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Tag Force 3 Adventure

Same as I did previously on my console, I skipped the 2nd installment and went for the 3rd.

Tag Force 3, and so it begins.
The gameplay starts off with a reference to the previous installments. I do appreciate these references and easter eggs. The game mechanics has also evolved and changed, at the same time. Now, instead of doing heart-seeking and Sims-dating, I can pair up with anyone right off the bat. Which kinda seems weird when a student like you wants to pair up with Shadow Riders such as Titan or Camula.

Well... whatever~

As mentioned previously, I went straight for Blair as a partner to gain access to Lightlord cards. The startup, is once again tough. I did had a better time gathering cards though, seeing how there were cards scattered.... everywhere...
 In the Cafeteria, you will find food or cook related cards.

Oh and I met Phaorah. Pet cat also changed from a following-me mechanics to a booster-partner's-heart-once-per-day.

So I didn't bother scouting the entire map for every card. #lazy. Soon settled for a make-do deck after slightly editing my starter deck.

I had to struggle to even secure a win with the starter deck provided to me. Couldn't find any pushovers this time.

Went to the shop and did some shopping. It was fun unlocking the packs at a fast pace.

As the price of Sandwiches has increased to 200DP, quadrupling from the original 50DP, I decided to not touch it. xD

So, with the difficulty of earning DP via dueling, I went ahead with the mini game.  Breaking your high score nets you 200DP each time. Hence, playing [Can you make 400 friends], which is basically snakes, I managed to obtain sufficient DP, by slowly breaking my high score record, bit by bit.
Eventually, I won the game. it was pretty hard having to dodge my reckless partner from ramming into me and causing me to lose the game thought. =_=

Well, with more DP, purchases and purchases.... Before long, I had a competitive deck ready. Some weird card choices, which I would try to sell them as tech ideas, are to fill up slots in the deck due to my limited resources.
  • Dimension Wall due to the lack of available traps. 
  • Celtic for stalling.
  • Penguin for eliminating obstacles, as a single Back to Square One isn't sufficient.

Skipping days, I went ahead to Sundays, which were reserved for Tag duels, I quote. Basically dominated the entire tournament and won me even more DP. More pack openings. Although there were plenty of hilarious incidents along the way, as lady luck never fails to fail me.

THIS WAS WORST. Facing both Macro and Dimension Fissue.
AND HE FLIPPED MORPHING JAR. WOOOOOHOOOOO. Is this how Yugioh is supposed to be?

So as I was saying, I won the tournaments. From Slifer to Ra, then to Obelisk, then to the Championship Tournament with the main NPCs. Getting first place was 10000DP, and added together with the victory DP I obtained, I had plenty of lunch money to spend each week.
Another cool thing I realised was that the higher level I was, as in Duelist Level, the more packs I unlock automatically. It was very convenient since I had a viable deck to compete with, so what followed were duels after duels at a single location.

The aim was to farm for DP, but as I win the duels, my partner's affection level increases, and when 1 Heart was filled, I could proceed with the gameplay. So why not? They really toned down the difficulty level in raising the Hearts in this third installment.

Well, I did get paired up with the Maiden in Love after all.
So her storyline is mainly getting Jaden to fall in love with her.

Anyway, I finally relented and went to class. Got reminded of the mini game I forgot about, one where you had to plow through goons battling you and burn deck was probably the way to go for this mini-game. With limited resources for burn cards, I skipped the class. Probably return sometime in the future when I have more burn cards in my Trunk.

After class, I headed to the Duel Field to check it out. Turns out Dragon cards are the theme here, with cards like Kaiser Glider waiting to be picked up.

LOOK. I found Nova! The pushover kid I used to bully back in TF1. He hasn't graduated. LELZ.  But he is no longer a pushover. But I still won. LOL.
Cue Crowler's angry face.

I managed to draw into J.D. and clear the field, having filled my grave with exactly 4 Lightlords prior to Macro's existence. HAH HAH HAH

Went to the lab, attempting to trade my extra cards (Qty 4 or more) for other cards. Whole process took too long and bothersome, so I eventually gave up. I did pick up a few cards from the lab though, and interestingly, they were from the DNA series.

Night falls, and I went to the Blue Dorm. Many of Chazz's cards from the first season were found, the Cithonian series.

So, Blair's gameplay continues. It is basically about the lighthouse rumor, which states that a confession at the lighthouse will result in an everlasting romantic relationship. Can I uproot that lighthouse and bring it to Singapore?

So eventually it really came true!
Jaden accepted Blair and they paired up.

So anyway, I completed her part. I could proceed with her S1 counterpart, but it is basically her being love-sick again, but with Zane.
Tried to form a Chaos Lightlord, but realised that the banlist already spelt death for the Chaos era.

Played more games. Including one that resembles a Yugioh Blackjack.

Completing the game once gained me access to more packs. Minor update:

Anyway, I paired together with Jaden for my second gameplay.

