Thursday, 24 November 2016

Deck Profile: Zoodiac Phantom Knights

Decklist included

Note: Tsukuyomi is Amaterasu

DAM SON's deck.
DAM SON chooses Alchemy Magician over Evilswarm Ophion, due to the fall in numbers of ABC and Blue-Eyes. Alchemy Magician can fetch any spell during the End Phase, and thus to abuse this effect, quick-play spells are the way to go. Twin Twisters is solid in this meta, and spell/trap removal is always appreciated.

Monster lineup wise, it looks pretty standard. Phantom Knights and Zoodiac Beast merged into one.

In the sides, Flying "C" is quite a staple answer to plenty of decks, although some debate that Elemental Triangle of the Zoodiacs would render it useless. But if a player starts off his plays with that, he can only rely on Book of Moon/Forbidden Chalice to escape Flying "C" soft lock. We also have some players piloting Paleozonics and Stellarknights here at our locals. Against ABC, it could prove to be troublesome too. Chaos Hunter also counters ABC decks, as well as keep Kozmo decks in check. Anti-Spell Fragrance remains in the side deck for the careful souls who do not wish to battle Metalfoes unprepared.
Lightning Vortex provides an extra option for mass removal, and DAM SON actually previously replaced his staple traps in the Main Deck for the sake of including a Kaiju engine. Thus, a second copy of Lightning Vortex wasn't that much needed and could thus be sided.
I would, however, suggest moving Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit to the main.
Crush Card Virus serves as an out to cards like Vanity's Fiend and Majesty's Fiend.

The goal of the deck is simple - farm for resources, flood and attack for game. This deck has plenty of plays in their first turn, which could lead to boring and lengthy field setups.

Via the Zoodiac Beast engine, you can access Rank4s, one of which has the capacity to mill five cards from the deck - Bujintei Kagustuchi, allowing your Phantom Knights to benefit from the mill. Banish and searches later, you get pluses in hand advantage. And this is where your Zoodiac Bullhorn comes into play.

Bullhorn's search target in this deck is Bujin Hiruko, which can be used to summon Bujinki Amaterasu, by targeting its pendulum effect on Bujintei Kagustuchi. Amaterasu is capable of retrieving banished monsters. This further cements the Phantom Knights' place in the deck, as they can be reused and re-summoned. A mill of a Phantom Knight monster now generates further advantage than the previous "banish-and-search". Getting back banished cards during your opponent's turn allow for them to be reused and bring monsters like The Phantom Knights of Break Sword onto the field for an assault the next turn, whereas a special summon during your turn aids in swarming and xyz summoning.
There is however, the existing issue of a lack of a good Rank3 - that can perform a negation or set up a lockdown - to place on the field during your first turn. Your best bet is probably Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss, despite the lack of Burning Abyss monsters in the deck. Its 2500DEF can prove to be a formidable wall to pass and Farfar, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss can even be teched into the deck as a one-trick pony, just to abuse the temporary targeting banishing effect it offers once it hits the grave.
Beatrice, the Eternal Lady, although useful, was removed ultimately due to space constraints. For Beatrice to pose a threat even when it is destroyed, Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss has to be included as well, occupying yet another valuable spot in the Extra Deck.


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