Friday, 3 February 2017

Dam Son's Journey for Troll #1 (Zoodiac Plants)

Alright before we start anything, here's a disclaimer, there are no META Zoodiac builds or guides here. (In case we do not have the same definition as 'Troll") So.... competitive players Shoo Shoo

Now that we got that done, hello once again Dam Son here coming to you all with a new article series titled 'Dam Son's Journey for Troll Ideas'. (I'm sure you are all sick of 'Intro To' by now)

So in these articles, I will be sharing my Troll Ideas featuring decks and techs for casual use with your friends. In Part 1 of this Journey, we will be featuring Zoodiac Plants!

In the recent box Maximum Crisis, there has been an increase in Plant Engines, mainly the Baobaboon Engine and the Predaplant Engine. These two Engines provide speed to rush out Rank 3 monsters.

However, both these Engines are Plant Types so we can abuse our good old friend Lonefire Blossom. By using the Zoodiac Engine, we have quick access to Lonefire Blossom with this [Troll] Build of mine.

Cards Needed in Hand: Elemental Triangle of The Zoodiacs
Unique Cards Needed in Deck: Fire Fist Spirit, T.G Warwolf, Zoodiac and Plant Engine.
1) Do your usual Zoodiac Shenanigans up until you have a Broadbull and 2 Marmorats on the field.
2) Search T.G Warwolf with your Broadbull, and special summon it when you launch your 2nd Marmorat onto the field.
3) Xyz Summon, using both Marmorat on the field, either a 2nd Broadbull or Fire Fist Tiger King
4)5) Search for Fire Fist Spirit with your 2nd Broadbull
6) If you went for Tiger King, set Fire Formation - Tenki from your deck and search for Spirit
7) Normal summon your Spirit and Synchro Summon it with T.G. Warwolf to Fire Fist Horse Prince
8) Activate Horse Prince's Effect to Special Summon Lonefire Blossom from your deck
9) Profit!
However, you can't summon Level 5 or higher monsters after Horse Prince is synchro summoned, limiting you to xyz summons.

By using this method, you have access to either Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio or Baobaboon to further your plays. Most of the time if you are not crazy like me, you would go for M-X Saber Invoker to summon Zoodiac Viper for tons of damage.

Alright guys so that's it for Part 1 of this article, do tell me how you guys feel about this new Article Series.

Once again Dam Son here, signing off.

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