Context: He said "We are partners!"

See what I did with the team name~? xD

Anyway, on a related note, I really like S4 Jaden. It was kinda a shit-just-got-real, and his emo look and character actually adds development to his loner character and the story plot. All in all, S4 was my favourite season of Gx.

So more dueling, pack purchases, and Jaden's 1st event was ready.

Similar to the anime, Jaden drops many meaningful quotes with deep meanings about growing up. Looking back, these really helped me a lot as I was graduating around the same time, from what I presume would be my country's Junior High equivalent. The growing-up theme and separation feeling really resonates with me throughout the last season.
"Guess they call it maturing."

Well, for the first event, I had to fight Haoh. He was so overpowered when I first played TF3. I was using my starter deck. Felt like being bullied in high school.

Please don't kill me because of my puns. xD

Second Heart Gameplay:

Fast forward, I completed Jaden's gameplay.

The ending resembles the ending of the GX Anime.

Once again with the glitch:

Next up was Zane. I managed to combined CyberDarks with Lightlords. And during Tag Duels, our decks compliment each other's.

" You shouldn't determine your own limits."

I recall learning a lot from Zane's character development. In addition, throughout the gameplay, it is evident that he cares for his younger sibling. Sho's duel in his place was also one of my favourite anime duel. (Upcoming article on that too!)

So after Hell Kaiser, I went to normal Kaiser. It was also around this time that I opened with three Wulfs. OTL

But there is a silver lining, I stalled and gathered three Honest in hand.

I just dropped it the next turn when they went for Lumina. LOL

More bad hands...

Went back to the pure lightlord build. More consistent. Triple JD for the win. And in another game, with two Foolish Burials, I rushed for game for milling two Wulfs.

Completed gameplay with Jaden (Season1) and childhood crush Alexis.

So here comes the first highlight of my gameplay. I paired up with Obelisk Blue Blair. She also uses Lightlord.

Blue Blair seems more mature, and is more focused on gathering memories and moments with her seniors. Nothing much until......

I think I might have a new waifu.

Nah, it is just a video game. Nothi-




So Bastion got featured, or I should say cameo, in Blair's storyline.
Making me remembering him, and thus I chose him as my next partner. He seems to be falling into oblivion though.

 His storyline, is what I would use interesting and meaningful to describe. I resonate with him to a certain extent, being unnoticed and all. He is even stronger at Kuroko at lacking a presence. Fading into the shadows game so stronk. xD

Well, for the finals, 4th Story Heart event, Bastion and I fought with two minor characters, and it turns out Jaden & Alexis lost in the semi finals. Jaden&Alexis Vs Chazz&(I forgot who) for the battle for third place turns out more interesting than Bastion and my final match.

Thus, with a poor audience turnout, and underwhelming opponents, you can imagine how bland and hollow victory feels like. However, Axel appeared after our victory, giving Bastion a talk about how it is important to do the right thing when no one is watching, and Bastion managed to do that. I enjoy his ending picture, I had previously played this storyline in my console, and I think it adds a lot of meaning to him as a character.
The picture depicts the other main characters at a side, grouped together, and Bastion just lying on the grass alongside the Player. "I am gonna be the silent guardian, one that can protect other - even if no one notices..."

Oh how I wished that Bastion could have gotten this moment in the anime instead. 
That would have been so much development to him.

Perhaps out of them all, I enjoyed Bastion's storyline plot the most.

Well time for the second highlight of the post.
Parady Bastion. lelz.

This version of Bastion is the one that attracts too much attention. At first I thought he was living in denial, but then it actually turns out that way. It is kinda hilarious, and to add on more drama, he pilots a HERO deck, exactly like Jaden's.

And his final event is basically Jaden's final event, but substitute it with Bastion.
Event 1 to 3 was basically him claiming that he did Jaden's roles in the anime.
  1. Defeating Kagemaru
  2. Defeating Professor Viper
  3. Defeating Society of Light
Had such a fun time and good laugh playing through this storyline.

Did I mention that at each of the event, he strips his coat and declares himself as the LIGHT OF JUSTICE ??? *3*

Anyway, that's all folks~!


Once again, I believe that there is value in re-visiting the past, playing in the olden days and outdated meta. Apart from starting from limited resources, one gets to bake in nostalgia. Limited resources also mean that players have to make do with what they have, struggle to survive. This promotes decision making, as one makes constant improvements to their starter deck as better card choices are available.

With Tag Force, one also come across a wider dictionary of cards, which one may not be able to witness or know of in the competitive meta. Maybe I will revisit Tag Force 2 for a fresh new experience in the future. But by the time you are reading this, I am probably advancing in Tag Force 5.

On a related note, I hope the see Bastion redeem himself as a character, return during Arc V AND PLEASE HAVE AN IMPRESSIVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Credits! And unused screenshots!

 Crowler pairing up with Titan though. So LOL.

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