Friday, 10 February 2017

Raidraptor + Zephyros in Zoodiac True Dracos?

Hey guys, once again MyPochi here bringing you a new Zoodiac True Draco combo.

So one day I chanced upon a decklist that played Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite and Raidraptor - Force Strix. Then it dawned to me that RR - Force Strix is a generic XYZ monster.
Turns out this seems to be a rather legit combo that works very well.

Note: This post was drafted before plenty of the official translated TCG names were released. Hence Whiptail was still known as Viper, Ramram as Ram.

Cards Needed in Hand: Zoodiac Marmorat + Dragonic Diagram
Unique Cards Needed in Deck: Zephyros + Force Strix
  1. Normal Summon Zoodiac Ratpier to mill Zoodiac Viper.
  2. Xyz Summon Zoodiac Hammerkong using Zoodiac Ratpier.
  3. Xyz Summon Zoodiac Boarbow using Zoodiac Hammerkong.
  4. Detach Zoodiac Hammerkong to special summon Zoodiac Ratpier from the deck.
  5. Xyz Summon Zoodiac Broadbull using Zoodiac Boarbow.
  6. Detach Zoodiac Boarbow to special summon Zoodiac Ratpier from the deck.
  7. Search Zoodiac Ramram with Zoodiac Broadbull's effect.
  8. Xyz both Zoodiac Ratpiers into Raidraptor - Force Strix.
  9. Add Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite to hand using Force Strix's effect.
  10. Activate Dragonic Diagram to pop Zephyros and add Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King.
  11. Special summon Zephyros by returning Dragonic Diagram back to hand.
  12. Activate Dragonic Diagram again to pop Zoodiac Ramram and add any True Draco Spell to hand.
  13. Activate Ram's effect in grave, to special summon Zoodiac Viper.
  14. Xyz both Viper and Zephyros into Daigusto Emeral.
  15. Activate the True Draco spell that you have searched
  16. Tribute the spell and Raidraptor -Force Strix to Advance summon Master Peace, the Dracoslaying King.
  17. Activate Daigusto Emeral's effect, detaching Zoodiac Viper, to shuffle two copies of Zoodiac Ratpier and Zoodiac Boarbow
  18. Xyz summon Zoodiac Lyca by using Zoodiac Broadbull.
  19. Activate Zoodiac Lyca's effect to special summon Zoodiac Hammerkong.
  20. Xyz Summon Zoodiac Tigress by using Zoodiac Lyca.
  21. Activate Zoodiac Tigress' effect to give Zoodiac Hammerkong an Xyz material. (Zoodiac Viper)
  22. Xyz Summon Zoodiac Drident using Zoodiac Tigress.
At the End Phase, since Zoodiac Kong is negated for the turn, you will not have to detach for its mandatory effect.

With this combo, you will end up with a field of:
  • Master Peace (unaffected by Monster & Spell)
  • Daigusto Emeral
  • Zoodiac Drident
  • Zoodiac Hammerkong
Hand: 4 Cards (1 from Daigusto Emeral)

Note: Zoodiac Viper can be replaced with Zoodiac Thoroughblade.
This field set up consist of Master Peace, the Dracoslaying King, along with Zoodiac Drident, to disrupt your opponent during their turn.

Master Peace, boasting a large DEF and ATK, along with the fact that it is unaffected by both Monster and Spell effects, is likely to survive the turn while defending you from an OTK.

Zoodiac Hammerkong, with an Xyz material, protects Zoodiac Drident from being targeted by card effects, nullifying common threats such as Book of Moon, Forbidden Challice or an opposing Zoodiac Drancia.

Daigusto Emeral recycles resources while netting you a draw, possibly allowing you to reinforce your field when you draw into your floodgate traps.

Combo play proposed by MyPochi (previously known as DAM SON)
English tragedy Formatting and instructions cleaned up by Ken Sir.

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