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Deck Discussion: Destiny Heroes

D is for DAM SON.
An article written by DAM SON

Are they D best?
Destiny HERO players rejoice! With the release of the Booster SP: Destiny Soldiers box, the Destiny HERO archetype is now rather viable. Let's go through each of the newly debuted Destiny HERO card and my opinions on them.

Before that, here is a bit of trivia:
Destiny HERO is an archetype of DARK Warrior-type monsters. All OCG Destiny HERO names start with the letter 'D' and ends with 'guy' with 2 exceptions being Destiny HERO - Dread Servant and Destiny HERO - Plasma.

Destiny HERO - Drillguy
Drillguy special summons any D HERO monster from your hand with attack lower or equal to him (1600 ATK) when normal summoned. And living up to his name, he deals piercing damage.

While his piercing damage might be rather lackluster, it compensates with its insane ability to replace Goblindbergh completely, giving the D HERO archetype more speed in terms of swarming, which is what they initially lacked. 
Run 3

Destiny HERO - Dynamiteguy

Whenever a monster battles, you can discard Dynamiteguy to nullify any battle damage you take during that battle. Then deal 1000 damage to both players.
In the graveyard, you can banish him to increase a D HERO monster ATK by 1000 until the end of your opponent's next end phase.

Dynamiteguy being a level 5 hurts and his discard effect is just underwhelming, in my opinion. But the true beauty of this card lies in his graveyard effect. Being able to increase a Destiny HERO ATK by a 1000 is game changing when targeting cards like Dystopiaguy.  (Will be explained further down). The fastest way for this guy to hit the grave is probably via it's own effect.

Run 1-2

Destiny HERO - Decisionguy
Level 6 or higher monsters cannot target this card for attacks. Decisionguy have 2 active effects that can be used once per duel. First effect is that upon being summoned, during the end phase, you can salvage a HERO from the grave. Second effect is upon taking effect damage, you can retrieve this card from the graveyard to nullify the damage.

I am beginning to see a pattern here, every D HERO have a "not so good" first effect and an "useful a hell" effect. Decisionguy's passive effect isn't all that useful, seeing how many decks nowadays are concentrated on either Level 3 or 4s. The larger numbers, like Blue-Eyes, will just wipe this card away from the field via card effects.
But its true potential lies in its ability to salvage and its ability to combo with Dynamiteguy to not take the 1000 burn damage. Decisionguy's effect cause it to be worthy of being once per duel, seemingly the opposite of E HERO Stratos.
Run 2

On a last note, its stats are pretty decent though.

Rubbing salt on the wound! WE HAVE STRATOS AT 1 HERE IN OCG, MY TCG FRIENDS

Destiny HERO - Dark Angel 
Upon having 3 or more D HERO monster in the graveyard, you can discard her and if you do, special summon a D HERO monster to your opponent's side of the field in ATK position. Why would you do that? Coz while Dark Angel exist on the field, it negates all spell card effects the controller activates. So it is a card, you definitely want your opponent to have. Pity you can't abuse it with Creature Swap, since Swap will get negated before you can even swap control.
Her second effect: banish her in the grave to allow both players to stack a normal spell card to the top of the deck.

My favourite D HERO card of the entire archetype !!!
Now before you start throwing chairs at me, hear me out. It's true that Dark Angel will give your opponent a free monster but this completely stops them from using spell cards completely, while she is on the field. Her banish effect also work wonders with Diamond Dude.
Run 1-2

Destiny HERO - Celestial

When Celestial attacks, you can destroy 1 face-up spell card your opponent controls and deal a minor burn damage of 50 to your opponent. In the graveyard, except the turn it is sent there, if you have no cards in your hand, you can banish Celestial and another D HERO to draw 2 cards.
Next pot of greed, anyone?

Celestial have a decent effect to pop face-up spell cards like pendulum scales and field spells like Union Hangars. Also, the insane ability to draw 2 cards by banishing him and another D HERO in the grave cannot be overlooked. And Pot of Greed is banned......

Run 2-3


  • When normal summoned, D3 is treated as a Destiny HERO monster. 
  • You can discard up to 2 card to summon the same number of D3 from your hand/deck/graveyard. But you only can special summon D HERO monsters this turn. 
  • When D3 is destroyed, u can mill a D Hero monster.
What's a Hero without its trusty robot dog companion? Even Judai has Wroughtweiler for his E-HEROs. Well D3 is D HERO's best friend when it comes to having fodder for fusion purposes or to just summon Dogma/Plasma. A restriction clause assures that this card can't be abused for the Egytian Gods's (or anything else similar) summon.
Run 0 or 3, nothing in between, for obvious reasons.

Destiny HERO - Dystopiaguy
Requires 2 D HERO monsters to fuse. Upon summoned, you can target 1 Level 4 or lower D HERO monster and burn your opponent based on its ATK. Once per turn during either players' turn, when Dystopia guy's ATK changes, you can destroy a card on the field and revert his ATK back to its original.

The boss monster of the deck. Dystopiaguy can pressure your opponent as a disrupt-er if you have cards like Dynamiteguy to change his ATK or Empowerment to increase Dystopiaguy's ATK forever. The deck seems to incorporate burn damage as a form of alternative win condition which can prove to be useful in time-call situations.

Run 2-3

Destiny HERO - Deadlyguy
For a D HERO and + a DARK effect monster, once per turn during either player's turn, you can discard a card to mill 1 D HERO monster to the grave. If you do, all D HERO monster on the field gain 200ATK times the number of D HERO monsters on the field.

Although not released in the Booster SP: Destiny Soldiers but the 20th Rival Collection, its effect and uses are worth noting. Deadlyguy is an awesome fusion monster for set-up plays and there is a sweet synergy with Deadlyguy and Malicious. Its ATK boost is also not something to belittle as well.
Run 1-2

D - Fusion
The archetype's method of fusion except that it is a trap card. The monster summoned by D - Fusion is limited to D HERO fusion monster only and it can't be destroyed the turn it is summoned.

This could be useful in preventing OTKs by summoning a indestructible monster for defense purposes. But...... very disappointed to be honest, as D - Fusion being a trap makes it a slower counterpart to other archetype fusions like Shaddoll Fusion and Metalfoes Fusion. There is a reason why Mask Change and Mask Change II are so good as they are quickplay spells. Until D HERO gain more reliable ways to fusion, guess we have to stick with D - Fusion.

Run 2-3


D HERO still needs a bit more support and at the moment, what I find viable is to mix the M HERO Engine and Empowered Warrior Engine to have more reliable ways to activate Dystopiaguy's effect and to have better ways to fusion. Also, Dark Law + Dystopiaguy is nuts. That's all for my D HERO article and I promise to post a sample deck and guide after the next D HERO support (I hope there is). Dam Son here and signing out.

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