Wednesday, 22 February 2017

MyPochi's Journey for Troll #3 (Eidolon Demise)

Hey there once again, MyPochi bringing to you the third part of Dam Son MyPochi's Journey for Troll. This time featuring one of my favourite casual decks Eidolon Demise. And for now, let's ignore all the Link Summoning Sheninegans

About a few weeks ago, I bought a playset of Card of Demise from Ken Sir as we all know that Ken Sir used to be a Yosenju Fanatic......until he gave up due to powercreep. Zoodiac Yosenjus are still doing well. *Cough* *Cough* During that time, my main tournament deck changed from Zoodiac Eidolon to Zoodiac True Draco. That's when I decided to give Eidolon a chance with a Card of Demise engine as my casual deck.
Surprisingly, this deck does work and is really enjoyable. Before you leave this article thinking as if this is another Chain Burn/Anti-Meta Beat decks, trust me that this deck is really fun to play......for both players.

Eidolon Demise shares synergy that Aleister can be searched by the field spell Reckless Magic Circle. By merely setting your field spell instead of immediately activating it, you can escape Card of Demise's End Phase discarding effect.

Furthermore, if you were to discard Aleister, Eidolon Summoning Magic can banish Aleister from the graveyard to perform a fusion summon as well.

I will not be giving a sample decklist due to the fact that this build is very flexible and is more to playing what you really want. However, there are a few cards that is a must-play that I will list down.

Artifact Engine

The Artifact engine remains necessary even after considering the unfavorable match-up against True Draco. Artifact monsters can be summoned from the graveyard via Call of the Haunted during opponent's turn to trigger their effects. The engine mainly comprise of 3 Artifact Sanctum, 2 Artifact Scythe and 1 Artifact Moralltach.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

The ace of every anti-meta deck, Thunder King Rai-Oh proves to be a very strong counter against Zoodiacs. Call of the Haunted can be chained to opponent's search card to revive Rai-Oh, preventing them from searching, and acting as a threat on the board.

Eidolon Set

Well...this is an Eidolon Deck. In the demise build, 3 Aleister, 2 Summoning Magic and 3 Reckless Magic Circle is all you need. For the extra deck, you want to have at least 1 of each element and 2 Merkabah as you will have a lot of extra deck space.


Kuribandit allows you to mill your Artifacts and monsters as fodder for your Eidolon spells. Also if you were to mill Card of Demise, you can plus by adding it back to hand for next turn.

Call of the Haunted

Refer to 'Artifact Engine' and 'Thunder King Rai-Oh' is too much of an awesome card not to play it.

That's all for today's article featuring Eidolon Demise. A little heads up as this article series will last for about 5 parts as I do not want to drag it for too long. Also, if you have any interesting ideas you want to share, comment below! Maybe we can troll together.

Alright that's all and MyPochi signing out.

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