Monday, 6 February 2017

Dam Son's Journey for Troll #2 (Yosenju Abyss)

Hello once again guys this is Part 2 of Dam Son's Journey for Troll featuring the Yosenju Archetype.

What comes to mind when you think of Yosenju.
Endless normal summon of Level 4s? Instant OTK? + Gagaga Cowboy for game? Or Ken Sir?

Well in this build, we will be using the castaways, the Level 6 ones.

The Yosenju Rank 6 Engine is made to instantly summon Beatrice to aid in speeding up the Burning Abyss Deck. (Or any other deck you can think of that utilizes Beatrice.)

It works by tribute summoning your MVP Yosenju Magat, and then you can summon out whatever Yosenju monster you want except himself.

Cards Needed in Hand: Any Burning Abyss and Yosenju Magat
Unique Cards Needed in Deck: Any Yosenju Level 6 except Magat (Misak prefered)
1) Special Summon any Burning Abyss Monster from your hand
2) Tribute that Burning Abyss Monster to summon Magat
3) Activate Magat's effect to summon Misak from deck
4) Xyz Summon Both of them to Beatrice
5) Profit

By having Beatrice on the field, you have access of milling a lot more troll cards.
Examples of such is milling Blaze Accelerator Reload for Volcanic Scattershot's use and just laugh hysterically like Magat (Trust me, look at his face)

Warning: This is Dam Son's Journey for Troll......Troll. So do not go around trying this in the competitive scene unless you want your hopes and dreams crushed by a Solemn Strike waiting for you.

Well that's it for Part 2 of my Journey for Troll. Signing off.

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