Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The D/D/Detailed guide to D/D/D part 3.5

The meta has been harsh on the demons, but I remain faithful to the deck. Today, I will propose the methods to keep D/D/D alive in the meta.

So now let's cut the chase and get on with it. After the banlist came into effect I have tested various builds that I have seen online, resorting to mashing other archetypes in and revamping the entire dec in other to keep D/D/D alive.

1) Pure D/D/D with more D/D savant Thomas

This build was an attempt to keep D/D pure and not mixed with other archetype. Using Trade-In instead of just Allure of Darkness to get more draw power out of it and to filter through the deck faster. Draw power was emphasized to get the key combo pieces in hand as fast as possible, filling the graveyard with D/D monsters. Combo pieces has been hard to assemble since October's list landed. At the same time uses Thomas's ability to recycle D/D pendulum monster that are stuck in the extra deck. Or at least that was the concept.

The weakness of this build is that it tends to brick if you draw only Thomas, D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok, and D/D/D Doom King Armageddon as unlike Blue-Eyes, which has a lineup of level8 monsters as well, D/D/D doesn't have a Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon which can special summon itself via its own effect. Also, the scales are poorly suited to pendulum summon level 8 monsters. D/D/D also lacks am archetype revival spell to summon D/D monster from the graveyard and the only use they have in the graveyard is to either wait for a monster effect to summon it or for them to be fused away.

Another notable problem is having Trade-In and not having any level 8 monster to use, and you will rely too heavily on luck if you use Dark Contract to search for a level 8 D/D monster just to discard it to draw two cards.

With Lamia and Swirl Slime semi-limited, the ability to special summon D/D monsters to trigger other special summoning effects, like what we did with D/D/D Flame King Ghengsis in previous months, have been greatly crippled so this is not really a good build to pilot against the meta, since consistency is an issue.

2) D/D With level 8 Kaijus

This build is similar to the above build in using Trade-In but with two different level 8 Kaijus; Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju and Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju, with Interrupted Kaiju Slumber. This build banks on the weakness of the current meta decks that is very weak against board destruction due to the lack of Majespecters, as opposed to the game frontier a few months ago.

The weakness of this build is that if your draw into purely kaijus or one too many Kaijus without Trade-In, you can cry your tears of salt. There is actually barely any synergy between both archetype, other than they can both be used for Trade-In or Rank 8 plays. This build is very explosive and scary when you get the perfect hands but if you don't you can only make sub-par plays. Similar to the old days I guess...

3) D/D With Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju

This build is simply normal D/D and replacing the missing Swirl Slime and Lamia with Radian. Radian is a level 7 dark Kaiju which means that it can be use for Allure of Darkness. Since it is level 7 it can be used with Lamia to easily go into level 8 synchros. This allows for removing single monster threats and then going into synchro plays if you have 2 Radians in your hand.

The weakness of this build is that it doesn't help much with the decreased consistency, and is just barely keeping the deck afloat by giving it the ability to clear small threats. After using this build I have come to determine that Radian is the best kaiju that works with D/D due to its attribute and level.

4) D/D build with where arf thou? and level 1 hand traps (Dubbed as: Lesser is more)

I reduce Abyss Ragnarok to 2 instead of 1 in this build and have removed Thomas and replaced them with D.D. Crow, Effect Veiler and Where Arf Thou?. This reason being that Abyss Ragnarok relies heavily on Swirl Slime and with Swirl Slime at 2, there is no reason to keep Abyss Ragnarok at 3 other than to leave it to brick your hand. Same case for Thomas, it's usually use for Rank 8 plays or late game resources recovery and it usually work hand in hand with Abyss Ragnarok and since I'm reducing Abyss Ragnarok I shall remove Thomas.

This build is actually the most consistent I had among all this build, as with the loss of 1 Lamia we can't afford to not have Where arf Thou? in the deck anymore. and by taking away the level 8s that relies on Swirl Slime, we reduced the chance of us opening with an unplayable hand.

The only weakness of this deck is the amount of resources we have at our disposal, similar to any other decks that have been hit by the banlist.

I will be putting my D/D deck to rest for now until future support appear or the meta have slowed down sufficiently to give the different dimension demons some breathing space.

It is almost impossible to out resource the current meta with D/D in its current state. On a side note the lockdown combo of Crystal Wing and Siegfried is not really suited for the current meta unless you have Vanity's emptiness. The current best combo to go for would be just PSY-Framelord Omega and Torrential Tribute, to recover your resources that is banished and to disturb your opponent's field while you farm for advantage. That is a pretty underwhelming strategy that is easily disrupted and thus, I think patience is the answer to the next viable D/D/D deck build.


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