Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Change of Name !?!?!?

Hey once again Dam Son here for the last time. No no I'm not leaving Dueling "C", so don't worry about the extinction of Troll and Casual Deck Ideas. However as you all have seen in the title, I am officially changing my name from Dam Son to MyPochi.

So before we get to why the sudden change, let's dive into some story telling.

When KenSirr invited me to Dueling "C" , he offered to make an account for me. That also means that he gets to choose my name (not that I know that initially). So when I'm in the group, I am bound to Dam Son. Sooooo what is Dam Son? Dam Son is some random meme kid that happens to look like my doppelganger.  
Since I will be staying in Dueling "C" a lot longer then I expected, I decided to change Dam Son to my main IGN, MyPochi.

The name MyPochi means 'My Pooch' as in 'My Dog' in a rather nicer way. This name was inspired after I played a game in Steam which I find is a really amazing game. Can you guess what it is from this picture of the dog?

Really amazing Game

So yup...that's it and that's all for today's article. Hope all of you will be okay with such changes.
For the first time, MyPochi here signing off.

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