Monday, 20 February 2017

LINK Summon?!?!? Guide and Tips

Hi guys MyPochi here Konami really caught all of us by surprise with the new game mechanic. Since Yugioh Arc-V have ended, the new series Yugioh Vrains have emerged with a new summoning method, Link Summon.

Apart from that, here are the new changes to the current game.(I will explain them after listing)
- Current Pendulum Zones removed
- The leftmost and rightmost S/T card zone are both Pendulum Zones and S/T card zones. Informally named P/S/T zones.
- Initial 5 Monster Zones are now renamed as Main Monster Zone
- Addition of 2 more universal Zones called the Extra Monster Zone
- New card type called Link Monsters
- New summoning method called Link Summon
- New Monster Type called Cybers-Type. (NOTE: Monster Card Type (Tuners, Spirit etc), not archetype.)

The above diagram is the new Yugioh Vrains field. As you can see, the pendulum zones that we know of is removed and the new pendulum zones exist in the leftmost and rightmost S/T zones. This particular zone is treated as a S/T zone unless a pendulum card is placed on it.

The 5 monster zones is now called Main Monster Zones and only cards from the Main Deck can be placed there, unless it is linked. (Will be explained)

Above the 2nd and 4th Main Monster Zone are Extra Monster Zones. Only cards from the Extra Deck can be placed there. These Zones are neutral to both players and each player can only control 1 Zone. If you were to take the left Zone, the right Zone automatically belongs to your opponent.

The rest of the field remains unchanged. Let's now talk about Link Summon.

This is Yusaku's Ace Monster, Decode Talker. It is a Link Monster and a Cybers-Type monster.
As you can see here, Link Monster have no level or rank. They also do not have any defense points. Instead, Decode Talker have Link Numbers. From this information, Link Monsters cannot change battle position or assume a Def Position.

To summon Decode Talker, you have to perform a Link Summon. To do so, you must send monsters to the graveyard equal to the Link Number the monster have, similar to a Synchro Summon. Since Decode Talker have a Link Number of 3, you must send 3 Monsters to summon Decode Talker. The monsters sent are called Link Materials.

If you were to use a Link Monster as Link Material, the Link Monster's Link number is the number of Link Material it is treated as.

For example, If you want to summon Decode Talker which have a Link Number of 3, you can alternatively send 1 Monster and another Link Monster with Link Number of 2. All in all it is like 1+2=3.

Non-Link Monster are worth 1 materials.

Lastly, can you see the arrows Decode Talker have on the edge of the image? 

Well if a Link Monster is at the field, any Zone that it arrow is pointing at directly is treated as both a Main and Extra Monster Zone. This way you can summon more Extra Deck Monster. Do note that if your arrow points to your opponent side, it also affects their Zone.

Alright! That part is done. If there happens to be an update to rulings we will notify you all in a follow up article. Now, we shall go through tips for the new Meta.

Not touching Extra Monster Zone

Obviously since Extra Deck Monster are limited, decks that doesn't rely on Extra Deck or only summons one monster benefits greatly. Right off the bat, the True Draco, Kozmo and Yosenjus should function well. While the banlist is not in its favour, Monarchs do stand a good chance too.

Spawner Cards

Additionally, cards like Tour Guide of the Underworld or Galaxy Worm become more invaluable as they give you targets to Link Summon.

In this new meta, one of the Agents got a huge buff in its utility. It is Agent of Creation - Venus.

Venus is able to spawn out 3 Mystical Shine Ball from the hand or deck. With Venus alone, you will have 4 Monster on the field, allowing you to Link Summon a Link 2 Card and then go on with a Rank 2 Play.

Locking your opponent from playing

In this Meta you will only have 1 Extra Monster Zone initially, if you were to lock it with Ground Collapse, you can prevent your opponent from summoning Extra Deck Monsters. Although rulings will have to confirm Ground Collapse's utility.

That's all for today's article. There is still time before the new game mechanic refines itself so stay tuned for more news.

There are plenty of FAQ since the mechanics were annouced. Many common ones include:
  • "Can you Pendulum Summon from the Extra Deck to the Main Monster Zone?"
  • Where does Stardust Dragon go when Starlight Road is activated?
  • What happens when Mind Control is used on a monster in the Extra Monster Zone?
  • Ojama Tier 1? Ojama King x 2 locks the field and extend handshake? 
Guess who remains as the King of Games and has his playing style unaffected by the mechanic change?

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