Saturday, 18 March 2017

Decklist Feature: Trap Burn

Today, we will look at two decks that revolves around the burn strategy.
Nurse Burn

User: @Solari_28

On 26th of Febuary, Solari_28 went 6-1 with his Nurse Burn deck. The first two cards, top left, which may not be recognisable by most is Darklord Ixtab which tutors the deck by discarding redundant copies of Darklord Nurse Reficule while providing draw power.

The Extra Deck is an illusion to show your opponent at the start of the duel. A full Extra Deck lead your opponent to expect a common meta deck, allowing you to catch them by surprise. Filling it with Fusion Monsters allows the user to gain sufficient lifepoints with Tri-and-Guess, while also assuring the opponent a lifepoint gain if [Synchro] or [Xyz] is declared. The works hand in hand with the Nurse Burn strategy.

Self-Destruct Button forces the game to a draw, which is an effective strategy to employ in the second and third game is the first game was won. It is quite hard to play around it especially when the metagame is populated with Zoodiacs that deal damages in 1000-2000 at a time. In a Nurse Burn deck filled with cards life Gift Card that grants the opponent lifepoints, I can only say it sounds annoying and tough to beat. 

D.D. Stall Burn

User: @ky_whentheycry

ky_whentheycry went with a different approach on the deck. The deck has the traditional aspect of burn decks, as you can see classic choices like Just Dessert & Secret Barrel, together with Ojama Trio to boost the damage inflicted.
Card of Demise, Pot of Duality and One Day of Peace are all suitable draw power to keep the deck going. Lacking a draw engine in the Darklord archetype, ky_whentheycry had to made do with these staples.
Morphing Jar also adds onto the drawing capacity of the deck, while yarding some cards needed to stay in the graveyard.  
Fairy Tail - Snow White stalls attacks while disrupting the opponent, Absolute King Back Jack brings the deck to another level by using traps directly from the top of the deck, during your opponent's turn. This arms the deck, making it more offensive, rather than passive and also taps into resources directly from the deck. The rearranging effect also helps.
Electromagnetic Turtle ends the Battle Phase when needed, a potential lifesaver.

The Side Deck even has an alternative burn condition in the form of D.D. Dynamite, which can be devastating when Fairy Tail - Snow White chains its effect again and again.
Triple Zoodiac Ratpier in the Side is more than enough to access the Zoodiac engine, giving the deck the ability to clear floodgates (Royal Decree) and annoying threats such as Denko Sekka or Jinzo. Better be safe than sorry.
It is only hilarious that Zoodiacs seem to be everywhere.


Burn decks are largely unaffected by the New Master Rule and they do not have to include Link Summoning into their deck.
It might be more popular in the initial weeks during the April 2017 format.

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