Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018

As the year comes to a close I would like to once again thank every reader of the blog for your continued support of Dueling "C" for 2017.
Meme of the year

I admit that the blog updates has been significantly less frequent, as responsibilities of life has caught up to us. Personally, I have moved into my College Dorm, and with Dorm comes Club Activities which had kept me busy and unable to attend weekly rankings.

Playing less gave me lesser chance to explore hidden concepts on the game which can be written upon, and also less motivation to scout for tech cards. I am also a fan of a 'Multiple-deck format' rather than a 'Single-deck dominated format'.
The previous most enjoyable format I could recall was the Metalfoes-BlueEyes-ABC format. Made siding a lot easier.

To this day, the LINK mechanics has kept me with mixed feelings. I have been looking back at the older days of the game for a few weeks now. Being a fan of the Tag Force PSP game series, I went to replay them. Perhaps it is the nostalgia factor, but the past always seem like a comfortable place to run back to.
Hopefully, the "LINKs are too broken/LINKs too OP" argument won't be too exaggerated.

I am also not liking the fact that Spell/Trap removal options are so rampant now, such that traps has lost their utility and place in decks. (I am a fan of traps. Although I haven't tried Paleozoics yet though.)

I am sure many know by now that I carry the unpopular opinion that Yugioh has too many cards and mechanics. But then again, I recognise that without anything new, it is hard for the game to move forward. However, pacing of the game development can be improved, in my opinion, although I am totally disregarding the 'Sales/Marketing' factor of the game when I analyse it that way.

Revisiting is always a plesant surprise, when long forgotten archetypes gets a new support. On the other hand of the spectrum, I hate how cards turn obselete and not even viable as time passes, although I suppose this is part and parcel of a card game.

Perhaps all these opinions would make for a better  

Moving forward, there are a few blog posts I can promise:
  • Tourney Report for a new deck I have been working on. Hopefully I can find the time to play it
  • Possibly another gimmicky deck I am working on (As one of my friend would call it, a "Side Project".
  • Apparently [Opinions] articles, while controversial, seems to be a popular option. That and the 'Top 10' lists type of articles. The previous 'Top 10' post I recall writing was the Anime duels, which could use an update by now. 
    • Someone suggested generic posts such as 'Top 10 Loved/Hated/Game-changing cards'. It can't hurt to try writing one of these posts.
  • Recently I started rearranging my cards (Always saw no end to it. Somehow I still can't find the cards when I need to)
    • My end game is to gather the more Sentimental-valuable cards I have in my stash and hopefully put them all in a nice potrait or album. I can forsee myself doing a story-telling of each of those cards from there on.
Speaking of which I really have to rebuild my decks (Buy the Link Monsters which I don't have) and catch up on the Anime. 

Finally, to my comrades at Dueling "C", thank you for not leaving and sticking with me on this voyage which has no promise of returns lol.

To BeyondTheDuel and Ygoprodeck colleagues, it has been a fun year and I hope next year will be even better.

I look forward to a new year and hope that the game would remain as interesting as ever.
-Ken Sir