turn the tables, advance/start your plays or waste your opponent's resources to get rid of (and I repeat) their own card. The final suggested scenario is something I picture happening when Monarch decks are pitted against their own Majesty's Fiend.
You can even call upon or bring out powerhouses in archetypes, should you have the ability to special summon them when your opponent chooses to add the card to your hand.
(E.g. Declare
D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok upon have D/D Swirl Slime in grave)
Example contributed by GeoTheBacon

On a personal note, with that little monster count in my own deck, I doubt any declared card would do my extreme damage except for reduce the monster count in my deck by one. 

Lullaby of Obedience is an extremely potent card which will definitely see play, even if it is just for a while. 2000LP isn't that much of an issue, seeing how almost every deck mains 3 Solemn Strikes.

Personally I feel that this is a play-three-copies-or-none type of card, but I will probably invest in three to witness its potential.
Hell, this card is is like a single side-deck card for so many decks. It even keeps rouge decks in check. Exodia decks will cry once you eliminate one of their 5 key cards and hold onto it as you deal the finishing blow.

That's all for now. I hope you had a pleasant read and feel free to share with us the combos and plays you have thought of.

Thank you.

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