Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dueling "C" Duel Puzzle #1

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Dueling Puzzle has always amazed me. I recall thinking if this was the type of examination questions that students at Duel Academia were tasked at attempting in their lessons and test. I was quite disappointed that it wasn't present in the original Tag Force game, when I learned of it via one of the installments of the World Championship DS console game.

Today, Dueling "C" invents a puzzle of our own, partially inspired by the first Duel Puzzle which I solved. Hope everyone has fun. Answers will be released in two weeks.

The traps on the field, colored in a translucent layer of white, has yet to be activated.
The opposing monsters are three copies of XYZ Dragon Cannon, with 2800ATK.
Card in grave are:
  1. Rose, Warrior of Revenge, 
  2. Tribute-Infecting Virus
  3. Breaker the Magical Warrior.
and that is Exiled Force on the field.

With 1100LP, win this turn by dealing 3100 worth of damage.

1 comment:

  1. Easy peasy.

    1) Activate Raigeki Break by discarding D.D. Warrior Lady to destroy the Face-Down Mirror Force.
    2) Activate Monster Reborn Reviving Rose Warrior
    3) Tune Rose Warrior and Exile Force into Colossal Fighter
    4) Enter Battle Phase and Flip Skill Drain to negate Colossals effect.
    5) Crash into all 3 Xyz Dragon Cannons with Colossal Fighter
    6) Before attacking Directly MST the Skill Drain to put Colossal at 3100 and then attack for Game.