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MyPochi's Journey to AFASG 2017 (Team Flightless)

Hey guys MyPochi here bringing to you a tournament report of my performance at AFASG 2017 using Ritual Burning Abyss!

Here is my decklist for the event:

Side Deck Choices and Explanation
Before you BA Fans hit me with tonnes of hate, I did not play Nightmare Shark only because I do not have it at that time. So yeah, I replaced it with a second copy of Phantom Knight Breaksword.

Anyways moving on to the side deck choices......

Beatrice, Lady of Eternal
When playing ritual Burning Abyss, your main priority is to Djinn Lock and not to rush Beatrice. Thus, I never see myself summoning more than 2 Beatrice. I only add in the 3rd copy when I am siding out my ritual engine for a floodgate build.

Anti Spell Fragrance
I expected Magicians to be the dominating deck for this event thus I played Anti Spell Fragrance for Pendulum Hate.

Struggling Battle
Burning Abyss can have some trouble dealing with large boards especially since I do not play Dark Hole nor Lightning Vortex so Struggling Battle is used to help even out the playing field.

Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju
Best Kaiju for the Burning Abyss archetype. Deals with annoying minions swiftly, while providing an attack dummy for Beatrice to ram into.

Dimensional Barrier
Moar Pendulum Hate!!!

Droll & Lock Bird
After getting destroyed by this card in YOTSG 2017, I started to look up to Droll & Lock Bird due to its potential to stop a player's turn easily.

Alright with this out of the way, lets talk my tournament report of AFASG 2017!

Round 1 OO (Dino Yang Zing)

Game 1
Wow I was really surprised to see this deck not extinct yet! This build seemed to rush for Deng Long or Ultimate Conductor Tyranno in attempts to control the field. Skill Draining an Oviraptor caused my opponent to lose so much resources as I slowly snowballed to my victory.

Game 2
Long Overdued post
- MyPochi's tourney report

Decklist: Burning Abyss Link

Round 1 OO (Dinosaurs)

This round was a really lucky one.
Both my opponent and I were  fighting for board control as we slowly consumed our resources. When time was called, my opponent had only 1 card in hand and an Ultimate Conductor Tyranno on the field.
Deciding to take the bet that the card in his hand is not a monster for Ultimate Conductor to use his effect, I sucided Beatrice into Ultimate Conductor to get out Virgil. Using Virgil's effect, I spin Ultimate Conductor back into his deck, leaving him wide open. With no more comeback plays from him, I managed to clutch Game 2.

Round 2 XOO (Tricksters)

Game 1
This was opponent started first and rushed out a Borreload Dragon. I was unsure of his effect and did not even attempt to ask the judge for it. I did the same play of hitting poor ol' Beatrice into it and getting out Virgil. Upon using Virgil's effect, I was told by the opponent that he is unaffected by monster effect. Immediately, I scooped and when on to Side Decking.

Game 2
I opted to go first and drew into a really amazing hand. With no hand traps to interrupt, I ended off with Cherubini, Beatrice and Malacoda, Djinn Locking my opponent. My opponent tried to play Interrupted Kaiju Slumber which became a heated debate as to whether it can be played when Djinn Lock is active. When the judge confirmed that Kaiju Slumber could not be played, he conceded and we went on to the last game

Game 3
Strangely enough, my opponent allowed me to go first. As I went on to do my usual play, Maxx "C" and Ash Blossom proved to be very annoying, stopping my foolish burial from resolving. After a long thought, I decided to go all in, allowing my opponent to draw 4 cards just to perform a Djinn Lock protected by Cherubini and Skill Drain.
My opponent had little to no outs to this field and kept on setting his monsters one at a time. When my opponent activated Pot of Desires to hopefully draw into any out, my opponent suddenly looked dejected as he showed me what Pot of Desires banished, 2 Honest. Apparently that was his only out to Djinn Lock.

Round 3 OXO (Magicians)

Game 1
Winning the dice roll, I did the same boring play of having a Cherubini and Malacoda on the field, Djinn Locking my opponent. My opponent retaliated by normal summoning Double Iris Magician and setting Purple Poison Magician. Going into battle phase, he used Purple Poison Magician to destroy Cherubini, adding 1200 ATK to Double Iris Magician in an attempt to destroy Malacoda. Thankfully, I activated Malacoda's effect to discard Cir, decreasing Double Iris Magician's ATK by 1600. My opponent scooped afterwards.

Game 2
This was a really one sided game. Since I do not play much hand traps, my opponent had the perfect hand and Link Summoned into Heavymetalfoes Electrumite to gain tonnes of resources before Linking them into Cryston Needlefiber, locking me with a Naturia Beast. Having a scary field of Time Pendulumgraph, Purple Poison Magician, Naturia Beast, Cryston Needlefiber and Psyframe Omega, I did not even want to try as I proceed to Side Decking.

Game 3
I was rather lucky for this game as my opponent did not really played much against Burning Abyss. I summoned Beatrice with Skill Drain and ended my turn. My opponent started with Harpie's Feather Duster to clear my backrow. He then played Dark Hole, which was a major mistake against Beatrice. Using Beatrice to mill Cir, I ended with Pilgrim Dante and the original Dante on the field. Afterwards, it is just Pilgrim Dante beatdown as my opponent could not clear that.

Round 4 OXO (Magicians)

Game 1
I do not wish to type too much as I am a lazy person so I am going to summarize this game in one breath. Deep Breath...... Djinn Lock with Malacoda and Beatrice coupled with Skill Drain wins games.

Game 2
This was my first time facing against Odd Eyes build of Magicians. Was completely thrown off when Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom copies the effect of Odd Eyes Revolution Dragon to shuffle all my cards on my field and grave back into the deck. Having fully committed my resources, I am left with nothing to fight back.

Game 3
Starting first, I manage to finally draw into my side deck card, Anti-Spell Fragrance. I decided to use that to win my game instead of the usual Djinn Lock. Discarding my Malacoda, which was searched by Pre-Preperation of Rites, I summoned Beatrice as I will have access to Farfa to which prevents Magicians to crash with Purple Poison Magician. With that strong set up to protect Anti-Spell Fragrance, my opponent did not manage to answer back to my field.

I am really proud of my performance of getting full wins with my Burning Abyss deck. This new Link Monster really gave what Burning Abyss needed to be brought back to competitive play.

Kudos to K.Xavage for also getting full wins with his first time playing Qli.
Hopefully we will continue to legacy for AFASG 2018! We have a year to think of a new name.

Ken Sir: Team Kiwi-Ostrich-Penguin, let's go.

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