Friday, 13 October 2017

'Duelink' "C" - Duel Links - How to farm Bonz!

Bonz has just been released to Duel Links~
Along with him are more Zombies support including some Ghostricks cards! So today, I, GeoTheBacon, am here to share with you a method to farm both LVL30 and LVL40 Bonz!

The deck list is as shown above. The playable character will be Paradox Brothers, with their skill "Labyrinth Builder"!

This is how the deck work:

First summon Labyrinth Wall in defenses position using your skill by returning any two cards from your hand back to the deck! Though you will want to keep the deck thinning cards in your hand

This strategy works due to Labyrinth Wall's high 3000DEF. (but beware of Pumpking The King of Ghosts) And since Labyrinth Wall has 0ATK, this will prevent Bonz from activating Crass Clown's effect at LVL30 and Mask of the Accursed and Wonder Balloon at LVL40.

Next step is to thin your deck as fast as possible using Good Goblin House Keeping, Wonder Wand + Gravekeeper's Recruiter. Any other deck thinning cards can work too. This is to help achieve "Cards on the Brink" for more points.

Murmur of The Forest is a failsafe just in case Pumpking The King of Ghosts' effect causes its own attack to almost reach more than 3k, Murmur will reset its ATK boost to buy you enough time to finish Bonz off! 

Murmur can be replaced by any card that helps thin the deck when fighting against LVL30 Bonz; If not you can just discard Murmur if your hand size got too big and you had no chance to use it.

Now to gain enough attack points on the field! With Shield and Sword, Labyrinth Wall gets 3000ATK

Next we have Thunder Dragon, which helps thin your deck even faster. By fusing both Thunder Dragons to get Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon onto the field. This achieves the "Perform a Fusion Summon" clause. Although you can use any other fusion (or even ritual monsters) with at least 1650 attack. 

Fusion Gate is chosen here over Polymerization, as in can be set in your field zone in an event your hand size gets too big and you have no more Spell/Trap Zones to set it in. (You can still use the Polymerization but you have to manage your hand a bit better!)

Lastly, with all the pieces on the field you summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and buff him with Secret Pass to the Treasures so that he can direct attack. Two copies of Union Attack so that he will be boosted (3000(Labyrinth Wall) + 2800(Twin Headed Thunder Dragon) ) x 2 for a grand total of 11600 attack!

The reason why Union Attack works with Gravekeeper's Vassal is due to the face that Vassal doesn't inflict Battle Damage; he inflicts Effect Damage! 

So with that, the farming process is completed with Vassal's direct attack.

Now you may be wondering why I put in Anti-Magic Arrows into my decklist....
To be perfectly honest, it serves no actual purpose other than the fact that it's a "glossy" card.

This bring me to my last point - Try to put in at least 1 copy of "glossy" and "prismatic" card into your deck and use them 
This will ensure you get 8000 assessment points so that you get the most out of one run!

Do note that this deck list is not absolute. Feel free to swap cards out for others with similar effects!

There's a video below on a sample run on how the above deck is to be used. Please do leave a comment on how I can improve as this is the first time that I'm doing a video.

Until next time!

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