Monday, 13 February 2017

Bacon's Card Discussion -Revolving Stage-

One of the Normal Rares that came in the booster; Maximum Crisis. Today I'm here to discuss the Pros and Cons of this card and how it's plenty useful in this current meta where field spells plentiful.
Well first off we have to explain this card's effect, this card allows you to set 2 different field spells from your deck on both you and your opponent's field and when the field spells are both set on the field neither player can activate or set any other new field spell.

And with that now lets move on to the Pros and Cons


1) This card can be used in decks that utilizes more then one field spells, acting as a secondary Terraforming, one that cannot be interrupted using Ghost Ash & Spring Flowers.

2) As this is a quick-play spell, you can activate this during your opponent's turn to disrupt any field spell plays by setting a useless field spell on your opponent side of the field and this also prevents your opponent from opening any new field spell!

3) If the field spell you gave your opponent have effects that trigger when it is destroyed/ replaced then you can destroy it by yourself to get pluses off their effects.
E.g. Give them KozomoTown, and destroy it with your own Sliprider for more pluses.

1) This card can't be used if there isn't at least 2 different field spell in your deck, so it is pretty much a dead draw late in the game.

2) You need to run 2 different field spell in your deck to have this card which is not exactly optimal in a sense to play it.

3) If you do not clear the field spell you set with this card on your opponent's field you will not be open any new field spell too, thus it is like a double edge sword if you do not manage it well.

4) If you are unlucky enough to meet an opponent that can make use of the field spell that you gave them, Well do I need to explain how it is bad to give your opponent pluses?

This card is quite a good card to keep around, maybe in the near future there might be some decks that can fully utilize this card's potential. But fear not, I shall post some deck ideas that revolve around this Revolving Stage and let see where it take us shall we?

-GeoTheBacon signing out

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